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Sakshi Srivastava
| Updated: 14 Jan, 2021 | Category: FSSAI License

Overview on FSSAI License for Canteen in India

FSSAI License for Canteen in India
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According to the provisions of Food Safety and Standards, 2011, Food Safety License (FSSAI) license has been made mandatory for street side cafes (Dhabas), vegetable and fruit vendors, grocery shops, canteens, hotels etc. In addition to these outlets, the food safety license is also mandatory for the vehicles and other modes of transportations that play a major role in the food distribution. The objective of implementing strict rules is to protect the citizens from the low-quality foods (Stale or unprocessed) being served and to ensure their health.

The food safety and standards authority of India works under the Central Government, Health Ministry and Family Welfare. In this blog we are going to discuss the various categories of Food License, Fees Structure and how to obtain FSSAI License for Canteen in India.

Reason for Obtaining FSSAI License for Canteen in India

The roadside canteens & dhabas have become a major part in the life of common people who rely on them for their daily meals. If any person is traveling or working for long hours in their office, they are left with no option but to purchase food from the canteens or dhabas.

Indian highways are covered with such eating joints like canteens & dhabas where the food is inexpensive than the hotels or restaurants. They also serve food to the truck drivers, commuters traveling on the highways and people from neighbouring areas. But one thing that is always on the priority of a consumer is the quality of the food products that is served to them. So these eating joints are required to acquire FSSAI License from the government to ensure that the food products that they serve are of good quality.

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Classification of Registration for Food Safety License

Under the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, the FSSAI license has been classified into two, the state FSSAI license and central FSSAI license. However, to consider the petty food retailers that deal comparatively at a lower scale, the Basic registration also exists.

Basic Registration

All the business operators and owners of food stalls that have a turnover of less than 12 lakhs, or they produce food quantity that is less than the specific units, have to acquire the FSSAI license. It should be done according to the provisions provided by the registering authority varying from product to product as per the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. To acquire the license, a business operator is required to fill the Form A along with the fees as prescribed by the authority.

State License

Business operators who deal with the aspects like, manufacturing, storing, transporting, retailing, marketing and distributing with a turnover of more than 12 Lakh and less than 20 crores. They also produce food quantity that is less than the specific units are required to apply for Food License from the State Authority. The conditions are to be applied that the business operator must fulfil the eligibility criteria to obtain the license.

Central License

Business operators who deal with the Food catering services in the units established by the central government such as defense, airport, sea port, railway etc. and hold a turnover of more than 20 crores and they produce food quantity that is more than the specific units as prescribed by the Registering Authority that varies from product to product are required to acquire the Central FSSAI License.

Units eligible to acquire Central FSSAI License

The following given units are eligible to acquire central FSSAI license.

  • Dairy units that involve milk processing.
  • Vegetable oil processing
  • Slaughter houses
  • Meat processing
  • Proprietary foods
  • Export oriented units

Documents Required for FSSAI License for Canteen

The FSSAI license for Canteen can be acquired under the State and Central government, if the business operators hold the following-stated documents-

Documents Required for FSSAI License for Canteen
  • Form A or Form B, as the case require, must be properly filled and signed by the business operators.
  • Self-attested copy of Pan Card is required, and in the case of partnership firm or a company, the PAN card of the same is required as they themselves are a legal entity.
  • Self-attested address proof of the applicant, and in the case of partnership firm or a company, attested address proof of the same is required by the authorized representative.
  • 2 Passport size photographs of the business operators are required in the form.
  • Either the rent deed or the copy of the registry of the operating office is required.
  • The list consisting name of directors, partners, Members of Society, or trust is required on the letter head of the operating company.
  • A proper updated list of the machineries installed in the premises is required.
  • Partnership deed, memorandum of association or article of association is required to be attached.
  • No objection certificate from the manufacturer is required, if the applicant deals in relabeling or repacking business.

The eligible applicant can apply for the registration of the license that could be valid from 1 to 5 years, meaning that it depends upon the applicant can apply for 1 year or for 2 years or maybe for 5 years.
Once the period has been expired, the business operator is required to renew the license.

If the applicant has earlier applied for registration and his turnover exceeds 12 Lakhs over the years of working or its production has exceeded the units as specified under registration, the applicant must proceed for State License.

Fee Structure for acquiring FSSAI License for Canteen

The Fee structure for acquiring the FSSAI license for Canteen:

  • To acquire a new license, the chargeable amount is INR 7500;
  • To renew an older license, the chargeable amount is INR 7500;
  • To modify an existing license, the chargeable amount is INR 7500;
  • To generate a copy of the existing license, the chargeable amount is INR 10.


It is essential for a unit that is associated with food processing, manufacturing or any other aspects related to food products in the canteen to acquire a FSSAI License for Canteen. The objective of the major step is to ensure the safety and health of the public.

The government[1] aims to protect its people from the low-quality food and services that may turn out to be fatal for a few. Hence, strict precautions are being taken on the part of the government.

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