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Psara License Bihar: Norms, Paperwork and Procedure

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Psara License Bihar: Norms, Paperwork and Procedure

Are you planning to start a business private security agency in Bihar? If so, then you must obtain a PSARA license in the first place without exception. It serves as a fundamental legal consent for such businesses. The regulations around the PSARA license are cited under the Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005. This write-up shall guide on how to get a PSARA license Bihar in a legitimate way.

Eligibility norms around the PSARA License in Bihar

The following entities are eligible to apply for a PSARA license Bihar

The Directors/Officers/Proprietors must adhere to the following conditions to become eligible for the license;

  • The applicant should be an Indian national
  • The applicant should have ample financial backup to fuel operating cost
  • The applicant should have a seamless track record with no criminal cases whatsoever.

How to apply PSARA license in Bihar?

The following section comprises step by step guide that lets applicants apply for a PSARA license Bihar seamlessly;

Step 1: Gather standard documents

While applying for the PSARA license on the PSARA web portal, the applicant must upload the documents that PSARA license requirements are as listed below:-

  • PAN Card
  • GST registration certificate
  • Shops & Establishment act registration letter
  • Employees State Insurance (ESI) registration letter
  • Contractual Labour Act registration letter
  • Provident fund (PF) registration letter
  • Income Tax Returns of directors
  • Address proof of the Registered Office
  • Certificate of Company’s Incorporation

Step 2: Sign MOU, i.e. Memorandum of Understanding with a Government-recognized institute

The applicant should sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government-recognized institute to facilitate standard training for security guards and supervisors.

Step 3: Police Verification

The applicant must apply for police authorization via Form-I. In case the applicant serves as a company or Association of Persons, every partner/director must facilitate individual verification forms.

It is worth noting that the amendments came to effect in 2019 in the PSARA Act 2005; there shall be no requirement for manual police vetting of details of said officials during the enrolment for the license.

Step 4: Filling of PSARA Application

The application pertaining to the PSARA license must be filled with the controlling authority present in every state. The application shall undergo processing after the authority receives the NOC from the respective police authority.

On vetting the particulars, if satisfied, the authority shall grant a PSARA license Bihar or reject the application. The reason for the application rejection shall be shared with the applicant in writing. The time taken for license approval varies state-wise. Normally, applicants receive the license within 60 days.

Norms around Renewal and Validity of PSARA license Bihar

A PSARA License stays valid for a period of 5 years from the issuance date. But, the states like MP, Uttrakhand, and Chhattisgarh, such license remains valid for one year. The license, once expired, can be renewed via the prescribed application form 90 days before the expiration date.

Generalized PSARA Guidelines for the license holders

  • Private Security Agencies Regulation Act (PSARA), 2005 has underpinned the following provisions for the license holders;
  • A private security agency must appoint a supervisor for the management of guards serving the organization
  • Private Security Agencies[1] (PSA) must train the appointed guards as per the norms of the Act
  • A priority must be given to the Ex-defence candidates (having three years of experience) when it comes to appointing the supervisor
  • Appointed Security guards must adhere to uniform code as advised by the Act

Training norms to be followed by license holders

The Controlling Authority shall formulate the comprehensive training syllabus for training the private security guards. The Act has provided 200 hours of classroom instructions and 60 hours of field training, spanning over 20 working days.

For former police personnel and ex-servicemen, the training tenure shall be as follows:

  • 40 hours of classroom instructions
  • 16 hours of field training

The said training schedule should be completed within seven working days.

Common activities in training protocol include the following;

  • Physical Fitness training
  • Fire fighting
  • Crowd control
  • Physical security, household security, assets’ security, etc.
  • Examination of identification papers
  • Handling and operating firearms (optional)
  • Reading and comprehending English alphabets and Arabic numerals
  • Identification of fabricated explosives


To secure a PSARA license Bihar, one must adhere to the above conditions and proceed for PSARA registration as mentioned. The verification protocol for this license is quite stringent, and the rejection rate is also on the higher side. Thus, it is advisable to seek expert assistance to overcome such nuisances.

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