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PSARA License in UP: Eligibility, Documents and Process

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PSARA License in UP

Security service provides satisfaction to the workers, employees, customers, and everyone, directly and indirectly, involved in your business. These services create a sense of security that they are safe, and you care about their safety. If your business is resided in a high-risk area, the need for security services is even more. Appointing professionally trained security staff at your premises or establishment serves as an obstacle to lawbreakers, whether it is private or public, retail or wholesale building. Devoted security from PSARA licensed- Private Agency can be very dependable. This write-up pens down the info regarding the PSARA License in UP.

What is PSARA License?

With the high demand for private security agencies, PSARA License is a mandatory requirement in India. The government permits an agency to place security guards and engross in security-related services or business through this license. PSARA stands for Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, and PSARA Act,2005 provides for the regulation of private security firms & any matters related to them.

Any individual who wants to start a Private Security Business in India needs a PSARA license where all activities are monitored after registration. Section 4 of the PSARA Act -No individual or Private Security Agency can engage or provide private security guards without a PASARA license.

Who can issue PSARA License in UP?

State Controlling Authority issues the license. This license can be secured for one state or for & district; government fees differ in both cases. PSARA LICENSE Act,2005[1] was introduced to-

  • Monitor, 
  • Administer and 
  • Issue licenses to the security business. 

Who is eligible to obtain the PSARA License in UP ?

Below-mentioned Business structures are eligible to obtain a PSARA license:-

  • Sole Proprietorship,
  • One Person Company,
  • Partnership Firm,
  • LLP,
  • Association of Persons, and
  • Private Limited Company.

There is also an eligibility criterion to be a Principal Officer under this license. The criteria are not open to all. An individual must fulfill the given criteria to be eligible for the same. An individual must-

  • Have Indian citizenship.
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Occupy adequate financial resources to bear the business expenses.
  • Must not have any judgments against him.

Note -An applicant is not eligible to apply for PSARA License in UP, if a person –

  1. Is sentenced for an offense relating to promotion, formation, or management of a company including an undischarged insolvent; or
  2. Sentenced by a proficient court for an offense, for which ordered punishment is imprisonment of a minimum of two years; or
  3. Having a connection with any company or association banned under any law on account of their activities can cause trouble to the national security or public order.
  4. Such individual is indulged in activities which are detrimental to national security or public order; or
  5. Dismissed from Government service on the grounds of moral turpitude.
  6. A company/ firm/ an association of persons are not registered in India and shall not be considered for a license under this Act.


Below-mentioned is List of Documentsrequired for PSARA License in Uttar Pradesh-

  • Application form
  • Signed copy of the Identity proof of an applicant. Identity Proof can be-
  1. Aadhaar card, Passport, 
  2. Voter ID, 
  3. Driving license or any such photo Identity proof.
  • Signed copy of the proof of residence of the applicant.
  • GST Number
  • Aadhaar card
  • Establishment certificate of the Agency.
  • Application form for verification of antecedents.
  • Certificate of training
  • Complete Information and experience certificate of the concerned Authority used as a trainer.
  • Letter for contracting out the Training facility with the detailed address of the training center
  • License fee by way of DD or Banker’s cheque in the name of respective controlling Authority
  • Affidavit as per requirement
  • Documents related to the applicant’s special qualification.

Process of obtaining a PSARA license in UP through online mode

The following steps are required to obtain a PSARA license online in UP or any city of India-

  1. Arrnaging & uploading necessary documents required for a security agency.
  2. The documents mentioned above must be collected and uploaded for a PSARA license online. 
  3. Preparing the Memorandum of Understanding with a recognized training institute.
  4. The applicant needs to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with a Government reputed training agency for facilitating training to its supervisors and guards.
  5. The applicant must provide appropriate training for the security guards he works with. 
  6. The PSARA has particular qualification and disqualification criteria for the security guards. 
  7. The applicant must appoint professional supervisors to administer the work of the security guards. Usually, a person having experience of a minimum of 3 years with the army, or the navy is given preference for the designation of a supervisor.
  8. Police verification.
  9. The applicant needs to apply for police verification by filing Form-I; if the applicant is a company, firm, or group of persons, separate forms should be filed for each director or partner.
  10. Filing of application
  11. The application form needs to be filed with the PSARA controlling authority, and the same will be stepped after receiving the NOC from the concerned police authorities only. After due process, the Authority may grant the PSARA license or reject the application by citing a valid reason.
  12. The application for a PSARA license can be made with the State Government of UP-
  13. For the Whole State, 
  14. For five districts, or
  15. For a single state. 

Government Fees for PSARA License in UP

  • Whole Uttar Pradesh-Rupees Rs. 25,000/-  
  • Five District of Uttar Pradesh-Rupees Rs. 10,000/- 
  • One District of Uttar Pradesh-Rupees Rs. 5,000/-  

Once the application process is done along with payment of requisite fees, the applicant shall wait for approval by the Authority.

Period of Approval-The process of approval varies from one state to another. Commonly, a period of up to 60 days is required to grant the PSARA license.

Validity of PSARA License-The license shall be valid for five years except for the case where the permit gets canceled under subsection (1) of Section 13.

Renewal of PSARA License

Usually, the PSARA License is valid for five years in all states. 

Exception-The license in Uttarakhand and Chhattisgarh is valid for one year only. For renewal of license, the application should be submitted three months before the period of expiry. 


 PSARA License regulates all aspects of working related to the private security agency business in India. In India, if a person wishes to run a security agency business, he/she needs to get the PSARA license. In case of providing service outside India, permission is required from the Controlling Authority, who shall further ask the Central Government before giving such permission. Feel free to connect with Corpbiz’s associate if you seek prompt obtainment of PSARA license in UP.

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PSARA License

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