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An Overview of PSARA License in Assam

Security is the primary concern of everyone in today’s life. Hence there is a growing trend of hiring personal Security guards in every sector like manufacturing, banking, finance, IT, etc. But at the same time, the government has developed PSARA Licensing for the country's security. PSARA license and its time-to-time renewal act as a checkpoint to stop the illegal activities running in the name of private security agencies. Private Security Agencies are those agencies that deploy armed or without armed security to the individual or associations as an alternative to the police. Section 4 of the PSARA Act clearly states that no person or agency can commence business without the PSARA License. Therefore having PSARA License is mandatory.

Eligibility Criteria under PSARA in Bihar

The following are the eligibility criteria for getting a license in Bihar:

Eligibility criteria for companies:

Eligibility criteria for Directors or Principal Officers:

  • Must be a citizen and attained major
  • The applicant should have sufficient finances to run the agency
  • Must have a crime-free track record

Eligibility criteria to become a security officer:

  • Must be a citizen and attained major
  • The security person should not cross 65 years
  • The applicant must hold an excellent track record
  • Must not exile from government services.
  • Must have desired physical strength

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Documents that are necessary to obtain a PSARA license in Bihar

  • ID Proofs of all the Security guards, Directors, and employees
  • Incorporation certificate of the company
  • The affidavit is obtained under the Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005.
  • Promoters PAN proof
  • Employees' state insurance registration
  • Documentary proof regarding Security training
  • Provident fund Documents
  • Registered office address proof
  • Two photographs from any of the directors
  • All the employees' detailed character certificates

Process involved in obtaining a PSARA license in Bihar

Collecting and uploading the Document works for a security agency

The Documents should be appropriately collected and organised to avoid delays in the licensing process. The collected Documents contain various details of the registrations of the promoters or directors. These collected Documents are then uploaded online to geta PSARA license.

MOU with an established training facility

The next important step in obtaining a PSARA license is that the applicant should enter an MOU with the training institutes to train its security guards per the PSARA rules. Every state has its own recognised security training institutes. The training institute that provides training is expected to be government acknowledged institute.

Application filling

The person or business entity that aspires to start a private security agent should apply to the respective state's controlling authority. Each state has a separate designated authority to take care of the PSARA licence.

A police statement

Police verification is an essential step in getting a PSARA licence. After filling for a PSARA license, an applicant should apply for police verification.

Application Submission

The submitted application can be processed only after getting the NOCfrom the appropriate police authorities.The PSARA license shall be granted only after due police verifications.

Validity of PSARA license in Bihar

A PSARA License is valid for 5 years immediately after the license issuance. Renewal license can be made 3 months before the expiry of the license based on the requirement. For license renewal, forms of sections 6,7,11 of the PSARA Act should be filed.

Suspension and cancellation of PSARA license in Bihar

Section 13 of the Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005, says the conditions for suspending and cancelling PSARA licenses is possible. The controlling authority can cancel or suspend the license on any one or more of the following grounds-

  • License obtained through misrepresentation
  • Suppression of material facts
  • Forgery in Documents and photography
  • If it is found that the information on the license has been used illegally.

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Corpbiz is one platform that works with different domains to satisfy the customer's needs. Our knowledgeable professionals are here to answer any queries concerning the PSARA license process. We will ensure that your interactions with our professionals will provide you with a pleasant experience and help you get your PSARA license with minimal effort.

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