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How to Check FSSAI Application Status?

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Check FSSAI Application Status

FSSAI means India’s Authority for Food Safety and Standards. It is a corporate body in charge of regulating food articles and food companies with safe food handling practices for good quality and safety of consumption. FSSAI was also established under the rules and regulations laid down under the supervision of the Government of India and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare under the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006. FSSAI provides FSSAI Logo food products with a 14-digit Food License Number that is printed on it and certifies that they are fit for consumption. In this write-up we are going to talk about the process to check FSSAI Application Status.

Online Checking of FSSAI Application Status

Food business owners need to go online on the FSSAI website to apply for this license, apply for the license/registration, and also have to keep a check on the status of the FSSAI application. This step was taken by the government to ensure that food products sold within and outside the country undergo certain quality controls based on scientific food safety standards, thereby preventing instances of food adulteration and unsatisfactory products are also improving and maintaining producers’ accountability.

All producers, distributors and restaurants involved in the food business are therefore required to apply for a food license and to obtain a 14-digit registration number to be printed on the products.

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What are the Major Functions of FSSAI in India? 

To foster food protection, FSSAI was implemented. Some requirements have been set for the production, storage, distribution, selling and import of food products for this purpose. Many of these criteria have been tested and have scientific back-up.

  • FSSAI has been developed with a philosophy to ensure that the food product is adulteration-free and safe to eat.
  • FSSAI also establishes the formulation and implementation of various food safety standards needed for all processes, beginning with manufacturing, produce, transport, packaging or repackaging, shipping, retailing, etc.
  • FSSAI has to regulate and frame the framework to track the FBO, as authorized by the Food Safety and Security Act of 2006. This provides the standards for food testing in India, and a structured framework to be implemented by the laboratories.
  • They are eligible for the collection and analysis of pollution and hazard data. Assist the general public in spreading general knowledge about healthy eating practices and safety.

What Documents are required for FSSAI License?

You need to keep several FSSAI license documents in hand to apply for an FSSAI Registration and License, which can be divided into three different categories depending on your sector.

The documents required are characterized by different heads, which are-

The documents required are characterized by different heads, which are

Important Documents for all Registrations & Licenses

  • FORM-B duly completed and signed ( FORM-A in case of FSSAI registration)
  • FBO photo and ID evidence. (PAN Card and most recent photograph of the passport size)
  • Proof of ownership of premises (Land papers or Rental Agreement)
  • Articles of Association or incorporation certificate or deed of partnership, where necessary.
  • A complete list of all the food items to be processed and treated by the FBO
  • Prepare for Food Safety System Management.

Additional State License Records

  • Plan of the entire processing unit displaying the measurements and allocation of the operation
  • Extensive list of the number and installed capability of all the machinery and equipment to be installed and used
  • Letter of the manufacturer’s authority appointing a responsible person with his/her name and address.
  • NOC and a copy of the manufacturers’ license

Additional Documents for Central License

  • Water analysis study from a well-established private or state health laboratory to check that the water is potable.
  • IEC (Import Export Code) issued by the Foreign Trade Directorate General.
  • Pesticide Residue Report for water units that are engaged in mineral or carbonated water manufacturing
  • Sources of all the used raw materials, such as milk or beef, etc.
  • Evidence of annual turnover, if necessary
  • The Ministry of Tourism certificate
  • Evidence of vehicle turnover, if necessary.

Procedure for FSSAI License Registration

FBOs can now apply for online FSSAI registration or license easily via an online application system.

  • Official FSSAI website access – http://foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in.  Enter your position and review the conditions for State or Central License eligibility. Select the State or Central License based on turnover, whichever is appropriate.
  • Click on ‘Sign-up’ for the qualifying license when the page opens. • A sign-up page will appear after this page. You are required to fill in your personal information with all the details.
  • REMEMBER: The email and mobile number you enter for registration must be legitimate and must be in use. Build a unique username that is not already specified on the web.
  • Build a robust password. Click on ‘Register’ after filling in the form to complete the sign-up process.
  • You will also obtain a sign-up progress confirmation via SMS and e-mail after the account has been enabled.
Note: The user ID is only valid for 30 days to ensure that you apply online within 30 days or your user id would be disabled otherwise.
  • Sign into the account you have created and complete the FSSAI Registration Application Form online. Make sure that you have all the necessary documentation needed for the application with you. Also, make sure that the whole form is completed in one sitting, or else the form goes to the unfinished tab.
  • Take a printout after filling in the questionnaire before pressing ‘Send’. Note down the produced reference number. To monitor your FSSAI application status, you will need this.
  • Send the printout of the application form with the appropriate documentation to the Regional/State Authority within 15 days of the online submission.      

Checking the FSSAI Application Status

Below are the steps to check the FSSAI Application Status online are as follows:-


Visit Google.com and type “Licensing Food”,

Step 2

Click the first page, i.e. https://foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in. on the government website.

Step 3

You can see “Track Application Status” when you scroll down.

Step 4

When you first apply for an FSSAI license, enter the 14-digit reference number that you have issued. Enter the Captcha code you’ve got and press ‘GO.’

Step 5

The website will exhibit the FSSAI application status of your food company when you press the go button.

Checking Completed FSSAI Application Status

Checking the FSSAI application status is easy by clicking on ‘Full Application and form of License/Certificate’ and pressing ‘Check’

  • If a license has been issued, the license registration number will be shown when you click on the ‘License/Certificate number.’
  • Click ‘view’ on the reference number to view the Acknowledgment Receipt.
  • You can find another window with the “Detailed Report for State or Central Licenses Completed Application(s) form” for FSSAI Application status. This page will let you know whether or not your license has been released. If the license is released, the date along with the validity period will be noted.

Penalty in Case of Failure to Obtain FSSAI License

License validity for FSSAI registration is from 1 to 5 years. All that depends on how long the Food Business Operator (FBO) needs his license. After that, the FBO must apply for the renewal of the license within 30 days, in compliance with the FSSAI law, and it must be submitted prior to its expiry. Any FSSAI application for renewal submitted after the expiry date is requested to pay a late fee of 100 per day for each day of delay.

So, all food business operators need to check and ensure that at all times the FSSAI license is valid or not. If an FBO learns that a food business is operating without a license, it will be liable to pay a fine. If without obtaining an FSSAI license then a food business operator controls a food business, and the act is punishable by law. For the same, the FBO may face imprisonment and FSSAI license punishment of up to INR 5 lakhs.


FSSAI is the governing as well as regulatory body for making sure that the safety of food products delivered to the consumers on time. To check the FSSAI application status is important step by the food business operators. FSSAI, authorized by the Food Safety and Security Act of 2006[1], sets the principles for healthy and consumable food products based on facts supported by science. The FSSAI also helps to regulate the production, storage, supply and the sales of the food products deemed safe for consumption for the buyers of the food products. In addition to this, the food regulatory body also makes certain that the food products are free from any impurities and adulteration.

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