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Sakshi has pursued B.B.A.LL.B.(IPR Hons.). She is an avid reader and is keen to gather and share her knowledge on the subjects relating to IPR, Company Law and GST. Priorly she has worked as a legal researcher and vide her articles she aims at improving the core knowledge of the subjects to the masses.

Declaration of Solvency under Section 305(2) of the Companies Act, 2013

A firm’s directors are required to provide a Declaration of Solvency (“DoS”) when the company plans to liquidate itself voluntarily. A directors’ obligation statement is a legal affirmation that the company is solvent and will be able to pay all of its debts in full within the time period specified in the DoS. In the […]

Detailed Procedure for Registering Under Startup India Scheme

Startup India Scheme is a government effort in India that aims to create a robust ecosystem for fostering innovation and entrepreneurs in the nation in order to foster long-term economic growth and create numerous job opportunities. The government wants to empower startups to develop through innovation and design through this initiative. Goals of Startup India […]

How to Apply For BIS Certification in India?

To create quality standards for priceless items like gold and silver, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) was established on December 23rd, 1986. Since then, the BIS has published notifications of its standards for numerous commercial and consumer goods. Indian customers have a high level of recognition for the BIS mark. The benefits of BIS […]

Know the difference between a Hindu Will and a Muslim Will

Making a Hindu Will and a Muslim Will has a major differences. A will, also known as a testament, implies the legal revelation or declaration of the ultimate goal of a person for their own property, which shall come into effect after their demise. It is a one-sided archive and declares the person or persons […]

A Detailed Guide on Obtaining FSSAI License in India

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is known by the initials FSSAI. This regulatory authority was established to examine the quality requirements for companies handling food items. The primary regulatory body in India in charge of issuing food Licenses is the FSSAI authority. This authority was established by the Ministry of Health and Family […]

How to Apply For A PSARA License Online In India?

The demand for security guards has increased quickly as a result of the rise in offices and commercial buildings. In order to fulfil the requirements for a PSARA licence, more agencies will consequently develop as the need for security guards rises. The PSARA Act, 2005’s primary goal was to enhance the functioning of private securities […]

What Are The Mandatory Annual Compliances For One Person Company?

According to the Income Tax Act and the Companies Act, One Person Companies (OPCs) are obligated to maintain compliance. Thus, filing an income tax return with the Income Tax Department and an annual return with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs are the major components of maintaining annual compliances for One Person Company.  One-person businesses may […]

What Are The Mandatory Annual Compliances For Public Limited Company?

In India, establishing a Public Limited Corporation is the best option for entrepreneurs considering extensive commercial operations. In India, a Public Limited Company must have a minimum of seven members in order to be formed, and there is no upper restriction on the total number of participants. In India, a public limited company has all […]

What Are The Mandatory Annual Compliances For LLP?

Annual compliances for LLPs are essential to making sure the business runs effectively and complies with regulatory standards. An LLP is a type of business organisation that offers partners the protection of restricted liability at a minimal cost of compliance. Also, this structure enables partners to create their own internal structure. It is significant to […]

What Are The Mandatory Annual Compliances Of Private Limited Company?

Private Limited corporations must adhere to a number of legal and regulatory requirements after being incorporated. Annual compliances of Private Limited Company are a significant component of these duties. Every Private Limited Company in India is required to comply with these regulations, and each financial year, these deadlines must be reached. The Companies Act of 2013 […]

What Are The Mandatory Nidhi Company Compliances?

An RBI licence is not necessary for the lending business type known as Nidhi Company. Nidhi Company must submit annual compliances, also known as Nidhi Company Compliances, just like any other business. The Companies Act of 2013 and the Nidhi Rules of 2014 both outline these compliances. The Nidhi Company’s yearly compliance is a period, […]

Choosing the Best Secretarial Services for a Company

Company secretaries ensure that their clients’ organisations comply with legal and regulatory requirements as part of their services. A Company’s Finest Secretarial Services is the best secretarial services for a business are therefore crucial to ensuring that all organisational secretarial tasks are carried out appropriately and successfully. An organization’s reputation is impacted in addition to […]

How to Outsource Secretarial Services in India?

The company secretary is responsible for carrying out crucial duties for the expansion of the business, including engaging with shareholders, creating important paperwork, setting up board meetings, and keeping records. Because of this, it is now usual practise and is growing in favour of outsourcing business secretaries in order to carry out these many operations […]

A Complete Corporate Secretarial Services Guide

A team called corporate secretarial service is able to help all of your enterprises by providing modern corporate secretarial services. Every business is taken care of by this staff according to its specific needs. It can be difficult for some highly regulated businesses to handle the legal requirements of corporate compliance. Businesses that must address […]