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Sakshi Srivastava

Sakshi Srivastava
About Sakshi Srivastava

Sakshi has pursued B.B.A.LL.B.(IPR Hons.). She is an avid reader and is keen to gather and share her knowledge on the subjects relating to IPR, Company Law and GST. Priorly she has worked as a legal researcher and vide her articles she aims at improving the core knowledge of the subjects to the masses.

Everything you need to know about Penalties & Remedies for Trademark Infringement in India

Today’s customers are Brand oriented and therefore using any illusory name can have an effect on the market for original the brand. When the brand name is used without any approval from the owner, they look for any legal remedy to protect its brand name. Prevention of non-permitted use of the trademark is evenly significant […]

Let’s Understand the Process for Obtaining an FSSAI License Number

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is a Regulatory body that is responsible for supervising the safety & standard of food business all over the country. To run a food business in India, an FSSAI license is compulsory. In today’s time, as people desire for certified food utilization, FSSAI license offers the food […]

Lets Understand the Abuse of Patent Right with respect to Drugs

Patent right is not an absolute monopoly right with respect to manufacturing of drugs. It is a confined right and is subject to specific approved limitations. The Patent Act balances the individual right of patentee & interest of common public. The main purpose of Patent Act is to encourage the development of technology as well […]

An Analysis on What is a Partnership Firm and How to Register It!

Partnership firm registration in India is done as per the Indian Partnership Act, 1932. his type of firms are registered by the (ROC) Registrar of Company of the respective state. You need to prepare a partnership deed between the partners to determine the responsibilities of each partner. This article covers all the characteristics of Partnership firm […]

CBDT grants Condonation of Delay in filing of Form 10BB by Trusts and institutions

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has granted Condonation of Delay in filing of Form 10BB by Trusts and Institutions for the Assessment Year 2016-17 and the subsequent years. As per the provisions of Section 10(23C) of Income Tax Act, 1961 where the total income of the trust or institution surpass the maximum amount […]

Everything you need to know about License for Tea Business in India

India is a leader in the manufacturing of Tea Business around the world because of its favorable environment and plentiful supply of labor. The FSSAI has released some guidelines that specify the rules and regulations that govern the Tea Business in India. In this article, we will discuss how to obtain License for Tea Business […]

Abolishing of Drug Patents: A Boon or a Ban?

Patent rights were initiated in India for the first time in 1856 and in 1970; The Patents Act was passed that revoked all previous legislations available in India. The Patents Act offers that any invention which satisfies the criterion of novelty, non-obviousness and usefulness can be the subject matter for Patent Registration. India already had […]

Importance of Trademark Registration and Its cruciality

Trademark plays a significant role in promotion of goods and services as it provides information about the quality of the goods. It facilitates any enterprise to obtain individual rights to use, allocate or allot a trademark which can be done through the process of Trademark Registration. India has a huge competitive market for business where […]

Everything you need to know about Grounds for Trademark Rejection in India

A registered trademark can help the owner of the trademark prevent any unauthorized use of the mark and create an important intangible asset for your company. The trademark registration process is long normally taking anywhere between 12-18 months time to know the final status of any filed trademark application. The application process for trademark takes […]

Hindustan Uniliver Limited and Emami Limited – Trademark Dispute

Hindustan Unilever Limited on June 25th 2020 announced a rebranding exercise that constituted dropping the word “Fair” from their popular “Fair & Lovely” product, and renaming it to “Glow & Lovely”. Hindustan Unilever Limited also announced that their products for men’s range will be known as ‘Glow & Handsome’. What followed was a possible threat […]

What are the Difference between Registered and Unregistered Trademarks? Let’s Understand in Detail!

Building a brand is essential to the growth and continuous success of a business or an enterprise. Accordingly, some characteristics of a brand may involve valuable and protectable forms of intellectual property specifically, Trademarks. Consequently, trademarks are commonly used to prevent copy, infringement and imitations. In order to use and put into effect the trademark […]

Overview on General Public Utility under NGO

In order to make a purpose of NGO charitable it is not essential that is should be beneficial to the poor section of the society. It is necessary that the benefit to provide a section of the public as eminent from specified individuals. The object of general public utility includes benefit to a section of the […]

Everything you need to know about Public Procurement Policy For MSME

Public Procurement is a process by which the Government obtains goods and services from the private companies and pays them in monetary conditions for the goods as well as services provided by them. India’s rigid and institutional frameworks look to make sure responsibility, answerability and effectiveness in the Public Procurement Policy.  The fundamental principle is […]

A Deep Analysis on Benefits of Trademark Registration

A Trademark is a kind of Intellectual Property Protection. Trademark discriminate various goods and services by providing a brand name to them in the marketplace. This automatically connects a quality value to all the goods. The process for applying for the trademark registration is lengthy and it requires application attached with all the necessary documents […]

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