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An Outlook on Dietary Food Business in India

calendar11 Aug, 2020
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In the food business industry, the customer is the ruler. Consequently, there is no other option but to revolutionize and bring healthy replacements and nutrition food products. The food industry is developing to promote healthier lifestyles in our country. People also want to eat healthy as well as tasty food products. People instruct good eating habits even while eating outside. The ones who are accused of leading the junk food culture in the world are now considered to offer products that are low in fat, sugar, or salt.

The income levels rising in the Cities of India, there is a significant apprehension rising between people regarding their health. People are intense about setting appropriate diets and executing them in real life. While the idea of nourishing food may seem to be a profitable one, opening a dietary food business can be useful also. There is no extent to which the company can add services that includes manufacturing, circulation, and sale. The market is unexploited and has huge growth potential.

Need for Dietary Food business in India

Lack of time and availability of contaminated food has destitute people of getting proper diet. People are suffering from health conditions due to their eating habits. One such pointer is the Vitamin D level in blood among the women. According to a UNICEF Report, updated in May 2018, nearly half of deaths in children below the stage of 5 years are attributed to undernutrition. This has postured a more significant risk among children dying from common infection and severe infections because of delayed recovery. Moreover, increased stress levels and tension at the office are also taking a toll. Consequently, complete food diet has become the need of the hour.

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How to initiate Dietary Food Business in India

Food Business in India

Find an opportunity in the marketplace

A foodstuff that desperately needs a healthy makeover can be found as a new opportunity. Widespread market research may give an idea to begin or launch or make a new product.

Make a delicious product

As per Chef Matthew Kenney, whole thing is about the product. Making a product pleasing is a challenge in providing nutritious food.

Adding a personal story

Personal stories or personalized emotions can add a human touch to the product. Letting people know the story or person behind the creation of recipes, results after the feasting of nutritious food, and the efficiency of the product allows customers to appreciate how beneficial the product is.

Utilize resources

Many food start-ups pay or fund affordable rents and join supportive communities or NGO’s that are in favor of their working. Moreover, state governments also offer incentives for promoting healthy food in various different ways. For illustration, in Kerala, the government wishes to launch incentives for farmers who grow pesticide-free vegetables.  

Superb service

Since customers are the king hence customer-oriented services are the underlying core of the business. People usually prefer to come to a healthy and nutritious food kitchen many times a day. To make it a regular staple food for the neighbourhood, it is essential to provide quick delivery and speedy service.

Creation of trust

Mostly, it becomes difficult to explain to people that the product contains elements that are helpful for health. It is stimulating to convince people to pay worth extra money with reference to the benefits they derive from it. For occurrence, it was very difficult for Yakult to persuade customers that the beverage holds bacteria that is good for human health. To influence people, Yakult hired women and called them Yakult Ladies. These women could comprehend local culture and connect well with other families. The trust of these ladies is important for selling the product.

Trends or charts show that the industry is moving in a healthier humdrum. The food revolution has begun competitive and of low quality with healthy growth and new product offerings.

Licenses Required for Dietary Food Business

Dietary food supplements, nutritional supplements, food supplements and health supplements are some of the frequently used terms when we talk about the nutritious food business and related products. There is a minor difference between drugs and food supplements. This is because most of the elements used for the manufacturing of the nutritional supplement includes elements that fall under the category of drugs as well as food supplements.

Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006[1] (FSSAI) is the prime Indian law governing food articles and related things. It stipulates that no person shall manufacture, sell, or import any foods for specific dietary user and health supplements that the Central government has warned, except those following under FSSAI Registration which makes it compulsory to categorize the food article into various heads such as dietary food supplement, food supplement, health supplements, or nutritional supplements. This is very vital as the products under these categories are eligible to register under FSSAI.

The real misunderstanding of licenses lies in products that claim to have a high number of vitamins and minerals. In reference to this, Indian markets are also overloaded with drugs that are multivitamin tablets and products containing nutrients and related parts. Liberty is taken by manufacturers to avoid rigorous drug laws and garb the food safety laws. In such cases, all those who are involved in such kind of business are liable to the risk of action for the matters of incorrect classification.

Classification is highly precise if the contents and quantum of nutritional values and supplements are mentioned for commercial reasons. Lack of judicial or statutory measures to decide such aspects have given business people the liberty to choose what they want. Accordingly, classification of health and nutritional food products would depend upon the ingredients and composition of foodstuff and is also subjective to the authorities that happenstance them.


The producers along with providers often make claims of food articles. They have extensive conviction to promote a product by promoting powers of the food articles that help human well-being. These claims may also be outdated beliefs about the nutritional value of the food article. For occurrence, asthma can be dealt with saffron, and lemon pickle is good for immunity, chayawanprash provides an immunity booster, certain foods like onions, ginger, pepper are considered hot, and certain foods like coconut, melons are considered cold. This is a complicated controlling challenge. However, FSSAI has made sure that such claims can only be made based on scientific pieces of evidence.

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FSSAI License

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