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FSSAI License Registration for Mushroom Cultivation Business: Know the Legalities

calendar10 Oct, 2022
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Mushroom Cultivation Business

The Mushroom Cultivation Business came as a boon for farmers in India. Given the escalating demand for Mushrooms, agriculturists are increasingly scaling up the production volume of the same. But just like other food entities, Mushroom Cultivation Business also falls under the FSS Act of 2006. That means FSSAI License Registration for Mushroom Cultivation Business is an absolute necessity. By going through this write-up, you will come to know everything about FSSAI License Registration for Mushroom Cultivation Business.

Why is the Mushroom Cultivation Business booming in India?

The mushroom Cultivation Business has witnessed remarkable popularity in the past few years. Mushrooms are essentially used in various types of dishes and they are mouth-watering in every way. The domestic and international demand for mushrooms is likely to spike further in the coming years. Less land requirement and a fast growth rate make this business a perfect venture for new farmers and businesses out there. Mushroom Cultivation is a vital asset to the Indian farming sector. Here are some points that reflect the potential of this crop.

  • Bihar is poised at the first position as far as mushroom production is concerned.
  • As per National Horticulture Board, in 2021-22, the state accounted for 28,000 tonnes of mushrooms, which is almost 11% of the overall mushrooms produced in the nation.
  • Maharashtra has secured the second position in mushroom production, which accounts for nearly 11% of the overall production.

Does Mushroom Cultivation Business fall under the FSS Act 2006?

Yes, the Mushroom Cultivation Business falls under the FSS Act 2006[1]. That means anyone who wishes to start this venture must obtain a food License from the Food Safety Standard Authority of India. FSSAI License Registration for Mushroom Cultivation Business is a must-have legal requisite. It’s worth noting that the overall supply chain of food-from plantation to selling falls under the said Act. This implies that the farmers, processors, packagers, distributors, and retail outlets of food articles must comply with FSSAI’s norms and therefore obtain an applicable license on time.

What are the Eligibility Criteria under the FSS Act 2006?

Generally, the following types of licenses are granted by FSSAI based on annual turnover and scope of operation. Anyone seeking FSSAI License Registration for Mushroom Cultivation Business must get familiar with the same.

  1. Basic FSSAI registration: It is mandatory for businesses whose annual income falls short of the underline threshold, i.e. Rs 12 lacs
  • FSSAI State License: FSSAI State License is a must-have legal permit for those whose yearly turnover ranges between Rs 12 lacs – Rs 20 crores.
  • FSSAI Central License: FSSAI Central License is compulsory for food business operators who are operating in more than one state or have a yearly turnover of more than Rs 20 crores.

What If a Mushroom Cultivation Business fails to obtain a food license?

Failure to register with FSSAI can incur severe penalties for the defaulter. Every new entity must get registered with FSSAI within 30 days of the commencement of business. Any delay will increase the chances of being penalized, which may include the closure of the establishment.

Mandatory Documents Concerning FSSAI License Registration for Mushroom Cultivation Business

Applicants are required to arrange the following documentation to apply for an applicable food license:

Basic FSSAI License

  • Business certificate
  • GST certificate
  • Trade license/Shop Act License
  • Tenancy proof of the premises
  • Business owner details

State/Central FSSAI License

  • ID Proof about business owners
  • Import/Export Code (IEC) -(if you want to target overseas market)
  • Business address proof
  • List of directors managing the business
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) & Articles of Association (AOA)
  • COI- Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Partnership Deed, if your business is enacted as per Partnership Act, 1932
  • Food Safety Management System Plan

How to Obtain FSSAI License Registration for Mushroom Cultivation Business?

Anyone seeking FSSAI License Registration for Mushroom Cultivation Business can visit the FoSCoS, FSSAI’s official portal, to apply for the same. The portal is user-friendly and lets you enroll within a few minutes. To get started, create a valid account on the portal and follow the given steps.

  1. Click the new application option from the menu.
  2. On the following window, select the operating state followed by the annual income threshold.
  3. Fill up the e-form with relevant individual and business-related detail such as name, address, and bank account details.
  4. Head over to the dossier section and upload the relevant documents in the required format.
  5. Once done, navigate to the payment section and submit the underline fees.
  6. Lastly, note down the acknowledgement number for future reference.

FSSAI Norms around Mushroom Cultivation Business

  • Excessive use of pesticides is not allowed for the growers.
  • Proper fumigation should be conducted throughout the storage area to keep it bacteria-free. The owner should maintain a logbook for the same.
  • Mushroom package labelling should reflect the proper information about the owner and the products. FSSAI can penalize the FBOs after finding them guilty of breaching labelling norms cited under the FSS Act 2006.
  • Misleading information on the Mushroom package can result in the confiscation of the entire production batch.
  • FSSAI’s officials can make a surprise visit to the mushroom farm and processing facility for a compliance check.
  • Proper hygiene and ventilation should be there at the processing workplace.


FSSAI License Registration for Mushroom Cultivation Business is a must-have legal permit. The mushroom Cultivation Business is booming, and there is a need to regulate it thoroughly. That is why FSSAI has mandated businesses seeking to start this venture to secure the FSSAI license in the first place. FSSAI has been entrusted with a responsibility to protect the health of end-users in India. For this purpose, this apex organization has underpinned a long list of compliances for FBOs across the country.

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FSSAI License

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