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Plastic Waste Collection Fee in Kerala

calendar04 May, 2022
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Plastic Waste Collection Fee in Kerala

The Kerala state government has now mandated that local bodies collect fees from the public for the disposal of plastic waste. Plastic waste collection fees can be charged likes taxes. Such fee is collected from households, institutions, street vendors, traders and organisers of public events. 

Rules of Kerala Government for the plastic waste collection fee

Kerala Government has recently framed new rules relating to a plastic waste collection fee. The new rules are intended to facilitate storing plastic waste near its source and maintaining and disposing of them with scientific processes. These rules have been framed to make plastic waste collection fees from the users’ compulsory through local bodies for the disposal of plastic waste in the state. All the homes, institutions, shops, establishments, street vendors, etc., will be charged a monthly fee depending on the amount of waste they generate. This plastic waste collection fee will be levied as taxes or arrears. The Rules are prepared for the collection and scientific disposal of plastic waste at the source of those plastic wastes.  

The Kerala Government has made a rule: Local Plastic Waste Management By-Laws. This law came into effect after the governing body of all local bodies had a meeting. They approved and notified local bodies about it. But before this notification, they had given 30 days for people to make objections or to give their views on this new plastic waste collection fee law.

The secretary of the local bodies has to collect a fine of Rs 10,000 for violation of any of the plastic waste collection fees for the first time, and in case of a repeat, Rs. 25,000. In case the violation of the plastic waste collection fee rules is done by the person a third time, then the fine imposed on him will be Rs. 50,000. In case of more than three times of violations, then the local body can revoke the work permit of an establishment or shop for a fixed time period. 

The task of Plastic Waste collection fee is entrusted to Haritha Karma Sena/agency (Green task force/agency) by the Local bodies. The Haritha Karma Sena/agency has to collect, remove, store, treat and dispose of the plastic waste. The receipt with the stamp of the local authority shall be issued to collect the user fee. 

All households, shops, or other establishments should clean, dry, and sort such plastic waste that cannot be recycled. The local bodies then hand over this plastic waste to the approved Haritha Karma Sena/agency. The shops or any other business entity shall display a board stating that plastic covers and plastic carry bags are not to be sold. 

Plastic waste collection fee set by Kerala Government

The plastic waste collection fees for each house/home would range from Rs 20 to 200 per month, and it should be even paid by each flat of an apartment and of a residential area. 

The plastic waste collection fees for shops, establishments, or other vendors or catering services may vary depending upon their plastic waste. The fees for materials like plastic cover will be Rs. 10-20 per 100 grams, and it will be up to Rs 10 per 100 grams for other plastic waste. 

The plastic waste collection fee for an event organiser with more than 100 people will be Rs 250. 


The Kerala Government[1] has set an excellent example by making rules regarding the plastic waste collection fee for plastic waste management. These rules made it mandatory for local bodies to collect a fee for plastic waste generated by each home, shop, or other entity. The intention of the state government to frame these laws was to facilitate storing plastic wastes at the place of their source. It facilitates the maintenance and scientific disposal of plastic waste. The plastic waste collection fee is levied every month as tax or arrear. However, the amount of plastic waste collection fee depends upon the generation of plastic waste. 

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