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A Complete Corporate Secretarial Services Guide

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A Complete Corporate Secretarial Services Guide

A team called corporate secretarial service is able to help all of your enterprises by providing modern corporate secretarial services. Every business is taken care of by this staff according to its specific needs. It can be difficult for some highly regulated businesses to handle the legal requirements of corporate compliance. Businesses that must address local regulatory requirements will keep a complete overview of all these activities and manage them to reduce risk. To learn more about the advantages of hiring a company secretary in India, keep reading.

Function of Corporate Secretarial in a Business

A corporate or company secretary is in charge of managing shareholder communications, upholding corporate governance, and ensuring legal compliance. If the company secretary is not present, the company directors must assume all of these duties.

They must also do this in order to avoid placing the weight of corporate governance and administrative burden on the company’s directors. It can be challenging for a freshly established firm or organisation to manage all of their administrative requirements on top of their regular employment. As a result, it is crucial to carrying out all of these company procedures correctly and successfully.

Rewards of Being a Corporate Secretary

These days, compliance issues are the most crucial component for any organisation. A company may be obliged to pay fines and face prosecution for its directors if they fail to comply with the law. If a company violates the law, it is said to have committed an offence. The advantages are detailed below, and they include

  • Maintaining all firm records correctly.
  • Send out a reminder about the company’s accounts.
  • Filing returns with the appropriate registry.
  • Update any alterations, such as a director change.
  • Delivers business advice.
  • Handles all corporate governance and legal compliance issues.

By hiring a company secretary service provider, you can confidently focus entirely on your main business while leaving the rest of the details in their capable hands.

Organisational Procedures for Corporate Secretarial

It will be challenging to keep freshly formed business ventures up to date with local government and corporate governance requirements. Also, these services vary from nation to nation. So, having a corporate secretarial service provider on hand to support, ensuring that all local needs have been completed, and maintaining the rules updated is always a smart idea for a firm.

These service providers collaborate with their customers while upholding a high degree of corporate governance. Among the duties they carry out for their customers are:

  • Compile a complete collection of documents relating to the annual general meeting and submit them to the appropriate authorities each year.
  • Create and retain the meeting’s minutes for the directors and shareholders.
  • Responsible for writing the standard directors’ resolutions.
  • Keep up with the company’s minute books, other records, and statutory register.
  • Help the auditors evaluate the secretarial records of the company’s annual statutory.
  • Also keeps track of and is in charge of producing the accounts and reports for the company’s interim and annual statements.
  • The Director’s Report is prepared.
  • Maintains the members of the company’s share registration,
  • Aids in the transfer of shares and other shareholder-related matters,
  • Attends to and responds to all shareholder inquiries and questions.
  • Furthermore accountable for all additional shareholder interactions, including interest and dividend payments, questions about documentation rights and capitalization, and upholding goodwill with both individual and institutional shareholders.
  • Monitoring of all shareholders and upholding corporate governance standards.
  • Additionally, assessments of any advancements in corporate governance.
  • Assist and advise the board of directors as necessary so that they can fulfil their obligations and comply with any regulations.
  • Compares the costs of three to four zones (Costs involving rent, licence, registration, visa etc.).
  • A dedicated authority should be in place to gather all the information required for the administrative procedures and to offer advice as necessary for establishing the business.
  • Takes care of registering the company name and securing approval from all authorities.
  • Responsible for getting legal translations that are appropriate and legalising documents at the appropriate ministries.
  • Taking care of all the leasing[1], licensing, and labour department payments.
  • Submitting all necessary paperwork and following up with the authorities frequently.
  • Accountable for obtaining the business’s licence.
  • If necessary, a newly created entity should register with the labour department.
  • Registering the business in internet databases for administrative, visa, and other licensing.

Together with the aforementioned services, they also offer directorship services. It is a type of management service in which a person acts as a company representative, director, or manager and handles all of your company’s business; however, only a small number of service providers will offer this, and this will only be done with the business entity’s prior consent or instructions. Drafting the annual audit report is crucial.

Collaboration for the Company’s Yearly Licence Renewal

Organise all insurance-related certificates from the insurance companies, collect all licence renewal-related property documents, and then submit all of the collected documentation along with the associated fees. They will also include the audited financial accounts with this. Meetings and correspondence will be held with the relevant authorities and corporate entities.

Assists in coordinating the annual general meeting

While some service providers do not offer this option, only a small number of companies offer support in organising the annual general meetings. The annual general meeting is prepared for by:

  • Advising the director to organise the AGM.
  • Notifies all shareholders of the annual general meeting.
  • Coordinates activities with the Auditor.
  • Composing all shareholder resolutions and meeting minutes.
  • Coordinating the signatures of the directors and shareholders.
  • Finalising with the authority the shareholder resolution, the audited accounts, and the minutes.


A thorough and comprehensive overview of the company secretary is provided in this article. Take advice, direction, and help from the Corpbiz. If you are running a business and have plans to launch a new venture. It is usually advisable to have a company secretary for your organisation because they are the experts that handle all of your company’s legal and compliance obligations. This way, you can maintain the rules up to date and satisfy local jurisdiction standards.

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