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How to Secure BIS Certification for Aminophenol?

calendar25 May, 2023
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How to Secure BIS Certification for Aminophenol?

Aminophenol is a chemical compound that finds widespread use in industries such as pharmaceuticals, dyes, and chemical synthesis. It plays a vital role in these sectors due to its versatile applications. Manufacturers of Aminophenol are required to obtain BIS certification to ensure legal compliance in its production. In this section, we will explore the process and legalities associated with obtaining BIS certification for Aminophenol.

What Do You Understand By An Indian Standard Called IS 7686:2020?

The Indian Standard IS 7686:2020 pertains to 3(N, N-DiEthyl) Aminophenol. This standard was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) after the approval of the draft by the Dye Intermediates Sectional Committee under the Petroleum, Coal, and Related Products Division Council.

IS 7686:2020 establishes the requirements, sampling methods, and testing procedures for 3 (N, N-DiEthyl) aminophenol. This chemical intermediate, with the molecular formula C10H15ON, is extensively used in the production of dyestuffs.

The material should exhibit properties of a moist, white-to-light-brown crystalline solid. It should be soluble in substances such as ether, alcohol, sodium hydroxide, and hydrochloric acid. Furthermore, the material must comply with the specified requirements outlined in this standard. Key tests to be performed on each sample include assessing the crystallizing point and conducting an assay.

Tests to Qualify For BIS Certification for Aminophenol

The following test should be conducted in view of the method cited in this standard.

  • Test for 3 (N, N-diethyl) aminophenol
  • Purity of 3(N, N-diethyl)aminophenol
  • Salt content as sodium chloride ( NaCl)

Packaging and Labelling Norms as Per BIS Certification for Aminophenol

In accordance with IS 7686:2020, proper packing and marking procedures must be followed. The material should be packaged in steel drums that are lined with suitable polyethylene film unless alternative arrangements have been agreed upon between the purchaser and the supplier. Each container must be securely sealed and prominently labeled with the required information as specified in the standard.

By meeting the requirements outlined in this standard, the product(s) may be eligible for certification under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016, and the relevant Rules and Regulations. Upon certification, the products can be marked with the Standard Mark, commonly known as the ISI Mark.

To utilize the standard mark (ISI Mark), the manufacturer is required to obtain a BIS license from the Bureau of Indian Standards. The license is granted based on a comprehensive evaluation of the manufacturer’s infrastructure, quality control measures, testing capabilities, and production processes.

Documents Required To Apply For BIS Certification for Aminophenol

To register a product with the BIS, you will typically need to gather and submit the given documents:

  1. Application Form: Fill out the standard application form facilitated by BIS, which requires detail concerning the product you intend to register and details relating to your company.
  2. Test Report: Secure a test report from a certified lab confirming that your product meets quality requirements cited in the relevant Indian standard.
  3. Manufacturing Premise Information: Provide detailed information concerning the manufacturing premise involve in the Aminophenol production, its address, and contact details.
  4. Product Specs and Labeling Details: Submit detail regarding the design & labeling specs of the product, along with any technical specifications.
  5. Authorization Letter: If you are registering a product on the manufacturer’s behalf, include an authorization letter signed by the owner authorizing you to proceed with the registration process.

It’s vital to note that the specific norms for BIS registration may vary depending on the nature of the product being registered.

Procedure for Securing BIS Certification for Aminophenol

The process of securing BIS certification for Aminophenol involves many steps. Here is a general snapshot of the process:

  • Find the Indian Standard (IS) Specification

Look out for the specific IS specification that covers Aminophenol. This specification underpins the safety, quality, & performance norms for the product.

  • Gather the Apt Documents

Gather all the apt paperwork for BIS certification, including the application form, test reports, details of the manufacturing unit, information on product design and labeling, and an authorization letter if applicable.

  • Submit The Application

Accurately fill out the application form by providing all the required detail concernign product and your company. Attach all the apt paperwork along with the application.

  • Conduct Product Testing

Let the certified lab test the Aminophenol for intended quality and purpose. The lab will conduct required tests (as mentioned above) in line with the methods cited in the standard.

  • Conduct a Factory Inspection

BIS may perform an on-site inspection and dig down the manufacturing processes, quality control measures, and other relevant factors. This inspection implies that the product is manufactured as per the required standards.

  • Review and Evaluation

BIS will deliberately vet the application, test reports, and other submitted paperwork to assess whether the product adhere to the necessary requirements for BIS certification.

  • Issuance of BIS Certification

If the product satisfies all the requirements, BIS will grant the BIS certification for Aminophenol. This certification confirms that the product adhere to the underlying standards and is deemed safe for use.


It is important to pen down that the exact process and norms may vary depending on the specific certification scheme as well as product category. For detailed and accurate detail concerning the certification process for Aminophenol, it is recommended to get in touch the BIS[1] website or contact Corpbiz’s professional directly.

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