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What Is Judicial Separation in Hindu Law?

The concept of marriage is based on the traditional Hindu system of marriage. It recognizes marriage as a sacred bond between two people and a long-term commitment. Old Hindu Laws state that marriage is the official rite and a religious bond that cannot be separated. The purpose of marriage is to enable both a man […]

What Are The Benefits Of Judicial Separation?

According to the law, judicial separation is a way to offer some time for introspection to both partners in a disturbed marriage. The law encourages husbands and wives to live apart while also giving them the opportunity to reconsider the period of their relationship. It is the final option available to both spouses for the […]

What is the Difference Between Judicial Separation and Divorce?

Marriage is considered a sacrament in Indian culture. A husband and wife are bound in an unbreakable bond through rituals and traditions. The legal framework for seeking a divorce and legal separation is set down in the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955. While Divorce is a legal dissolution of the marriage, judicial separation suspends marital […]

Is Judicial Separation the same as Divorce?

Marriage is a ritual in India, especially among Hindus, and not only a contract. Since divorce is regarded as an immoral act, Hindus did not consider dissolving their marriages until the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955[1]. Even now, divorce is not something that courts allow easily. The concept behind marriage is that it continues for […]

Human Rights Protection against Sexual Harassment

You can tell the condition of a nation by looking at the status of its women -Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Sexual harassment is any unwanted sexual behavior that is verbal, physical, or visual in nature and makes a person feel threatened, hostile, or offended a misdemeanor that carries jail time and penalties, The various forms of […]

Sexual Harassment and Sex Discrimination at Work

Sexual harassment at work is any unwanted or offensive sexual behavior or approach made to a victim while they are working that makes the environment unpleasant or threatening. Physical touches, sexual remarks, requests for sexual favors, sexual jokes or gestures, and the display of sexual materials are only a few examples of its numerous forms. […]

What Is Judicial Separation?

The Hindu social tradition considers marriage a sacrament. It is recognized as a person’s religious obligation, and the marriage bond is thought to be unbreakable and irrevocable. But as time has passed, this idea has evolved, and it is no longer regarded as being inseparable. According to Indian matrimonial law, a divorce or a judicial […]

Preventing and Responding To Sexual Harassment

A woman’s human and constitutional rights are violated if she is the victim of sexual harassment at work. As a result, women are less likely to participate in the workforce, which has a negative impact on their ability to advance economically and achieve the goal of inclusive growth. It violates the right to equal opportunity […]

How to Apply For Mutual Divorce?

Divorce is a procedure that ends a marriage between two adults and may be affected in accordance with various laws and regulations. For example, the Hindu Marriage Act, of 1955 governs Hindus, including Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists, while the Indian Divorce Act of 1869 and the Indian Christian Marriage Act of 1872 govern Christians. Muslims […]

What Is The Procedure For Marriage Registration?

In India, marriage is a socially and legally recognized relationship between two people, typically between a man and a woman, but now open to people of any gender. Marriage is regarded as a sacred institution in India and is a significant component of the nation’s culture and heritage. In India, getting married is typically viewed […]

How Do I Find My Marriage Registration Number?

In India, the Registrar of Marriage for the relevant state government issues each registered marriage with a unique identification number known as the Marriage Registration Number (MRN). Following the completion of the marriage registration process, the Registrar of Marriage issues the marriage certificate with the MRN, a special identifying number. The MRN is an essential […]

How Long Does Marriage Registration Take?

Marriage is viewed as a sacred ritual in Indian culture. The decision by two people to live throughout the rest of their lives together is a sacred one. In India, there is no such thing as a tiny wedding. As soon as a child is born, parents begin to plan their weddings. People go to […]

What Are The Documents Required For Marriage Registration?

In India, marriage is a religious institution that is sanctioned by the law. Registration of the marriage is an essential step that renders the union legally binding and serves as evidence of the union. Marriage registration in India is governed by the Marriage Registration Act, of 1954[1]. According to the law, marriages must be registered […]