How Do I Find My Marriage Registration Number?

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How Do I Find My Marriage Registration Number?

In India, the Registrar of Marriage for the relevant state government issues each registered marriage with a unique identification number known as the Marriage Registration Number (MRN). Following the completion of the marriage registration process, the Registrar of Marriage issues the marriage certificate with the MRN, a special identifying number.

The MRN is an essential record that is used to demonstrate the legitimacy of a marriage in legal terms. It is beneficial for a number of administrative and legal procedures, including getting a passport, changing your name, and starting a divorce or other marital-related legal action. This number is used to keep track of the certificate and can be used to obtain copies of or make amendments to the certificate. The marriage certificate will contain a registration number at the top portion that will be read as HM No. 2345 of 2019. This means the registered number is 2345 under the year 2019, and at the bottom of the certificate, the date the certificate was issued is mentioned.

How Can We Obtain A Marriage Registration Number?

In India, you must go through the marriage registration process in order to get a Marriage Registration Number (MRN). The general procedures for obtaining an MRN are as follows:

  • Visit the Office of the Registrar of Marriages: The initial step entails going to the local office of the Registrar of Marriages. Depending on the location, the office may be under the purview of the sub-registrar’s office or the local municipal government.
  • Complete The Application: To register your marriage, you must complete an application. You will need to fill out a form with personal information about yourself, including your name, age, residence, and spouse’s information.
  • Provide The Required Documents: A passport-sized image, identification showing your age and marital status, as well as evidence of your address, are required as supporting documentation.
  • Verification and Validation: The Registrar of Marriage will verify and validate the information you supplied when you submit the application form and any accompanying documentation. The Registrar will issue a marriage registration certificate with the MRN on it if it is determined that all the information is accurate.

Depending on the state and the style of marriage (such as Hindu, Muslim, Christian, or interfaith weddings), the specific procedure and documentation needed for marriage registration may change. Before submitting the application, it is essential to confirm the particular requirements and procedure with the nearby Registrar of Marriages.

Why Do We Require A Marriage Registration Number?

For a variety of legal and administrative requirements, a marriage registration number (MRN) is needed. The following are some of the factors that make an MRN crucial:

  • Legal Status of The Marriage: The MRN is evidence that the marriage is legitimate and registered with the appropriate government agency. It is a legally recognized document that can be used in a number of judicial and administrative processes to prove the marriage’s legality.
  • To Obtain Government Benefits: The MRN must be engaged in order to be eligible for many government benefits and marriage-related programs, including the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) for housing and other welfare programmers.
  • To apply For a Passport or Visa: The MRN is a requirement for the application process. It is necessary for processing the application and is requested by the Passport Office or the Embassy/Consulate.
  • To Change Your Name: If you want to change your name after being married, the MRN must apply for a name change in a number of documents, including your passport, driver’s license, PAN card, and other identifying documents.
  • To File for Divorce: To begin legal separation or divorce processes, the MRN must be used in the event of a divorce.

In conclusion, the MRN is an important document that must be used for a variety of marital-related administrative and legal functions. The MRN may be needed for several years after the marriage registration, thus it is advised to get and keep it safely.

How Can I Check My Marriage Registration Number Online?

The procedures to check your MRN online are as follows:

Most Indian states have a web page for marriage registration and related services. Visit the website of the Registrar of Marriages in question to learn more. Visit the website of the state or union territory registrar of marriages to find out where you were married.

Look for the option to check your MRN or search for the information related to your marriage registration on the website’s home page or menu.

You must enter information such as your name, the name of your spouse, the date of your marriage, and other necessary details as prompted in order to check your MRN online.

Following the entry of the necessary data, the system will perform a database search and display your MRN along with other information, including the date of registration and the name of the Registrar of Marriages.

You might need to get in touch with the Registrar of Marriages directly and ask for the information if you are unable to find the option to check your MRN online if the website doesn’t contain the feature. It is also important to keep in mind that not all Indian states or union territories may offer the option to check your MRN online.

Where Can I Find My MRN?

Your marriage registration certificate will contain your marriage registration number (MRN). After the registration procedure is complete, the Registrar of Marriages will assign your marriage a special identifying number known as the MRN.

You’ll need a copy of your marriage registration certificate in order to get your MRN. The Registrar of Marriages office where the marriage was recorded is where you can get a physical copy of the certificate if you don’t already have one. The registration number may be found in the upper right or left corner of the certificate, or it may be located near the date of the marriage. In some cases, the registration number may be printed on a separate page or attached as a sticker to the certificate.

You can also check the website of the relevant Registrar of Marriages to see if your MRN is accessible online. For marriage registration and related services, most Indian states have an online platform. You might be able to check your MRN by entering the necessary information, such as your name, the name of your spouse, and the date of your marriage, if your state offers an online portal.

Since your Marriage Registration Certificate is a legally recognized document that is necessary for numerous legal and administrative purposes relating to marriage, it is essential to keep it safe.

If you are having difficulty locating the registration number on a marriage certificate, you may wish to contact the issuing authority or consult their website for more information.

What If I Lost My MRN?

If you have lost your marriage registration number, you can get it back by following these steps:

Contact the marriage registration office where you acquired the registration and provide them with your name, birthdate, and other pertinent information as proof of your identity. Once your identity has been established, they will be able to provide you with a copy of your marriage licence, which will include your registration number.

The Registrar General of India’s official website allows you to look up your marriage registration number online if you are unable to get in touch with the office that handles marriage registrations. To obtain your registration number, you must provide both your personal identifying information and the date of your marriage.

You might ask a lawyer for help in locating a copy of your marriage certificate or registration number if you are still unable to find your marriage registration number using these techniques.

It’s important to note that the process for obtaining a lost certificate can take some time, so it’s a good idea to start the process as soon as possible if you need the certificate for a specific purpose.

How Long Does It Usually Take To Get A Lost MRN?

The precise circumstances and the office where the registration was obtained may affect how long it takes to obtain a lost marriage registration number. However, it could take some time to get a lost marriage registration number because you might have to go through a few steps or give personal information to prove who you are. Here are a few potential timelines:

If you get in touch with the marriage registration office where you registered, they might be able to quickly locate your misplaced marriage registration number if you give them the appropriate personal identifying details.

You might be able to find your marriage registration number within a few minutes or hours if you conduct an online search using the Registrar General of India’s official website.

Depending on the particular circumstances and the procedures involved, it can take a few days or weeks to receive a copy of your marriage certificate or registration number through the legal process.

To find out how long it should take to get a lost marriage registration number, it is preferable to get in touch with the organization or office where you received the registration.

Few Things to Know More about MRN

Before concluding the above blog, here are a few more things you may want to know about a marriage certificate registration number:

  1. The registration number is usually assigned by the government or relevant authority at the time the marriage is registered.
  2. In India, it is mandatory to register a marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act, Special Marriage Act, or the Parsi Marriage Act.
  3. The registration number is typically printed on the marriage certificate itself, along with other details such as the date of the marriage, the names of the spouses, and the location of the marriage.
  4. The registration number is a unique identifier that can be used to locate and retrieve the marriage certificate from government records.
  5. In some jurisdictions, the registration number may also be referred to as the “file number” or the “certificate number”.
  6. If you need to obtain a copy of your marriage certificate or make any amendments to it, you will usually need to provide the registration number as part of the application process.
  7. It’s important to keep your marriage certificate in a safe place, as it is a legal document that may be required in various situations such as applying for a passport or changing your name.


In India, the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 and the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969[1], respectively, govern the registration of marriages. The procedures for registering a marriage entail making an application to the Registrar of Marriage, providing the necessary documentation, and paying the requisite costs. The Registrar of Marriage issues a marriage certificate with an exclusive MRN once the marriage registration is complete. In some cases, you may be able to obtain a copy of a marriage certificate online through a government website or by using a third-party service. However, it’s important to ensure that you are using a reputable source and that the copy you receive is an official document.

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