How Long Does Marriage Registration Take?

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How Long Does Marriage Registration Take?

Marriage is viewed as a sacred ritual in Indian culture. The decision by two people to live throughout the rest of their lives together is a sacred one. In India, there is no such thing as a tiny wedding. As soon as a child is born, parents begin to plan their weddings. People go to tremendous lengths to make sure that the marriages of their relatives are respected to the fullest extent. Having marriage officially recognized in our country is equally crucial during all the happiness and wedding planning. A marriage certificate will come from this, which is necessary for all joint endeavors between the couple, such as purchasing real estate or obtaining a spouse visa for international travel.

A marriage certificate is necessary if things don’t work out and someone is thinking about getting a divorce. Furthermore, the certificate is very useful in filing an insurance claim in the case that one of the partners dies. The most significant and responsible thing for a couple to deal with after being married is to register the marriage.

Normal Processing Time for Marriage Registration

In India, both offline and online marriage registration is possible. The online registration process is now simpler than ever prior to the digital revolution. Almost all states and union territories now offer online registration for marriage licenses. Today, those getting married or those who are already married but want to register their marriage can expedite the procedure by using the Internet. The state where the bride and groom have lived for at least six months should be used for this. The form must then be completed by both spouses and affidavits that have been digitally signed must be filed. The sub-registrar of the concerned district contacts the spouses following this procedure before issuing the marriage license. Normal registration of marriages under the Hindu Marriage Act[1] takes at least 15 to 30 days.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Hindu Marriage Act’s processing times for marriage registration can occasionally be affected by a backlog of applications or other issues. For more information on the anticipated processing times, it is best to contact the local Registrar of Marriages.

Marriage Registration under the Special Marriage Act Of 1954

The marriages under the Special Marriage Act may be performed between males and females of any caste, creed, or religion as well as between Indians and foreigners. There are no rituals necessary for such marriages. The two people are able to apply for registration in person before the Registrar. The marriage of two people is officially accepted in this.

When the marriages are registered under The Special Marriage Laws, the process takes substantially longer. Normally, it takes up to 60 days. The marriage announcement is posted on the notice board of the registered office, and the sub-registrar contacts the individuals being married under the Special Marriage Act to request physical verification of the documents. As this marriage is typically performed without any marriage rituals or a formal ceremony, this ensures that there will be no opposition to the marriage process from the outside. Suppose no one objects during those 30 days. The process will be carried out by the registrar. Therefore, it takes between 30 and 45 days to legalize unique marriages.

Tatkal Marriage Certificate

Some governmental entities in India provide a Tatkal Marriage Certificate, which is a form of expedited or fast-track service to provide a marriage certificate in a hurry. A Hindi word with the meaning of “immediate” or “urgent” is “Tatkal”. It is acquired in a shorter period.

Depending on the state and particular government agency’s policies, the Tatkal Marriage Certificate is normally issued within one to three days. Couples that require the marriage certificate quickly for legal or non-legal reasons, such as passport or visa applications, are typically given this service.

This strategy is also used by couples who are moving abroad, those who are planning international honeymoons, and those who are getting married abroad. The only thing that makes this method different is that extra money must be paid to skip the waiting time.

The couple must submit the needed paperwork and payment to the appropriate government agency in order to make use of the Tatkal Marriage Certificate service. Identification documents, evidence of address, a marriage invitation card, pictures, and an affidavit outlining the grounds for the application for the Tatkal Marriage Certificate are all necessary.

It’s essential to keep in mind that the Tatkal Marriage Certificate is only available in a few places in India, and the requirements and accessibility of this service may change depending on the state or government.

Processing time for Tatkal Marriage Certificate

Tatkal Procedure is as quick as it can be. But typically, it takes 1-3 working days to be issued. If all required documents are produced and the application is deemed to be in order, Tatkal marriage certificates can be granted in some states, like Delhi, within 24 hours of the application. Tatkal marriage certificates are issued in other states, including Maharashtra, within three working days. Under the Tatkal Scheme marriage certificate is uploaded within 24 hours of approval by the sub-registrar office.

Fee for Tatkal Marriage Certificate

The cost of a Tatkal marriage certificate is more expensive than a standard marriage certificate because the Tatkal scheme is intended for urgent instances and requires expedited processing.

A Tatkal marriage certificate may cost two to three times as much to get in some states as a standard marriage certificate. An ordinary marriage certificate costs Rs. 200 in the state of Uttar Pradesh, whereas a Tatkal marriage certificate costs Rs. 10,000. In Maharashtra, the cost is Rs. 5000, compared to Rs. 10,000 in Delhi for a Tatkal Marriage Certificate. So, the fee for the Certificate may vary from state to state.

Is There A Way To Expedite The Processing Of A Regular Marriage Certificate?

There are a few actions you can take to speed up the processing of a standard marriage certificate if you need it immediately and the Tatkal scheme is not offered in your state or district:

  1. Submit Your Application For The Marriage Certificate As Soon As You Can: The earlier you submit your application, the better. This will allow the appropriate amount of time for the authorities to handle your application and issue the certificate.
  2. Include All Required Paperwork: Be sure to include all required paperwork with your application. The processing of your application may be delayed by incomplete documents.
  3. Follow Up With The Authorities: After submitting your application, get in touch with the authorities to check on its status. To find out the status of your application, you can go to the relevant office or call them.
  4. Get Legal Assistance: If your marriage certificate is being processed with excessive delays, you can get legal assistance. A lawyer can speed up the processing of your application and assist you in navigating the legal system.

Taking these actions might speed up the processing of a standard marriage certificate.


Indian texts hold that marriage is a commitment that lasts forever. Some claim that marriage is a bond that lasts for future generations in addition to the current one. The tone is set for strong family ties, affection, and support for good child upbringing, among other things. The process of legalizing marriage between two people involves a marriage certificate. The process for registering a marriage can take a while based on a few things, including the location and legal requirements. In general, the marriage registration procedure can take a few days to a few weeks to complete. To find out the precise procedures and deadlines involved it’s vital to contact the office where you intend to register your marriage.

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