What Are The Documents Required For Marriage Registration?

calendar25 Apr, 2023
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What Are The Documents Required For Marriage Registration?

In India, marriage is a religious institution that is sanctioned by the law. Registration of the marriage is an essential step that renders the union legally binding and serves as evidence of the union. Marriage registration in India is governed by the Marriage Registration Act, of 1954[1]. According to the law, marriages must be registered within 30 days following the wedding. Marriage registration requires proof of the individuals getting married, including their names, ages, and marital status. This demonstrates the validity and legality of marriage and aids in preventing fictitious unions.

The identity evidence guarantees that the parties getting married are who they say they are and are able to marry. The age verification is necessary to confirm that both parties are of legal age to wed and are competent to make marital decisions. The evidence of residence aids in determining the country in which the marriage will be registered.

What Kinds Of Paperwork Are Needed To Register A Marriage?

What Kinds Of Paperwork Are Needed To Register A Marriage?

Given below are the documents the husband, wife, and witnesses must carry with them for the marriage registration procedure, along with the duly filled in marriage registration application form. 

  • Identity and Address Documentation

Identification documentation and the addresses of both the bride and the groom are prerequisites for marriage registration. This can be a passport, voter identification card, Aadhar card, driver’s license, or any other government-issued document featuring the person’s picture and address. Make sure the address listed in the paperwork matches the person’s current address if at all possible. If not, a different address proof paper must be presented. 

  • Age Valid

The second prerequisite is age verification. To get married, both the bride and the groom must be of legal age. In India, the bride must be 18 years old and the groom must be 21. A birth certificate, diploma from high school, or other official document bearing the bearer’s name and date of birth might serve as proof of age. 

  • Invitation Card for a Wedding

The wedding invitation card is the third need. The wedding invitation card acts as documentation for the ceremony’s time and place. At the time of registration, a copy of the wedding invitation card must be provided. 

  • Photograph of a Wedding

A wedding photo is the fourth prerequisite. The picture must be of the bride and groom together during the wedding ceremony.

  • Witnesses

A witness is the fifth condition. For the marriage to be registered, two witnesses are needed. The witnesses must be of legal age and possess documents proving their identity and address. 

  • Form of Application

The application form is the sixth prerequisite. The application for marriage registration must be completed by the couple you can acquire the application form from the district’s registrar of marriages in the area where the marriage occurred. The application form must be fully filled out and sent together with any necessary supporting materials.

  • Residential Evidence

Residential evidence is the seventh prerequisite. The pair must present documentation proving their residence. The couple’s current address should be listed in the document. 

Can We Get The Certificate Without Documents?

No, you are unable to receive a marriage certificate without presenting the necessary paperwork. Government officials can confirm that a couple has been legally married by issuing marriage certificates, which are official legal papers. Depending on the state or jurisdiction where the marriage took place, different conditions may apply for obtaining a marriage certificate, but most often, you must present identification, age, and marital status verification in addition to a marriage license application and documentation of the wedding.

In some circumstances, extra paperwork can be needed, such as death certificates or divorce judgements if one or both parties have previously been married. Before getting married, it’s crucial to research the criteria in your region for acquiring a marriage licence and to compile all the required paperwork.


Being married is a big deal for a lot of individuals, so it’s important to know the requirements for marriage registration to make sure the process goes smoothly. Couples must normally produce proof of their identities, addresses, and eligibility to marry, though the requirements differ by state and jurisdiction.

The marriage certificate is a legal document that serves as proof of the marriage. It is required for various legal and administrative purposes, such as applying for a passport, changing the name or beneficiary designation on insurance policies, and obtaining a divorce.  The couple’s names, addresses, and occupations are all listed on the marriage application form. This information is crucial for record-keeping needs and aids in confirming the marriage’s legality. Overall, the paperwork needed to register a marriage ensures that the marriage is recognized and legal and offers crucial data for administrative and record-keeping needs.

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