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5 Trending Ideas to Start a Food Business with Low Investment

calendar16 Jun, 2021
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5 Trending Ideas to Start a Food Business with Low Investment

The food business is one of the most profitable business niches around the world. The demand for food items more or less stays positive, even in adverse times. Now, this opens the door of opportunities for start-ups who are willing to make a mark in the food business domain. Most start-ups think that setting up a food business is a costly affair, but the truth is that there are some business opportunities within the food sector that seek low capital and infrastructure. This write-up will walk you through some trending ideas that will let you start a food business with minimal capital.

Top Low- investment Food Business Ideas

Here are some ground-breaking low investment ideas that you can use to start a food business in India

Top Low- investment Food Business Ideas

Tiffin/Meal Services

Tiffin/Meal Services are quite common within the metro cities. The Tiffin system has witnessed considerable growth in the recent past owing to the ever-evolving demand for doorstep foods. People with hectic lifestyles are more likely to use such a service. Apart from that, students and college bachelors have a greater admiration for Tiffin/meal services. Tiffin/Meal services thrive faster in areas where there is a good volume of studying teenagers.

The investment requires to kick start this business is quite low.  All you need to maintain regular cooking supplies to cater to the demand. The success of this business entirely depends on the way you cater to your customer’s demands.  You must take good cooking skills and reliability into the account while preparing a meal. Tiffin/Meal Service is one of the most promising ways to start a food business in India.

Home Bakery

Home bakery is yet another option for those who want to start a food business with minimal hassle and capital.

We all like to have baked goods and sweet treats now and then. And the bakery is the sole destination to satisfy that hunger or urge. If you have an oven at your house, then starting a home bakery business could be the best bet for you.

You can start by making cupcakes & simple cookies. Gradually, you can thrive on your business and have a bigger product portfolio that includes birthday cake as well. Another fine option is to start delivering fresh and hot baked bread to the end-users. Undoubtedly, baked bread always remains in demand for its authentic and pleasurable taste. 

Catering Service

Not all people have enough time to be around every single day to operate their food business. If you are one of those, then you can consider starting a catering service from your home. This way you do not have to sacrifice your aspiration to be a food business owner.

The cost in the initial phase of this business model is not huge.  All you need an acceptable volume of utensils and a viable kitchen set up at your disposal to cater to your prospect. Start with catering to small functions such as ceremonies, birthdays, etc. Do forget to leverage social media platforms where you can curate a list of potential customers. The level of interaction that businesses receive via social media is beyond monumental.

It would be even better if you opted for paid promotion, which is not as costly as conventional marketing. This will not only increase your reach but also ensure that you will receive consistent orders from your prospects.

As your business grows, there be will constant needs of calibrating resources as per flexible demand. So, be ready for an unexpected surge in demand and outlines a strategy to cater to it accordingly. Catering service could be your best bet to start a food business in India.

Ready to Cook Kit

If in-house management is not your cup of tea, then you can go for ready-to-cook fit services.  As the name suggests, ready-to-cook fit refers to a business model in which the business owner does the meal prep on the customer’s demand for a specific dish or cuisine. It is a fine option for people who intend to start a business from home without pouring massive money. Ready to Cook Kit usually reaps great demand from health-conscious people.

All you need to prepare a menu that you’re comfortable with and let your prospect select whey they seek from the menu. Or you can ask the clients what they wish to cook & create a custom ready prepare kit for them. The kit shall enclose every ingredient that one needs to prepare a meal and in the optimal proposition.

Creative meal or dishes

If you are passionate about preparing something creative and meticulously distinctive, then you can make a fortune out of it. All you need to pitch your product to the right kind of customers. For example- homemade chocolates or chocolate arts makers can target customers who have a great urge for eating various types of chocolate. Similarly, you can also sell smoothies to specific customers that were more inclined towards unconventional dishes and beverages.

Practically, the options in this context are limitless. But the revenue generation will depend on the creativity that you can instill in your product line. You can also line up your product on platforms like Swiggy[1] or Zomato to get increase customer exposure.

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Some Productive Tips for Food Business

Every business seeks one thing from its owner- an unshakeable commitment to improving products and services. The same concept applies to the food business as well. In the initial phase of your business, you might struggle to adhere to that commitment. But there is something you can do that can keep you ahead of the curve.

  • Get constant feedback from your prospects regarding the food’s quality.
  • Leverage social media platforms to promote your business and procure more customers.
  • Share your hygiene protocols on the website, if possible, to instill trust among health-conscious customers.
  • Emphasize zero waste and eco-friendly food. 

Vital requisites to Start a Food Business

And here comes the legal part. To start a food business of any kind in India, one has to obtain a food license from FSSAI without any second thought. This is mandatory and any volitation in this aspect compels the owner to face rigorous penalties.  The FSSAI license is available in three categories i.e. basic, state, and central. The basic registration is meant for petty manufacture, meanwhile; the state and central registration covers the bigger establishments. Annual turnover, production capacity, and scope of operation are the major grounds for the issuance of these licenses.

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