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Guidelines for Food Safety Display Board of Street Food Vendors

calendar17 Jan, 2021
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Food Safety Display Boards of Street Food Vendors

In today’s era, society is changing dynamically, and to keep pace with the physically growing world, the health of an individual holds utmost importance. The productivity and efficiency of an individual depends entirely on their mental, emotional and physical well-being. Due to hectic schedules, people now-a-days rely extremely on the convenient food or appetizers. In this blog, we are going to cover the Rules and Regulations regarding Food Safety Display Board of Street food vendors.

Stringent Rules for Display Boards of Street Food Vendors.

To ensure the health and safety of the people, the government of India[1] introduced the Food Safety and Standard Act in 2006. The Act provides provisions regarding the operations of food business in India. The department of FSSAI in order to build up food safety has introduced Food Safety Display Boards for various food businesses in India. The display boards are informative boards that consist of primary knowledge of food safety and health guidelines that are being practised by the food vendor.

Under the rules and regulations of the act, it is compulsory for a food vendor to get himself either registered or obtain a FSSAI license depending upon the scale and type of its operation. A 14-digit number known as the FSSAI registration number is allotted to the food operators. Back in the days, only displaying the FSSAI registration number was mandatory. However, along with the mandatory registration or licensing, the act also implements stringent rules for display boards of street food vendors.

Points to Remember while Exhibiting the Food Safety Display Board

Following points are required to be taken into consideration before exhibiting the food safety:-

Following points are required to be taken into consideration before exhibiting the food safety

Size of the Sheet

The rules must be displayed on an A4 size sheet in case of a FSSAI registered business, or on an A3 size sheet in case of FSSAI license business be it Central FSSAI license or FSSAI state license.

Number of Display Board to be Exhibited

Generally, a single FSSAI display board is required to be exhibited, however, in case the food operation unit is large in scale, then more than one food safety display board is required to be exhibited.

Content of Display Board should be Easily Visible

The content of the Food Safety display board must remain intact over the course of time, and should not be damaged, if it does, then it should be exhibited again in a proper manner.

Display of FSSAI License Number

It is mandatory for the business operators to add FSSAI license number on the top of the board along with the name of the company. The details regarding the feedback must be given at the bottom of the board.

Type of Food Business Operator

The display board must be related to the food business that is operated by the owner and should contain the colour mark accordingly.

Colour Code for Different FBOs

As the FSSAI display board is an informative board, hence the information it consists must be true and relevant. Different colour codes for different food operations are used as a symbol for easy recognition by the consumers. The color-coding is given below: 

  • Green stands for Vegetable and Fruit Retailers
  • Purple stands for Restaurants and Street Food
  • Red stands for Meat Retailing Business
  • Yellow stands for Storing Units
  • Brown stands for Liquor
  • Grey stands for Retail Stores
  • Turquoise stands for Manufacturing Units
  • Blue stands for Dairy and Milk Units
  • Navy blue stands for Transportation Units

How to Read a Food Safety Display Board?

Below is the sample of FSSAI Display Board-

How to Read a Food Safety Display Board
  • The 14-digit number mentioned at the top is the FSSAI registration number.
  • The grey symbol at the top represents the retail store as per the colour codes.
  • Then you will find the guidelines that are being followed by the store to maintain health and hygiene.
  • At the bottom, to take customer’s review and to comply with the feedback mechanism, contact number is given.

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Essentials of a Food Safety Display Board

The below mentioned essentials must be followed in order to exhibit a useful display board-

Essentials of a Food Safety Display Board

FSSAI Registration Number

Every business operator is required to obtain a FSSAI registration number in order to run a business. The said 14-digit number is allotted to a business operator upon successful registration of a food business. For the process of license and registration, a firm is required to have an active mobile number and an email Id.

Further, the name of the food business should be correctly spelled in the application as the same will be mentioned on the license whether state or central license.

Once the application with all the relevant information and the required fees is successfully registered along with the supporting documents, the system will generate a unique 14-digit registration number, and the same number is mandatory to be mentioned on the top of the food safety display board.

The FSSAI registration number or the license number must be specifically mentioned on the top of the display board which can be easily verified on the FSSAI website.

Food Safety and Hygiene Guidelines

It is the duty of the food vendor to inform the customer about the guidelines that are followed by the business operation to meet the food safety and health requirements of the consumers. A 360-degree view should be given to the consumers.

The Food Safety Display Board must Mention a Feedback Number

The display board must consist of an effective consumer feedback mechanism providing numerous options to customers for registering the feedback which helps the business to upgrade their working techniques as the consumer wants.


If you wish to start a food business in India, you must comply with the rules and regulations established by the Food Safety and Standard Act of India. Earlier, only the registration number or the license number was required on the food safety display board.

However, now the scenario has been changed and basic health and food safety guidelines, customer feedback mechanism along with the registration number is required to be mentioned on the food safety display board before the exhibition. The stringent laws under the act are made to tackle the low-quality food and services being served to the consumers and to protect the consumers against any health hazard.

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