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FSSAI License For the Restaurant: Know the Process

calendar10 Jun, 2021
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FSSAI License For the Restaurant

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (aka FSSAI) has underpinned safety & hygiene norms that compel food business operators (FBOs) to deliver safe and high-quality food to the end-users. Availing FSSAI registration is an absolute compulsion for all FBOs, including the restaurant owners. In this write-up, we have briefed a process that will help you get the FSSAI License for the Restaurant business.

Importance of FSSAI License for the Restaurant business and Food Business Operators

The points listed below will let you understand the significance of FSSAI registration for FBOs operating in India

  • FSSAI license keeps the malpractices regarding food safety out of the equation.
  • Customers in the digital age are slowly becoming aware of food safety standards. Today quality is an uncompromisable attribute for them when it comes to different cuisines or packaged foods. They want to be sure about the quality of the products available at the restaurant for consumption. For them, the FSSAI logo is an indicator of quality and safety.
  • It helps in the standardization of the restaurant’s kitchen operations, thereby ensuring more customers and even business expansion.
  • FSSAI registration is available to those restaurants that meet the norms in the back-end design underpinned by the body. These norms, act as a benchmark to accomplish an effective design within the given perimeter. Therefore, design standardization of your back-end spaces and kitchen across all branches can be accomplished by following these norms.

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Steps to get FSSAI License for the Restaurant business

Follow the given instructions, which is an online process, to get an FSSAI license for the restaurant business.

Step 1: Use this URL-foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in to visit FSSAI’s online portal. The application process starts with determining the eligibility criterion. Here the applicant needs to enter the address for each premise independently and check for the eligibility separately.

Step 2: Click on the Signup option on the following page for the available license. Aptly fill the sign-up form with the requested details. Make sure your contact details such as contact number and email id are legit.

Step 3: Create a Username and password. After form filling, tap on the Register to finish up the sign-up process.

Step 4: Post account activation, the portal will send the confirmation message on the registered contact details for the same.

Key take away: This user ID remains valid for 30 days, therefore do apply for registration within the said period, or else, it will become out of service.

Step 5: Sign in to the portal and start filing the FSSAI license web-based form. Make sure you have the required documents in place before applying. Do refer to the subsequent section that talks about the documentation part. Also, try to finish the filing process in one goes to avoid any confusion.

Step 6: After completing the web-based form, take a hard copy of the same before you click on Submit tab.

Step 7: Note down the ARN i.e. Applicant reference number prompted on your display once you have applied. This number will let you track the progress of the application for Licensing.

Step 8: Furnish the hard copy of the duly filled web form to the respective regional authority with mandatory documents within 15 days from the date of submitting the online application.

As far as the fee structure is concerned, FSSAI has maxed out the registration fees @ Rs 7500/year-. This amount applies to the central license. Likewise, the amount of Rs 100/year and Rs 2000/year applies to basic and state registration.

Mandatory Documentations regarding FSSAI license for the Restaurant business and FBOs

Here is the complete list of dossiers that one has to arrange for getting an FSSAI license for the Restaurant business.

  • Duly filled form enclosing the signature of the proprietor i.e. Restaurant Owner
  • Identity Proof of the Restaurant Owner.
  • Address Proof granted by the Government Authorities
  • List of active directors as well as stakeholders along with the identification proof.
  • Legit contact number as well as email id.
  • Food Safety Management plan, aka FSMS plan.
  • Proof regarding the property’s possession such as rent agreement, sale deed, electricity bill, etc
  • No-objection Certificated granted by the local bodies or Municipal Corporations.
  • Detail schematics of the restaurant’s kitchen.
  • Water Testing report issued by the ISI-certified agency.
  • Partnership Deed/ Affidavit of Proprietorship as the case may be.
  • List of food categories offered by the Restaurant to its customers.
  • Type of tools or equipment in use. s
  • Medical Certificates of Employees.

Points that worth your attention

Points that worth your attention
  • FSSAI handles the licensing work under Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006.
  • The maximum life or validity of the FSSAI license varies from 1 to 5 years.
  • During the possession of a license, the FBOs are mandated to adhere to FSSAI’s norms. 
  • FSS Act, 2006 entails stringent penalty provisions for non-compliance.
  • The eligibility criteria for FSSAI’s food license revolves around the parameters like turnover, production capacity, and scope of operation.


The age of digitization has completely transformed the way we deal with the licensing process. The presence of an FSSAI’s online portal has mitigated the trouble of manual document handling, which indeed was a time-consuming and tedious undertaking. However, oftentimes some applicants found themselves amid trouble during online application filing. If you encounter one of those situations, then do not step back. All you need to give a call to CorpBiz’s professional and everything will be dealt with authenticity. Our experts ensure seamless paperwork processing for a quick turnaround time. This way the applicant can expect expeditious and error-less processing.

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