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What is a Fire NOC certificate? How to obtain it?

calendar21 May, 2022
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Fire NOC certificate

Fire NOC certificate serves as imperative legal permission, which is applicable to certain working establishments and residential premises. Presently, it is granted by the Fire department of the respective state against the prescribed application and applicable fee. The dedicated portal of the fire department enables applicants to apply for a fire NOC certificate.

Technically, a Fire NOC certificate applies to commercial and residential premises 15 meters high. The application for a fire NOC certificate must be duly sanctioned prior to submission to the authority concerned. The said application shall go along with the certified building plans. A Fire NOC certificate is imperative to confirm the building’s potential to combat fire-related hazards.

Who fits the provisions of a Fire NOC certificate?

A fire NOC certificate is a mandate for a;

  • Proposed premises measuring 15 m high which is intended to be used for business activities businesses having a trade license
  • Businesses fall under the purview of the concerned Department of Fire Services.

Apart from that, the following shall fit the provision of the Fire Service Act[1] and thus are mandated to secure the A fire NOC certificate from the department concerned.

  • Education buildings.
  • Residential apartment buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals and sanatoria
  • Custodial institutions
  • Telephone exchange.
  • Assembly buildings
  • Multiplex buildings
  • Business buildings
  • Mercantile buildings
  • Industrial buildings Low hazard
  • Industrial buildings Moderate hazard
  • Industrial buildings High hazard
  • Storage buildings High hazard

Documents to be uploaded by the applicant for a fire NOC certificate

Common documents required to apply for a fire NOC certificate includes;

  • Floor plan certified by the competent department
  • Business registration
  • Premises documents such as utility bills, property receipt, or owner’s noc
  • Photographs of the premises (internal and external)
  • Details of fire safety equipment
  • Plan for evacuation in case of fire-related accidents

After submitting the prescribed application and documents, the department concerned shall initiate the vetting process, which may involve an on-site inspection as well.

During the premises’ physical inspection, the officials may earmark the concerned areas and direct the applicant to resolve that in a given timeline. Further processing shall only be initiated after the applicant ensures full compliance with the authority’s feedback.

The grant of a fire NOC certificate shall only come to effect when the inspection process ends up successfully with no compliant left on the applicant’s part.

Checklist for NOC from Fire Department

The following checklist has to be adhered and followed before securing a fire safety NOC or fire department NOC:

Pre-Construction requisites

These requirements must be fulfilled by the applicant prior to the commencement of the construction activities. The following are the mandatory requisites;

  • The applicant must facilitates detail relating the premises such as name, location etc.
  • Approve the layout plan and the proof relating to the fire prevention equipment.
  • When the application reaches the department concerned, a fire safety official shall conduct on-site inspection to affirm the fire safety compliance.
  • If the said officials fail to locate any loophole in this context, then a provisional NOC shall be issued to the applicant concerned.
  • Fire department may share their findings along with the corrective measures with the applicant in case of any error.  The applicant is liable to implement to said changes in prescribed timeframe.

Post Construction Requirements

Such procedure and processes would be performed post completion of the premises’ construction. A compliance report would be furnished post completion of the said undertakings.  The given requisites must be fulfilled after the completion of the construction undertaking.

Generally the fire office would perform the fire safety audit. For this the technical officer would pay visit to the site to perform some legal checks related to the building. After this certain recommendation shall be shared by the officer with the head of the department to initiate the final phase.

The final NOC would be granted after the head of the department sanctions the application from Fire Department.


A fire NOC certificate is an absolute mandate for entities that fit the provisions of the respective Fire department. It is needless to mention that the lack of such a certificate shall impose the stringent penalties.

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