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Fire NOC for Building Owners: Explained

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Fire NOC for Building Owners Explained

To maintain the safety rules and to avoid the fire accidents that usually happen in commercial buildings, office premises, in fact, in the residential building, A Fire NOC is a must. As we all know, A Fire accident can harm people, damage property, vehicles, and personal injuries and loss. To avoid the contingencies, it’s of utmost importance to get a fireplace NOC from the Department. In this article, we pen down that what Fire NOC is and how it is important in this scenario.

What is Fire NOC?

Fire NOC is the certificate issued by the Fire Department of the respective state after examining and checking the building’s fire assistance and the machinery installed for fire safety. It is mandatory to obtain Fire NOC from the fire department to ensure adherence to the relevant state authority’s guidelines. Over the period of time, the amount of property purchases and Commercial conveyance purchases has increased. It is the responsibility of the owner of the premises or the owner to require adequate measures to make sure compliance is maintained with the Department of Fire.

Types of Fire NOC

Fire No Objection Certificate is of two types-

Provisional Fire NOC: Provisional Fire NOC is issued before the actual construction starts, and it ensures that the building plan complies with all rules made by the fire department.

Final Fire NOC: Final Fire No Objection Certificate is issued before the occupancy certificate application, where the NOC department of local government ensures all the conditions given in provisional NOC are fulfilled, and each firefighting devices are in place

Potential causes of Fire Accidents and their preventive measures

Below-mentioned are few common causes that can cause Fire


Using Flammable and Ignitable materials insensitively

Thousands of chemicals are used as Flammable and Ignitable products. Using the Flammable and Ignitable products insensitively results in a high risk of Fire. To avoid the health accident caused by these materials, it’s important to follow the OSHA guidelines.

Human mishandling and carelessness

The major cause of Fire Accidents is Human mishandling. Human mishandling and carelessness often result in fire accidents like-Leaving the switch on, negligence in taking the safety measures like by –

  1. Lack of fire extinguisher in the working premises,
  2. Showing non-adherence to instructions related to smoking restrictions,
  3. Not locating flames in the right area can cause Fire accidents. However, it is essential to take safeguard strategies like –
    • Proper planning,
    • Implementing the safety measure and
    • Proper installation of equipment.

Electrical wires Breakdown

Most fire accidents happen because of the breakdown of electric wires. Major lightning-related works are dependent upon Electrical Fire as it is a common source of ignition for major fires. The only way to avert the fire accident with electrical fires is to establish an electrical safety program. All the workers should be trained, and awareness programs should be conducted for their particular jobs, and they should be well trained on how to use the tools and equipment properly.

Additionally, before using the electrical equipment, it must be properly checked. Damage or deteriorated machines and equipment’s should not be used as they can cause fire accidents. Also, the Department helps in imparting training to the employees and provides all the safety measures to avoid fire accidents.

Criteria’s to be followed by the before granting Fire NOC

Before issuing the Fire NOC certificate, the respective authority will carry out a detailed inspection procedure. Fire Department goes through an in-depth investigation to avoid such fire accidents by disclosing the development or design defect of the building. Such a process ensures that the building is complying with the laws related to fire safety. The Fire department issues a Fire No Objection Certificate after verifying the building (commercial or residential multistory) of an applicant.

Any sort of building that is quite 15 meters need to compulsorily obtain the Fire NOC from the local Department before completing any sort of operations. Usually, the Fire No Objection Certificate is issued by verifying the requirements of the building.

After this, an audit is required to ensure that proper safety compliances are followed with respect to avoiding fires and other forms of accidents. To ensure compliances following facilities shall be there-

  • Proper ventilation in the building,
  • Availability of fire hydrants,
  • Availability of fire extinguisher and aqua functioning systems.

Categories for which Fire NOC can be granted

For the below-mentioned categories Fire No Objection Certificate is granted by the Fire department authority

  1. Residential Apartments
  2. Corporate Buildings
  3. Educational Institute
  4. Hotels
  5. Multiplex
  6. Hospitals
  7. Industrial Buildings
  8. Storage Buildings

Who shall mandatorily obtain Fire NOC?

Multistory buildings with the height of 15 meters or more or High-rise buildings are required to obtain Fire No Objection Certificate from their respective state. Also, As per NBC Part 4, buildings falling under the below-mentioned categories are under obligation to comply with fire and safety measures.

  • Institutional Buildings like Hospital, Nursing Home, etc.
  • Commercial Buildings (Shops, showrooms, Warehouse, Etc.)
  • Industrial Buildings.
  • Hazardous Buildings
  • Irrespective of the Height, Residential Ownership with Partial Commercial Use.
  • Educational Buildings.
  • Theatre Buildings (Cinema Halls, Ceremonial Houses, Etc.)
  • Buildings Having Offices.

Is Fire NOC enough to avoid Fire accidents?

Obtaining the Fire No Objection Certificate isn’t enough for mitigating the hearth accidents; aside from obtaining the NOC, an applicant must install other fire prevention measures in its respective building

  • Separate zone for smoking.
  • Proper positioning of fire extinguishers.
  • Supervision of the cooking area and the Canteens.
  • Proper ventilation facilities.
  • Proper electric wiring of the building and maintenance whenever required.
  • Restoration of smoke or fire alarms.

The building owner must have the National Building code of India*, which ensures that all emergency measures are successfully installed in the building.

What is National Building Code? *

National Building Code (NBC)[1] is prepared to direct the measures that will ensure fire safety to some extent. Also, the provision of NBC has been integrated by various state governments and local authorities in their regulation related to buildings.


Those who seek a trade license or residence certificate can seek the certificate from the state authority. Fire NOC is also required to ensure that the building constructed is durable or not likely to cause a fire. Also, Multistory or High rise buildings which such criteria mentioned above are also required to obtain Fire No Objection Certificate from their respective state Fire service department. Hence, In order to avoid any uncalled happenings or danger to life due to sudden fire accidents, it is need of the hour for all persons to strictly comply with provisions and process of fire safety measures with letter and spirit.

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