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Sherin Jose

Sherin Jose
About Sherin Jose

Sherin has degrees in Law and English Literature from the University of Delhi. She is adept at legal research and writing and enjoys discussing and analysing important legal developments. Her primary interests lie in Corporate, FinTech and IPR Law and she is always on the lookout for exploring new developments in the area. She is an avid reader who loves classics and contemporary fiction. She likes to travel, bake and obsess over cat videos in her free time.

Indian Oil Startup Fund- An Overview

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Indian Oil Startup Fund is a startup scheme which has been spearheaded by The Indian Oil Corporation Limited with a view to “support projects which involve innovative technology and business process re-engineering ideas with significant business potential, social relevance, focus on environment-protection” in the domestic and hydrocarbon sector. The startup scheme has a revolving […]

A Complete Analysis of Section 90 of the Companies Act, 2013

Reading Time: 5 minutes Section 90 of the Companies Act, 2013 deals with the “register of beneficial owners in a company” and it states that the significant beneficial owners are required to make a declaration as to their beneficial interest in the company, the nature of interest held and the period of acquisition of such interest. Section 90 of […]

An Overview of BIS ISI Certification for Freezers

Reading Time: 4 minutes Freezer is one of the refrigerating appliances which mandatorily require a BIS ISI certification as per the Refrigerating Appliances under Refrigerating Appliances (Quality Control) Order, 2020. Without a BIS ISI Certification for Freezers, manufacturers of freezers cannot import or export or sell freezers in the Indian markets. Freezers are regulated by the IS 7872:2020 standard. […]

An Overview of Removal or Resignation of Partner from an LLP in India

Reading Time: 3 minutes A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a legal entity which has an amalgamation of characteristics pertaining to a Company and a Partnership. It is governed by the LLP Act or Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008[1]. Just like a partnership, an LLP is formed by two or more partners. However, like a Company, an LLP is […]

Difference Between Mutual Funds and Nidhi Company – An Overview

Reading Time: 4 minutes This article aims to highlight the difference between Mutual Funds and Nidhi Company. There are so many differences between the two and the only similarity between them is that both can operate only when a third party puts its resources into them. Before delving into the major differences between Mutual Funds and Nidhi Company, it […]

Process to Check the Status of Trademark Registration Application

Reading Time: 4 minutes Trademark is, as defined under the Trademark Act,1999[1], “a mark capable of being represented graphically & which is capable of distinguishing the goods/services of one person from of others & may include the shape of goods, their packaging & combination of colors”. In other words, a trademark refers to any word, sign, design, phrase, logo, […]

What are the Benefits of 12A and 80G Registration?

Reading Time: 4 minutes There are certain organisations which are liable for tax exemptions as provided under the Income Tax Act, 1961. Organisations not operating for profits, like NGOs, charitable trusts, religious organisations, Section 8 companies, are made eligible for tax exemptions. Section 12A & Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961[1] provide for such exemptions toinstitutions established […]

How to Start a Car Rental Business in India?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Usage of rented cabs and taxis has seen a steady rise in most urban cities, and rented cars are substantially becoming the more preferred mode of travel over public vehicles. We live in a day and age where people don’t have the patience or time to wait in the sweltering heat or chilling cold to […]

How to Obtain ISO Certification in Bangalore? – A Complete Analysis

Reading Time: 4 minutes Globalization and advancements in technology have led to many businesses burgeoning in India and especially in Bangalore, in the last few decades. The sheer number of similar businesses in the market is a boon for customers who have a wide array of options to choose from. This makes it important for businesses to stand out […]

How to Avoid Patent Infringement? – An Overview

Reading Time: 4 minutes A patent is a legal document granted by the Government, which confers an exclusive statutory right in favour of the inventor in exchange for disclosure of the invention to the public for general usage. A Patent provides for a monopoly over an invention. According to the Patent Act, 1970, the invention should be such that […]

A Complete Analysis of Section 235 of the Companies Act, 2013

Reading Time: 3 minutes Minority squeeze-out is a mode of the takeover process by which majority shareholders acquire or cause to acquire the shares held by minority shareholders compulsorily by providing them with compensation in exchange. These often end up being detrimental to the rights of minority shareholders, and they have little to no remedy left as the courts, […]

How to Start a Software Company in India? – A Complete Analysis

Reading Time: 4 minutes India has seen a burgeoning growth in Software Companies in the past decade thanks to the start-up culture. The Indian start-up ecosystem is the third largest in the world and this trend shows no sign of dwindling down, as is clear from the number of start-ups steadily gaining “unicorn” status. Software companies generated up to […]

Difference Between Partnership firm and Private Limited Company

Reading Time: 5 minutes A partnership is a relationship between two/more individuals who have mutually agreed to conduct business run by all or any one of them and share the profits and loss arising therefrom. The individuals who enter into a partnership are called partners individually and collectively, known as the Partnership Firm. The Indian Partnership Act, 1932 lays […]

Annual Compliance Checklist for Startups in India- An Overview

Reading Time: 4 minutes India is slowly but steadily becoming the hub of unicorn startups and the startup culture has been the bandwagon that everyone has been jumping on. All private limited companies, including startups, running a business are required to carry out various regulatory and statutory compliances. As a startup owner, it is imperative to be aware of […]

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