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An Overview on Rules related to FSSAI Display Boards in India

calendar01 Jan, 2021
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FSSAI Display Boards in India

For all the food businesses, it is obligatory to get the FSSAI registration in India. You should be well aware of rules of food license and FSSAI Display Boards rules available in India. All kinds of food operating business in India are regulated by the FSSAI. There are 3 classes of permission you need to take that are Basic registration, State or Central FSSAI License.

These licenses are based on the annual turnover & the type of the activities they have undertaken. Once you have received the FSSAI License number, which is a 14 digit number issued under FSSAI regulations. There are specific regulations that talks about rules of FSSAI display boards that one should abide by in terms of displaying various information. Previously only the 14 digit license number was essential to be displayed but now there is added requirement other than displaying the license number.

FSDB- Food Safety display Boards

The FSSAI department in order to reinforce the safety of food has introduced Food Safety Display Boards (FSDBs) for a variety of food businesses in India. The existing mandatory requirement of rules for FSSAI display boards, it will also be compulsory for Food Business Operators to exhibit these specific rules of FSSAI display Boards at premises of the Food Business Operator.

FSSAI Display Boards are the instructive board that mainly displays safety of food and hygiene practices that are required to be followed by FBO in their organizations. The FSSAI display boards are color based for various types of food businesses to ease the recognition by the customers.

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Color Coding for Various FSDBs

For customers to easily recognize the type of food business whether it is a manufacturing unit, restaurant, retail store and more.

There are specific colors for each type of FBO explained below-

  • Manufacturing – Turquoise
  • Transportation / Distribution – Marine Blue
  • Volume – Yellow
  • Retail Sale Of Wines – Brown
  • Retail Sale Of Fruits And Vegetables – Green
  • Retail Sale Of Meat – Red
  • Retail Milk – Blue
  • Restaurant – Purple
  • Street Food – Purple
  • Retail Store – Gray

Important Elements of FSSAI Display Boards

Three important elements of food Safety display board rules are as follows-

Important Elements of FSSAI Display Boards

Demonstration of FSSAI License Number

The Food Business Operators need to display the FSSAI license number at their premises. It is done so that the customers can validate the license number from the website of FSSAI in case any doubt arises.

Food Safety and Hygiene Requirements

Notify the consumers about the food handlers and the authoritarian staff about the important requirements related to the display boards, thus getting an assurance on food safety standards.

Effective Consumer Feedback System

An effective consumer feedback system which facilitates several options for customers for sending feedback via WhatsApp, text message or provide feedback on FSSAI mobile Application.

Points to Consider while Exhibiting FSSAI Display Boards

The important points to consider while exhibiting food safety display board are as follows-

  • Only show FSSAI display boards precise to the category of food business.
  • Select A4 size display for FSSAI Registered food business and A3 display for FSSAI Licensed Food Business operators.
  • A minimum of one Food Safety Display Board can be displayed. More than one board can be exhibited only in case the outlet is big in size and Food Safety Display Board displayed is not noticeable to all the customers and food handlers from one definite place.
  • Material for food safety display board should be used so that the content of FSDB should not get unclear or damaged over time.
  • The Food Business Operators should add their FSSAI License Number on top with Company Name and Feedback Details on the lower right side for a feedback system.

Why FSSAI has Authorized Food Safety Display Boards in India?

While FSSAI rules states that such board should be placed in the premises of the FBO where each and every customer can see the board. Most of the restaurants have failed to comply with these rules previously. Therefore, after years of consideration, the FSSAI regulations have decided that they will take this matter up with strict rules.

Most restaurants do make the FSSAI registration number public to their consumers. Such move will help the restaurant build a better consumer relationship with more trust.

Customers can now enter restaurants knowing that it is one that is certified by the FSSAI. This helps to enhance the whole customer perceptibility and emphasizes food safety standards within the country.  These boards will provide information that will help consumers recognize the different hygiene practices which are followed by the organization from where they are consuming the product. The boards should be color-coded so that it becomes easy to recognize the type of organization and the rules related to it.

Reason for Food Safety Display Boards to come into Force

In February 2018, the FSSAI had affirmed that regulations regarding the functioning of the FSSAI Amendment, where one of the circumstances for FSSAI License is that every restaurant should always place a FSSAI display board at obvious spot within the premises.

While the rule failed to be followed by restaurants after six months since the implementation of regulation related to the display board. FSSAI had sustained that such places do not abide by the rules of FSSAI. Therefore, they have decided to ensure that the law is strictly adhered all the times. 

The display board should consists of the FSSAI registration or license number as a sign of approval. The soft copy of the board is required to be displayed and it can be acquired from FSSAI’s website.

Feedback System

The feedback system is a necessary feature of FSSAI display board because it allows customers to express their opinions. Notes can be submitted via SMS, WhatsApp, SMS[1], or through the FSSAI app. This feedback is then directed to a higher body, which then processes it to ensure compliance is maintained. Once inputs are processed, they are also shared with the food establishment so that they are able to measure its performance.

The rules of hygiene to be followed

  • The facility should maintain clean places, and regular pest control measures should be taken.

Food should be prepared using drinking water only.

  • Food must be cooked properly.
  • Hot food should be kept above 60 ° C, and cold food should be kept at 5 ° C.

Frozen products should be stored under -18 ° C.

  • Vegetables and non-veg foods should be stored separately. Cooked and uncooked food should be kept in separate containers to prevent contamination.
  • Vegetables and non-vegetables should be cut using separate cutting boards and knives.
  • All employees must wear clean uniforms while handling food.
  • Staff should wash their hands thoroughly after handling food, using a toilet, or cleaning.

Wounds and other wounds should be covered with water-proof assistance.

  • Staff should not handle food in the event of a lack of health.


FSSAI Display Boards are the instructive board that mainly displays safety of food and hygiene practices that are required to be followed by FBO in their organizations. The FSSAI display boards are color based for various types of food businesses to ease the recognition by the customers.

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