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Process to Check the FSSAI License Number Online: Explained

calendar14 Nov, 2022
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Process to Check the FSSAI License Number Online: Explained

FSSAI License comes with limited validity and hence it does make sense for the owner to check its validity every now and then to avert harsh penalties. To serve this purpose, the licensee can head to the FSSAI’s online portal and follow some simple procedural steps. If you are not aware of the Process to check the FSSAI license number online, this write-up can help. Here is the step-by-step Process for the same.

What is an FSSAI License Number?

FSSAI or the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India is a prime regulator of food safety in India. It aims to govern the entire supply chain of food by employing various legal measures so that everyone stays safe from sub-par food items available in the market. Food business operators are mandated to abide by the FSSAI’s directions to ensure safer food products for the masses. To avert legal complications, all food businesses must secure a food license entailing a 14-digit unique identification number. The said number should be mandatorily highlighted on food packages without fail as it is a mandate. It is easy for the licensee to check the FSSAI license number online for validity.

A Drill down of FSSAI License Number

Here is the detailed anatomy of the FSSAI License Number. Food license comprises five important sections mentioned below. Each section entails key information concerning the business and the owner, helping the authority identify the license holder promptly. Let’s talk about these sections one by one.

Section 1:  It entails the first digit, which clarifies whether the business is registered or not.

Section 2: It entails the 2nd and 3rd digits, which implies the state code of the business in question.

Section 3: It comprises the 4th & 5th digits that indicate the year in which the business got hold of the license.

Section 4: It entails the 6th, 7th, & 8th digits, which represent the enrolling masters’ quantity.

Section 5: It entails the last 6 digits, which show the FBO’s unique license no.

Step-wise Process to check FSSAI License Number Online

Here’s the step-wise Process to check the FSSAI license number online;

Step 1: From the web browser, make your way to the FSSAI’s online portal- FoSCoS[1]

Step 2: Once reaching the main dashboard, tap on the option called- ‘FBO Search’

Step 3: Enter the license no & CAPTCHA to complete the verification process. 

Step 4: Click Submit and wait till the portal displays the FSSAI license details. Note: Ensure you have a stable internet connection)

Interpretation of License Details Provided by the FSSAI Portal

Knowing the Process to check the FSSAI license number online is not enough unless you know how to interpret it. Here’s what the FSSAI portal displays as soon as you hit submit tab.

  • FBO/company name.
  • Facility  address
  • License number.
  • Category of license, i.e. State License or Central License
  • Validity status
  • Product(s) offered by the business

Guidelines Concerning FSSAI License Number

Following are the guidelines concerning FSSAI License Number:

  • Every food package must carry an FSSAI license number since it is a mandate for every food business.
  • In addition to the license number, the food item must carry a mandatory logo as advised by the authority. It must be clearly visible.
  • FSSAI license number is a must-have requirement for businesses importing food items into India.
  • The measure of the letters, alphabets and numbers should be in line with the norms of the underlying standard.
  • The business premises should reflect the valid food license fixed on a place visible to everyone. The same rules apply to the Food Safety Display Boards.
  • The renewal of the FSSAI license before the deadline (180 days before the expiration period) is mandatory for penalty evasion.
  • All FBOs are mandated to enclose food license numbers in purchase invoices, cash memos, and bills. However, the authority has put GST E-way bills and other system-generated government documents outside of the scope of this requirement.


Knowing the Process of checking the FSSAI license number online is the best way to stay atop validity-related concerns. FSSAI has penned down some stringent norms for those who failed to keep with the license validity. Once the license turns invalid due to expiration, it is of no use unless you renew it again through a valid procedure. And, of course, in such a case, you must furnish some penal amount alongside the license fee.

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