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Will there be any Adverse Consequences under Food Safety Norms for not having FSSAI License?

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Consequences under Food Safety Norms

Every passing day people are becoming more conscious about the food quality available at different premises such as hotels, restaurants, and food stalls. But there is no way people can determine the quality of the food by just smelling or looking at the outer appearance. The majority of the FBOs operating across the country are less concerned about people’s safety, and that is where the FSSAI license comes into the picture. In this article, we will talk about the Consequences under Food Safety Norms.  

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license works on the paradigm of food safety and has underpinned some mandatory norms for every FBO operating[1] in the country. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) was introduced in the year 2006, and since then it has been acting as a governing body that keeps the tab on the quality of the food and other edible items prepared for humans consumption. Essentially, the State and Central Government holds the right to grant such a license.

Possible Consequences That Businesses Might Encounter For Not Opting FSSAI License 

Cons for not having FSSAI License

The following section will let you come across some Consequences under Food Safety Norms that might appear in the absence of an FSSAI License.  

Non-Availability of FSSAI Logo

Non-FSSAI license holders are not eligible to use the FSSAI symbol in any situation whatsoever. While some food establishment might not care about sticking FSSAI symbol, as consumer become more health conscious, these little validations can prove to be quite effective given the degree of competition exist in the market.

Trouble in Availing Loans from Financial Institutions

Most investors, lender, or banks are reluctance to offer credit to food establishment who does not have mandatory registrations and licenses in place. Any business planning to outsmart competition must adhere to legal practices and should opt for compulsory registrations. This is one of the drastic Consequences under Food Safety Norms.

Risk of Losing Credibility in the Market

Not renewing the FSSAI license could be a costly trade-off for you since it is directly associated with your reputation and the credibility of your business. You might save some extra bucks annually for not renewing the license, but this could have a drastic impact on your business, especially in the longer run.

Eroding Customer Base

Holding an existing customer base is a daunting task for any form of business entity, including Food business operators. Entities which does not care about securing or renewing the FSSAI license may end up eroding their existing customer base, which eventually hinders their growth plan as well as revenue in the longer run.

No Access to Food-Tender or Government-Oriented Schemes

Not obtaining an FSSAI license could have a drastic impact on your business both in terms of growth and accessibility to government-based tender. With an FSSAI license, you can expect your business to grow relatively faster and reap more benefits over time. This is one of the relentless Consequences under Food Safety Norms. 

Liability to Confront Penalties

Any individual or food business operator found guilty of practicing illegal business activities regarding the manufacturing and trading of the food items or do not a valid FSSAI license would be liable to face the imprisonment of 6 months and a fine of Rs. 5, 00,000. 

Missing Exposure to Quality Assessments

Most importantly, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) constantly evolve its existing procedure to attain excellence in adherence of food safety.

The official of the State Government scrutinizes the viability of the existing norms and procedures about the manufacturing/storage of dairy products, food grain, meat, and other consumables. If you decide to keep the FSSAI license at the bay despite meeting eligibility guidelines, you probably undermine the chance of improving the standard and procedure of quality. 

Plan to Expansion may Not Succeed 

Expanding the business beyond the national boundary is still a dream of thousands of companies. If you are expecting the same without acquiring the necessary license, then it would be a waste for you. Many countries with a strong economy do not prefer companies to enter into their territory, which lacks mandatory government approval and registrations, including the FSSAI license. 

Points to Ponder upon the FSSAI License 

  • FSSAI License is mandatory for every establishment dealing with food-related operations.
  • The eligibility criteria for getting a new FSSAI license are based upon the type of business, production volume, location of the operation, and the scale of operations.
  • FSSAI has laid down some standards for the multiple types of food items, and it also regulates every aspect of food article from manufacturing to sale to ensure that it is 100% safe for human consumption.
  • The FSSAI license is a 14 digit number that one can find on nearly every food article meant for human consumption. Those entities who opt to rule out FSSAI license from their existing lineup of food articles might encounter heavy penalties inclusive of imprisonment. 


In the absence of an FSSAI license, you were never able to ensure that your offering adheres to strict quality standards or being prepared and preserved in a controlled environment. FSSAI license is a way of assuring the customer that your food is 100% hygienic and free from any ingredient that has a drastic effect on human life. Apart from securing the entities from legal obstacles, it is equally capable of strengthening their market presence.

We strongly believe that you might have now got an idea that availing FSSAI license is not a bad deal at all. So if you have finally decided to get the one for your business, then head over to Corpbiz professionals to avail the best possible services regarding the same. Feel free to drop your concern in writing in the comment box below against this topic i.e. Consequences under Food Safety Norms. 

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