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BIS Registration Process- A Step by Step Guide

calendar19 Aug, 2020
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Bureau of Indian Standard, aka BIS, is a government-driven body set up three decades ago to ensure the quality and safety of the end-users’ product. Every tangible product has some health hazards and quality issues. The aim of BIS is to eliminate these disparities from the product through an in-depth inspection based on the predetermined grounds/standards. The assessment conducted by the BIS is usually rigorous in nature as it covers the additional attributes of the product, which may hinder its functionality in one way or another. The BIS certification assured that the product is of the highest quality, and it doesn’t possess any health risk.

Documentation required for BIS registration

The documentation for BIS registration is categorized into two parts. In the first part, the manufacturer needs to render basic detail of the product such as schematic diagrams, PCB layout[1], component list, and user manual. BIS would require these details for the lab test. In the second part, the applicant needs to submit the following documents regarding the business premise where the manufacturing takes place.

  • Authorized Indian Representative (provided by the overseas manufacture).
  • Certifications availed by manufacturers to meet the compliances.
  • List of machinery and equipment available at the manufacturing unit.
  • Address proof of the manufacturing premises.
  • Information regarding the management’s hierarchy.

The authority would take approx. a month to complete the assessment process before granting a license to the customers.

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BIS Registration Process

The detailed BIS Registration Process is as follows:-

Licensing Process

The licensing process contains the given steps:

  • Submit the license application on the BIS portal.
  • Upon receiving the request, the BIS would send an authorized person to conduct the preliminary Inspection.
  • The inspection of the product will be conducted on a sampling basis.
  • After successfully testing the product, the evaluation report will be generated.

Surveillance Process

After the completion of the inspection process, the authority will conduct a comprehensive factory survey. Here’s what happened in the surveillance process-

  • The BIS would send the authorized person to inspect the factory.
  • During the inspection, the samples will be accumulated by the inspector.
  • The accumulated samples will then send to the third-party lab for inspection.
  • The lab will then generate the test report displaying the loopholes of the samples.
  • Based on the test report, the final report will be generated.
  • After reviewing the report, the license would be granted to the applicant. 

BIS registration renewal

The BIS registration usually remains valid for two years, and after that, it can be renewed by submitting the application (Form XII) to BIS. Keep in mind that the renewed license can serve the validity period from one year to five years based on whether the applicant has paid the advance minimum marking fee and annual license fee for the same. If the applicant requests the renewal after the license expiration, he/she has to bear a penalty of Rs 5000 mentioned under the clause. The application for the renewal encloses the following details:

  • Renewal application fee
  • Annual license fee
  • Marking free evaluated on unit-rate based
  • Previous year dues as per BIS notice
  • Monthly-wise production statement
  • Signature of the application along with the seal of the firm
  • The production rate for BIS-certified product
  • Reason for not making the product as per BIS guideline, if any.

Notable Pointers

The following pointers would keep you abreast of the disparities during the activation phase of license.

  • The BIS is fully authorized to conduct a surprise inspection of the business premises for the conformity assessment. The licensee is liable to pay the penalty in case of non-compliance.
  • BIS could appoint a person for post-market surveillance in which products are randomly selected for quality inspection. The authorized person can also even visit the dispatch center to serve this purpose.
  • BIS grant the license after the complete assessment of the manufacturing premises produced item.
  • Non-compliances w.r.t BIS norm would be treated as a legal offense which that lures substantial penalties as well. 
  • Renewal of the BIS registration can be done by filling the FORM XII.
  • The fees structure of the BIS application depends on the type of company. For instance- the Large Industrial Enterprises has to pay Rs 15,000 for this purpose; meanwhile, Medium, Micro and small Industrial Enterprises needs to pay Rs 7000 as a registration fee.
  • Non-compliance with BIS standards could lead to defaulters in a devastating situation where they might face the imprisonment of one year or face the monetary penalty of Rs 50,000.
  • Once the license is activated, BIS would start monitoring the firm’s conduct regarding the quality of the product. The BIS could appoint an officer for this purpose that might give a surprise visit to production premises. If the officer finds any disparities w.r.t compliances, the owner may have to confront some penal provision.
  • During investigation, BIS’ appointed officers often send the selected product to the lab for testing. The same can be done without informing the user to check whether the owner is complying with the BIS norm or not.


BIS is referred to as a national standard body (NSB) that formulates the standard for the quality of products produced by India’s manufacturer. Being a legal benchmark of quality, every business and enterprise bounds to comply with BIS’s prescribed standard if they are involved in the manufacturing of such product that comes under the BIS act.

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