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A complete study of BIS ISI for Wires & Cables

calendar04 Aug, 2022
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BIS ISI for Wires & Cables

The BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) is expected to propose an Indian standard for Wire & Cables. The melting of wires & cables causes most short-circuit & electric fires, and presently there are no standards to be followed for fire-survival wires & cables in India. The domestic industry is currently bench marking itself to the British Standard BS 7846 for fire-survival wires & cables. These wires are supposed to withstand temperatures up to 950◦C for three hours. And the BIS is the standardising parameters for fire-survival wires & cables. Since copper has a melting point of 1085◦C, it will be compulsory for these wires & cables to have copper. This blog will study the BIS ISI for Wires & Cables.

An Overview of BIS Certification

The BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification is the symbol of the product’s safety, quality and credibility by the brands & manufacturers to the customers. BIS came into existence in 1987 by an act of parliament. BIS is also involved in several activities such as testing, product certification, hallmarking, calibration scheme, standard formulation, and more. The BIS certification of products is one of the largest in the world & allows the certified company to use ISI Mark on their product, which is synonymous with safety & quality.

Benefits of BIS Certification

Following are some benefits of BIS Certification:

  • Enhanced the TQM (Total Quality Management)[1].
  • Its help in getting cleared of overhead expenses used in manufacturing product.
  • It is used as strong evidence of quality products.
  • It helps in better utilisation of resources.
  • It ensures access to untapped & overseas markets.
  • It’s helped in improving market reputation.

List of the BIS ISI for Wires & Cables

Sr. No. IS No. product
1. IS 1554 (Part 1): 1988 Specification for PVC Insulated electric cables Part 1 for Working Voltages up to & including 1100V
2. IS 7098 (Part 1): 1988 Specification for Cross-linked polyethene Insulated PVC Sheathed Cables Part 1 for working voltages up to and including 1100V.
3. IS 7098 (Part 3): 1993 Cross-Linked Polyethylene Insulated Thermoplastics Sheathed Cables Part 3 for working voltage from 66 kV up to and including 220 kV
4. IS 9968 (Part 2): 2002 Specification for Elastomer Insulated Cables Part 2 For Working Voltages from 3.3 kV Up to and Including 33 kV
5. IS 9857: 1990 Welding Cables- Specification
6. IS 2593: 1984 Specification for Flexible Cables for Miner’s Cap- Lamps
7. IS 17048: 2018 Halogen Free Flame Retardant (HFFR) Cables for Working Voltages Up to and Including 1100 V– Specification
8. IS 1554(Part 2): 1988 Specification for PVC Insulated (Heavy Duty) Electric Cables Part 2 For Working Voltages from 3.3 kV up to and Including 11 kV
9. IS 7098 (Part 2) : 2011 Cross-linked polyethene insulated Thermoplastics sheathed cables – Specification Part 2 for working voltages from 3.3 kV up to and including 33 kV
10. IS 14255: 1995 Aerial Bunched Cables – For Working Voltages Up to and Including 1100 Volts – Specification
11. IS 8784: 1987 Specification for Thermocouple Compensating Cables
12. IS 14494: 2019 Elastomer Insulated Flexible Cables for Use in Mines – Specification
13. IS 5950: 1984 Specification for Shot Firing Cables (for use other than in shafts)

Documents required to obtain BIS ISI for Wires & Cables

Following are the vital documents required to obtain BIS ISI for Wires & Cables in India:

  • Name & Address proof of office;
  • Name & Address proof of factory;
  • Authorised representative letter, if application signed by another person then CEO of the firm;
  • Valid MSME certificate, if applicable;
  • Flow chart of the manufacturing process;
  • Whether any manufacturing operation is outsourced;
  • List of manufacturing machinery;
  • Agreement of outsourcing of manufacturing operation, if applicable;
  • Any testing agreement outside the factory;
  • List of testing equipment’s;
  • In-house test report;
  • Valid Calibration certificates of testing equipment’s;
  • Third-party lab test report as per Indian Standard, if applicable;
  • Information on raw material;
  • Drawing of the product;
  • Trade Mark Registration, if available
  • Address proof of the manufacturing unit (Factory License or copy of tax registration mentioning the scope as manufacturer);
  • Copy of test report;
  • Information on manufacturing process;
  • Nature of packing;
  • Layout plan of the factory;
  • Information on machines;
  • Information on test equipment’s;
  • Map location of the factory;
  • Method of disposal of the substandard product;

Procedure to Obtain BIS ISI for Wires & Cables

Following is the process to obtain BIS ISI for Wires & Cables in India:

  • Fill out an application: The application form must be filled out and submit all the essential documents and pay reasonable fees for the process and testing of product samples.
  • Factory Inspection will be conducted: After filling out the application form, the BIS Officer and Inspection team will visit the factory premise to inspect the manufacturing process and production facilities. And take the same products as a sample for the testing.
  • Test of product samples: The test of the product samples is conducted in BIS authorised Laboratory and check the quality & safety of the product as per Indian Standard.
  • Verification & Review test report: after the test procedure, the BIS Official and inspection team will review the test report and verify all the documents.
  • BIS ISI Certification granted: If all the process will complete successfully, then BIS is granted the BIS ISI for Wires & Cables.


Lastly, if a manufacturer of wires & cables falls under the BIS Conformity Assessment Scheme, they must obtain BIS ISI for wires & cables. According to Regulation 11 of the 2018 BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, the Bureau may cancel the licence if the requirements of the licence are broken.

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BIS Certification

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