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Let’s Start a Nutrition Food Business with FSSAI Norms

calendar08 Mar, 2021
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Nutrition Food Business in India

Nutrition is a basic necessity for the growth and development of human body, mind, health and well being. Nutritional status determines the state of health and that depends upon the food intake. Nutritious food is important to have a healthy diet and it also contributes to prevent future illness thus improving quality and life. With the emergence of unnecessary new diseases nowadays, people are becoming more health conscious and prefer only nutritious food. Also, the outbreak of covid -19 pandemic has become one of the greatest reasons people are getting more inclined towards leading a healthy life and finding more foods which can increase and build up immune system of the body. Demand of Nutrition Food is in rise and hence it is a good time to start up with a Nutrition Food Business.

What is the Need to Start a Nutrition Food Business?

Nutrition food business is the need of the time currently. This is a high time that people change their dieting habits and focus on nutritious foods. Some of the reasons why this business is needed, are as given below:-

  • Nowadays, people are suffering from various newfound diseases and serious health conditions. One of the examples is the level of Vitamin D in blood among women. According to the SRL Diagnostics study 75% to 80% of women mostly in South India have inadequate vitamin D level.
  •  According to a UNICEF Report, malnutrition is causing half of deaths in children under the age of 5 years. This has led to greater risk among children who are dying from common severe infections and delayed recovery.
  • Nutritious food can reduce the risk of few serious diseases that includes high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, few cancers, diabetes and osteoporosis.
  • Lowers the high cholesterol and improves well-being, ability to fight off or recover from illness or injury
  • Nutrients can be defined and classified as those chemical components of food which are having proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, minerals and water.
  • Nutrients carry out a variety of functions in our bodies which shall include creation of energy and maintaining the crucial processes of the body such as breathing, digestion, growth and development.

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How to Initiate with the Nutrition Food Business?

It is significant to draw the plan before initiating with the Nutrient Food Business so as to have a successful result for the same:-

Nutrition Food Business

Find the Exact Food

It is important to decide on the nutritious food that needs a makeover which is in demand and also not widely available so that the business gets that success in the market.

Make the Food Delicious

Nutritious food that too deliciously prepared both at the same time can grab all the consumers’ attention.

Adding a Personal Story

Adding own experience and personal story can make the consumer have more trust on the food. So, talking about the positive results and nutritional value of the food and the effects of consuming that particular nutrition and its benefits can attract more consumers.

Utilisation of Resources

The Nutrition food business can pay affordable rents and join communities supporting the nutritious food plan. Even State Governments[1] is also offering incentives for promoting healthy food.

Provide Great Service

Great service is something which every consumer would expect and thus as more people would come to have healthy and nutritious food it will be really important to provide speedy service and quick delivery.

Creating Trust

It is very difficult to convince people with the nutritional value a food can give them and regarding how a particular food has what amount of nutrition that can be beneficial for health. Therefore, hiring personal staff so that they can reach people personally and convince customers about the quality and nutrition content of the food is the best way to earn trust.

For example: Yakult hired women and named them Yakult Ladies to communicate with consumers and make them believe that their beverage contains bacteria that is good for human health.

What are the Licenses Required for Starting Up With the Nutrient Food Business?

Food Safety and Standards Act 2006 is the main law governing food articles. FSSAI is the authority to keep a check on the quality of food is and it continuosly monitors and comes up with guidelines to check that the food is proper and safe for human consumption.

(FSSAI) is the  authorized to issue license to every food business operator that are dealing with any food kind business and are registering their enterprises under FSSAI. The fundamental legislative purpose for making fast food license mandatory is to keep a check on the quality of the production of eatable products.

Therefore, it is obligatory to obtain license under FSSAI and to comply with their guidelines before starting up with the Nutrition Food Business. Few of the licenses that are mandatorily required before starting the Nutrition Food Business are given below:

  • Food License:-Every food business owner needs to obtain a Food license from FSSAI. The food business authority has to send an application to the Licensing Authority together with the requisite fees. However, for online registration the portal launched by FSSAI i.e. the Food Licensing and Registration System (FLRS), can be used.
  •  Trade License/ Eating House License
  • Shops and Establishment Registration
  • Fire Department NOC
  • Pollution clearance
  • Tax registration
  • Infrastructure license


Categorization of the nutrient content in the food is explicitly required if the ingredients and quantum of value of the nutrition and supplements are given for commercial reasons. Because of the need of statute to decide such aspects the food business operators are at liberty to choose what they want. Therefore, it is necessary for the Nutrition Food Business dealers to obtain the FSSAI license and adhere with their guidelines before starting up with their business.

We at Corpbiz is having trained experts to guide you with the process of filing of application in India for obtaining license. Our experts will assist and help you through the whole process and will ensure timely and successful completion of your work for starting up with the Nutrition Food Business.

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