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FSSAI Application Rejected: Here’s the Solution

calendar26 Jul, 2021
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FSSAI Application Rejected

If you are confronting issue like FSSAI Application Rejected, then this blog can help you out. Apart from imparting solutions, this write-up will also disclose some important facts regarding this complex problem.

On Dec 15, 2020, FSSAI, the apex food regulator of India, decided to incorporate provisions for filing an online request by FBOs for reactivating the FSSAI license and registration under the online portal, namely FoSCoS. The FSSAI, in this context, rolled out an order stating that the said portal has been outfitted with functionality that support the online filing of request regarding the reinstatement of application. As per the said order, the request related to the rejected application will be routed to the given officials as shown below:

FSSAI Application Rejected

The order also stated that the six month window period would be given the business to file an online request for the revival of a rejected application.

Types of licenses granted by FSSAI

Businesses engaged with the food-related activities can visit FSSAI with an intend to obtain registration or license. FSSAI registration is a 14 digit number that is usually affixed to food items available for human consumption.  It mandates the food business operators to stay in line with compulsory norms to ensure food safety.

Whether an FBO needs registration or license is determined by the size of its operation. Presently, FSSAI renders food license under three fundamental heads as given below:

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Basic FSSAI registration:

Basic FSSAI registration primarily covers small shop owners and petty food operators. Currently, it is available to those who are generating less than Rs 12 lakh of annual turnover. Food business operators who fall under this category are liable to obtain this registration.

State FSSAI License:

Generally, the FSSAI State license to apply to entities whose annual revenue falls within the range of Rs 12 lakh to Rs 20 crores. In a legal parlance, such entities are referred to as medium-sized FBOs. State FSSAI license is available for a flexible validity period that ranges from 1-5 years.

Central FSSAI license:

As the names suggest, this license is mandatory for large establishments that have a Multi-state footprint or have a yearly turnover of more than Rs 20 crores. The validity period renders by the Central FSSAI license is similar to that of the State FSSAI license.

Key takeaway: Annual turnover is not the only criteria for rendering the FSSAI license. FSSAI also take the parameters like the scope of operation and production capacity into account for bestowing food license to the eligible entities.

SOPs Released by FSSAI to address the issue like FSSAI application rejected

It must be noted that a mere filing of application for food license doesn’t ensure its issuance. There are plenty of grounds that support the cancellation of the FSSAI application. On Jul 7, 2020, FSSAI unveiled the SOP, i.e. Standard operating procedure that helps revive the rejected applications. 

However, the said SOPs are only applicable to the following four cases:

  • If the application is mistakenly revoked by the Food business operator while processing.
  • If a technical glitch is a reason behind the revocation of the food application.
  • If the application is rejected by the system owing to incomplete information or documents.

Revival of Rejected Application for Basic or State FSSAI License

  • Applicant confronting issues like FSSAI application rejected need to file a reactivation request before State Food Safety Commissioner within six months from the rejection date.
  • After filing, a Designated Officer of the state, will examine the case on merit.
  • His/her findings will then send to the RC Division via email within 30 days from the receipt of a request from food operators.
  • Recommendation outlined by the designated officer will be forwarded to the IT division for the application’s reactivation.
  • IT division will treat the request accordingly and then reactivate the relevant application. Further, they will share the information regarding the reactivation with DO / CFS under intimation to RCD.

Revival of Rejected Application for Central FSSAI License

  • All such applicant must lodge their request before Regional Office (RO). Such a facility will be available to them for six months, starting from the rejection date.
  • The request will then be routed to the director of the Regional office for verification purposes.
  • After examining the request, the director of the Regional Office will send the recommendation to the RCD (Regional Compliance Division)  at enforcement1@fssai.gov.in within thirty days from the date of receipt of the request.
  • Regional Compliance Division will examine the matter based on the RO’s recommendation.
  • The executive director of the Regional Compliance Division will finally decide whether to approve the request or not. 
  • Post successful validation, the executive director, will stamp his/her approval and directs the IT Division to address the remaining formalities.
  • The IT Division will react to this direction by reactivating the application.
  • In the case of critical cases, a food operator can directly visit to the FSSAI’s headquarters where the CEO will examine the matter.


FSSAI application rejected is one of the fundamental issues that have been wondering businesses[1] for years. But, thanks to the new functionality on the FosCos, which enables applicants to address such issues with ease.  Gone are the days when one has to encounter a vague and complex procedure to reactive their rejected application. The new functionality allows the applicant to make a prompt request without messing up with tedious and irrelevant requirements. Under the influence of this functionality, the applicant can expect an expeditious response from the authority.

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