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Renew FSSAI License – When and How to Do it!

calendar21 Nov, 2020
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Renew FSSAI License - When and How to Do it

Acquiring Food License from FSSAI (Food Safety & Standards Authority of India) is mandatory for every food business operator in India. To renew FSSAI License within due time is mandatory to make sure that a FBO can legally continue with the business and comply with the regulations of FSSAI. If a food license renewal is not done before the expiry date mentioned in the license, a food business operator cannot legally continue his business.

Benefits to Renew FSSAI License

  • The concept was to bring improvement to your safety standards and assist you in reaching the benchmark of international organizations
  • It will give the customers confidence as seeing that brand or business is FSSAI registered and also make them comfortable to trust business and its goodwill.
  • As a buyer one would believe that the food we are consuming is licensed as well as safe to consume quality food.
  • Moreover, a license can also make it more relaxed for business expansion; this will be for feasible for getting the FSSAI State License or Central FSSAI licence.

When can we Renew FSSAI License?

When the license is granted in accordnace with FSSAI Regulations it remains valid for a period of 1 year to 5 years from a date of issuance of license. It is determined by the FBO from a date of issue of registration or license directed to enclosure of the fee applicable for the time & agreement with all provisions of a license.

Accordingly a term period varies. Since a Food License for FBOs is limited, every FBO has to renew FSSAI license before an expiry period of registration to continue receiving benefits of food license.

Regulations and Penalty

An application for renewal of license is granted according to regulations only if it is submitted at least minimum 30 days prior to an expiry date mentioned in a license. Any renewal application filed exceeding the period specified after an expiry date will be followed by a late penalty of ₹ 100 per day for each day of delay.

If the food business operator fails to apply for a renewal before the expiration time of the license, then he has to apply for the fresh FSSAI registration to continue with a business. A FSSAI license will stay valid till the orders are passed on renewal but not in a case when an application is made after a period of 30 days from an expiry date of the certificate.

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How can I renew FSSAI License?

How can I renew FSSAI License
  • The first step of FSSAI License renewal is filing of Form A (in case of Basic FSSAI Registration) or filing of Form B (in case of Central or State FSSAI License) along with the signatures of an authorized signatory. The forms are has the information of business activity of the (FBO) food business operator that is filled with self attested declaration of compliance with the Food Act Guidelines. The documents such as identity proof like Voter Card[1], Aadhaar Card, or Driving License is required to be attached.
  • The renewal application must be accompanied with an audit report or Food Safety Management System or Food Safety Management Certificate.
  • Form IX must be filed as well in the format. This is the form for nomination of persons by the company.
  • The authorities examine an application after receiving it with all the essential documents. The authorities will arrange an inspection of the business premises in order to make sure that the provided details are reliable and disclosed.
  • Once authorities done a successful and satisfactory inspection, then they issue a food license in favor of the FBO (Food Business Operator).
  • It does not take more than a period of 60 days for a license to reach to FBO (food business operator). If a FBO does not receive the license even after a period of 60 days, then also he can resume his business and does not require any further notice.


Food License renewal is a compulsory process that is required to be done by every FBO who wants to continue with the respective food business. It is the responsibility of a (FBO) food business operator to inform FSSAI authorities of any change or modification he/she plans to make in the food business. Every FBO needs to obtain a food license; it is also to renew them from time to time. In case of any query, contact us at Corpbiz.

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