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FSSAI Product Approval Checklist for a Food Business

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FSSAI Product Approval Checklist

Food Safety & Standard Authority of India, also known as FSSAI, approves food products or items through the FSSAI Product Approval method. It is necessary to get FSSAI Product Approval for food items or products whose shall contains additives or ingredients as per prescribed standards. The FBO can apply for online FSSAI Product Approval by an online system known as Food Product Approval System (FPAS)[1], through this system FSSAI has streamlined the application process and made it easier for Food Business Operators (FBOs). This blog focuses on the FSSAI Product Approval Checklist for Food Business.

Who are Food Business Operators in India?

According to the Food Safety Standards Act, the food business operator is an undertaking where private/public; follows the activities related to any stage of manufacturing, packaging, processing, storage, distribution of food, or imports. FBOs have many roles and responsibilities toward achieving food safety and quality in their business.

FSSAI Online System

The process of FSSAI Product Approval uses a manual wherein the FSSAI product approval application and a DD (Demand Draft) for the prescribed fee need to be submitted to the FSSAI office in New Delhi. However, to cope-up with the increase in FSSAI Product Approval applications and maintain transparency in the system. Recently, FSSAI developed the FPAS (Food Product Approval System). FSSAI Product Approval application can be submitted and tracked online by the FSSAI FPAS Online system.

When do you require FSSAI Product Approval in India?

Following are the places where you require FSSAI Product Approval:

  1. The ingredients have not been used in any country before.
  2. Introduction of products or components, which is new to the industry.
  3. A proprietary food product which requires approval.
  4. If the food product or ingredient is introduced in the country.
  5. The present license holder whose food product safety assessment has not performed well.

List of the Food Product that requires FSSAI Product Approval – FSSAI Product Approval Checklist

The food products or ingredients that need FSSAI Product Approval:

  • Health supplements.
  • Foods for particular dietary uses;
  • Foods for specific medical purposes.
  • Functional food product.
  • Speciality foods containing probiotics, prebiotics or botanicals.
  • New food items, fresh ingredients, or foods processed with the latest technology.
  • Nutraceuticals.
  • Food products or ingredients that are newly introduced in India.
  • Proprietary food product or ingredient.
  • Newly processing aids, including enzymes.
  • Newly additives.
  • Articles of food items and ingredients consisting of or isolated from bacteria, fungi, bacteria, microorganisms, yeast and algae.

The following FBOs are also required to get food product approval:

  • FBOs whose ingredients and food items safety assessment has not been carried out.
  • Existing licence holder for conversion to FSSAI licence and whose product safety assessment has not been carried out.

FSSAI Product Approval Checklist – Some Important Information

Following is some vital information required for getting an FSSAI Product Approval:

  • Name of Business;
  • Address of Business;
  • Name of Brand;
  • Method of the food product manufacturing;
  • Mention the Claim, if any;
  • Size of Pack;
  • Details of Serving;
  • Details of Ingredients;
  • Products’ Shelf Life;
  • Email id and Phone Number;
  • Address of manufacturers;
  • Type of Business
  • Origin of the product
  • Country origin
  • Existence in the market;
  • Common Name of the product or ingredient.

Documents required for the FSSAI Product Approval – FSSAI Product Approval Checklist

The following are some vital documents required for the FSSAI Product Approval:

  1. Label the food products;
  2. Form 9 and Undertaking;
  3. Method of Manufacturing;
  4. Analysis Certificate by NABL Lab;
  5. Datasheet of real-time stability;
  6. Datasheet of Accelerated stability;
  7. End-Use Declaration Document.

Advantages of Getting FSSAI Product Approval

Following are the benefits of FSSAI Product Approval:

  • Your standardised examination procedures confirm the minimal time loss and regulation risk;
  • Regarding quality and safety, tests are exact and benchmarked to international standards.
  •  The international customers will be confident regarding the protection and quality of your food products;
  • Your brand shell be highly public confidence as a food products seller that is entirely safe for consumption;
  • You will be profited from a vast network because of aggressive industry engagement across stakeholders.


The process of FSSAI Product Approval is introduced online by FSSAI, intending to maintain transparency in their approach. May note that Central Government provides FSSAI product approval Checklist.

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