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Food license in Bangalore: Legalities, Paperwork and Process

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Food license in Bangalore Legalities, Paperwork and Process

A food license in Bangalore is mandatory for food businesses running in Bangalore. FSSAI is a prime regulator of food businesses operating across the country. The said authority formulates and implements provisions as per the Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006. The Act seeks to govern every aspect of the food supply chain, such as manufacturing, packaging, transportation, stocking, marketing, and trading. In this write-up, we shall be focusing on legal requirements around the food license in Bangalore in detail.

An Overview of the Food license in Bangalore

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India confers an FSSAI license to every FBO. FSSAI License refers to a 14 digit unique identification number. Every FBO is liable to imprint this number on their product packaging and places recommended by the Act. Holding an FSSAI license means that every licensee shall follow the underlying norms and facilitate hygienic food articles to the masses.

What are the Elementary Objectives of FSSAI?

  • To protect the public interest
  • To ensure the availability of food that is clean and hygienic
  • To promote safe practices around food production and handling via various initiatives
  • To ensure legal fencing around the food sector

Food license in Bangalore: Eligibility Criteria under FSS Act, 2006

Obtaining FSSAI License/ Registration in West Bengal is obligatory for food-related businesses. It is nothing but a 14 digit number that serves as a unique identification number for the licensee.

The following entities are obligated to secure FSSAI Registration or License mandatorily.

  • Confectionery, Bakery shops, petty retailers, Retail outlets etc
  • Food establishments, Temporary stalls, Hawkers
  • Milk vendors, milk chilling facilities, Petty milkmen,
  • Vegetable oil processing establishments
  • Slaughterhouse
  • Food manufacturers, processors, packagers
  • Novel and Proprietary food articles
  • Meat and Fish processing facilities
  • Cold storage
  • Facility dealing with transportation of food articles via specialized vehicles outfitted with the chilling unit.
  • Food wagon and milk tanker
  • Marketer and distributor of food articles
  • Supplier, wholesaler of food items
  • Hotels, Restaurants, and Bars
  • Banquet hall and marriage home
  • Home-based food services
  • Cloud kitchens
  • Establishment undertaking cross-border trading of food items

Types of Food Licenses in India

FSSAI has categorized the food license under three elementary heads as shown below;

Basic FSSAI registration

It primarily covers petty food businesses whose annual license is less than Rs 12 lakhs rupees

FSSAI State license

 It generally covers FBOs whose annual earning falls within the threshold of 12 lakhs-20 crores

FSSAI Central License

It applies to food businesses whose yearly turnover falls beyond the maximum ceiling limit, i.e. Rs 20 crores

Paperwork for Basic FSSAI registration

  • Applicant’s photos (in standard format and size)
  • Identity Proof such as PAN, Passport, Voter ID Card[1] , Department Issued ID.
  • Health NOC , if available
  • NOC by Municipality or Panchayat, if available

Paperwork for FSSAI State and Central license

  • Applicant’s Passport Photo
  • Address Proof
  • List Of Food Category
  • Photo Id Proof
  • Layout Plan
  • List of equipment
  • NOC granted by Municipality
  • Incorporation Certificate issued by MCA
  • List Of Directors /Partners
  • MOA And AOA
  • Water Test Report issued by FSSAI-recommended authority
  • Import Export Code issued by DGFT

Food license in Bangalore: Online Application Filing Process

  1. Head over the FOSCO- an online portal of FSSAI
  2. Create your account on this portal
  3. Login to the portal to get access to the home page
  4. Select a new application from the service section
  5. Enter your Business name and state
  6. Select the type of license required based on the annual turnover criteria
  7. This will lead you to another page where you need to fill in the following detail;
  8. Type of business
  9. Business certificate detail
  10. Number of employees working in the facility
  11. List of equipment available in the facility
  12. Detail pertaining to water and power source
  13. Type of products manufactured
  14. Current bank account detail
  15. Upload the document as mentioned above in the standard file format
  16. Submit the form and make your way to the payment gateway for fee submission


After securing a Food license in Bangalore, the licensee must abide by the compliances mentioned under FSS Act, 2006. The negligence in this regard can invite severe penalties for the defaulting company. Henceforth, it is beneficial for every FBO to stay in line with governing norms. This would help FBOs to run their businesses with peace of mind.

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