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How to Apply for FSSAI Certificate in Bihar?

calendar18 Apr, 2022
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How to Apply for FSSAI Certificate in Bihar?

If anyone wants to start a food business, it is compulsory to obtain an FSSAI Certificate in Bihar. The FSSAI Act, 2006 issued the FSSAI Registration and the FSSAI Rules are implemented by the FSSAI and the state food authorities. The Food Safety & Standard Authorities lay down the rules & regulations to control the running of any food business. In this blog, you will know the vital legalities for obtaining the FSSAI Certificate in Bihar.

What is FSSAI?

FSSAI stands for the Food Safety & the Standard Authority of India and is an independent body that is set up under the Ministry of Health & Welfare, Government of India. It is vital to have FSSAI Certificate for safeguarding and promoting public health via regulation.

Who can apply for FSSAI Certificate in Bihar?

Following businesses need to apply for FSSAI Certificate in Bihar:

  1. Cold store facility;
  2. Restaurants, hotels, and bars;
  3. Retail shops, bakery shops, petty retailers, snack shops, etc.;
  4. Meat & fish processing units;
  5. Transporter of food products or items having various specialised vehicles like the insulated refrigerated van, food wagon, milk tanker, and food trucks;
  6. Exporters & importers of food;
  7. Temporary stalls or any food premises that are involved in the distribution, preparation, sale, and storage of food products;
  8. Dairy units such as milk vendors, milk chilling units, etc.;
  9. Slaughterhouse;
  10. Novel & proprietary food;
  11. All food manufacturing & processing units comprise the food repacking;
  12. Any supplier, marketer, wholesaler, and distributor of food products;
  13. Dhaba, Banquet halls and food stalls;
  14. And so on.

Conditions that should be followed by FBO before getting FSSAI Certificate

A Food Certificate is granted in compliance with the given checklist, which all Food Business Operators are bound to comply with or without any second thought. Every FBO looking for FSSAI Certificate in Bihar must follow all the following conditions:

  • All Food Business Operators must coordinate with licensing authorities to the fullest when it comes to on-site inspection of the business place;
  • The concerned authorities should be aware of any changes or alterations made to the operational protocol;
  • An individual other than the confirmed technical background is not eligible to manage the production process. An individual selected to administer the production process should have a degree or diploma in one of the fields like; Science with  Biochemistry or Chemistry or Food and Nutrition or Dairy Chemistry or Hotel Management and Catering or Dairy Technology or Oil Technology or Microbiology or Dairy Microbiology or Dairy Engineering or Veterinary Science, etc.;
  • Appointment of at least one person with technical expertise for handling the production process is compulsory;
  • Production of non-registered food products is prohibited as per the norms of FSSAI;
  • Food Business Operators must obtain the raw material from FSSAI or FDA approved suppliers;
  • Periodic testing of food products for possible chemical or microbiological contaminations is a mandate for every food operator;
  • Proper hygiene standards must exist within the premises used for procurement, manufacturing, and sale of food products;
  • All Food Business Operators are bound to follow specified temperature limits for the overall supply chain of the food products;
  • Food Business Operators involved in the selling of cooked & prepared food products must inform their consumers regarding the nature of food products sold;
  • Food products with inappropriate labelling must remain isolated from the general customers or public;
  • Wholesalers & manufacturers of commodities such as butter, ghee, edible flour, solvent extracted oil, and other fats should have a record of the quality of manufactured articles, commodities sold or received, the nature of soil seed utilised and the quantity of the edible floor and de-oiled meal used, etc.

Vital Documents Required for Availing FSSAI Certificate in Bihar

The documents for obtaining a Food Certificate differ as per the type of FSSAI License that an applicant wishes for:

  • AOA and MOA for entities operating as a Public, OPC, or Private;
  • No Objection Certificate and a copy of license granted by the manufacturer;
  • Details of the source of raw material;
  • The certificate attained from the Ministry of Tourism (for hotels);
  • Supporting documents showing the number of vehicles (for transporters) or turnover;
  • Details of the raw material source;
  • Food Safety Management[1] Plan or Certificate;
  • A detailed schematic of the processing unit;
  • Machinery list available at the manufacturing or processing units, along with the installed capacity & number;
  • Affidavit of Proprietorship (applicable for entities registered as proprietorship firms);
  • In case of Partnership firm submit a Partnership Deed;
  • Copy of Certificate;
  • NOC and a copy of the license granted by the manufacturer (meant for re-packers and re-labellers);
  • Evidentiary proof showing the premises’ ownership;
  • List of all food categories manufactured or processed at the premise;
  • List of ingredients added in food products;
  • Report of water test issued by the certified authority;
  • Residential and address proof of the proprietor or partner or authorised signatory director;
  • List of active proprietors, members, partners, directors of the society or trust along with contact info for processing & manufacturing units;
  • Power usage of the processing or manufacturing units in terms of Horse Power (HP);
  • Bacteriological and Chemical analysis report issued by a recognised or public health laboratory.

Online Process for Filing an Application to Obtain FSSAI Certificate in Bihar

  1. First, visit the official website of FSSAI (FoSCoS) on your system;
  2. Then create the account through the captcha verification procedure;
  3. Login to the portal and open the new application from the menu on the left section;
  4. Then you have to select State>Type of Business>Turnover limit to open the e-form;
  5. Once the e-form is opened, give the requested details comprising the type of food products being produced or processed at the facility;
  6. Click Save and Next button to open the document section;
  7. Upload the requested documents in the permissible format as mentioned in the form;
  8. Once completed, then you have to go to the payment section by just clicking Save and Next button;
  9. And make the payment online.


Companies looking for FSSAI Certificate in Bihar need to follow all the conditions mentioned above. Correct documentation is vital when it comes to obtaining Government Registrations and Food Licenses in no different here. Before uploading documents, it is necessary to check the documents carefully on the FSSAI portal at the time of the registration process to avoid the chances of cancellation.

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