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Licenses Required for Starting a Food Tiffin Service in India: & Procedural Requirements

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Food Tiffin Service in India

Food Tiffin Service in India is one of the most successful running services in our country where people travel different states for studying and working. People staying away from home face serious problems and therefore there is many Food Tiffin service available in the country.

The Food Tiffin Service in India targets students, employees and canteens of larger working firms and have a potential of growth and expansion because it is very profitable. Thus, it is important to regulate the food tiffin services because it is like a saviour in the lives of many people.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a statutory body under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare[1], Government of India. Their responsibility is to ensure food safety and hygiene conditions. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) are authorized to issue license to every food business operators having food business either directly or indirectly.

Why is it Necessary to Obtain License for Food Tiffin Service?

According to FSSAI License Act (Food Safety and Security Standards Act) every Food Business Operator (FBO) dealing in food business will have to obtain the FSSAI license. The food business concerned with manufacturing, storage, delivering, catering, sale of the food ingredients, marketing, distributing of food products or involved in any kind of dealing with food needs to obtain these licenses after registering its business under State and Central Food Legislation under FSSAI.

It is imperative for the tiffin dealers to obtain license from the FSSAI for their Food Tiffin service and conform to the guidelines of FSSAI. It is an essential procedure for the food tiffin dealers to obtain the license so as to protect their food tiffin service and avoid cancellation of their business.

What are the Licenses required for Food Tiffin Service?

It is important for the Food Tiffin Service in India providers to start their business operations by obtaining the required licenses and certifications beforehand for a valid legal business deal.

The food tiffin service providers have to adhere with the local Health Department regulations for obtaining exact certifications, licenses, and insurance information about the area where he is about to run the business. It is the duty of the Health Department to do the inspection of the area and check the quality of food, environment and place where the business is running.

According to the requirement of different states there are few licenses which are mandatory for the food tiffin service provider to obtain and they are given below:-

Licenses required for Food Tiffin Service

It is imperative of the food tiffin service provider to refer to the local municipality to know the details about all the state-specific licenses required to establish Food Tiffin Service in India.

Important Documents required for Obtaining License in Food Tiffin Service

  • Duly signed FSSAI registration Form with a complete layout of the food processing unit.
  • The list of directors or owners with whole address and other contact details.
  • The certificates as issued by the Government, certificate of incorporation (in case of Company), exhaustive list of the machinery or the equipment to be used in food processing and production.
  • List of food items or menu to be prepared.
  • The list of surveyors allotted for checking the food samples and in getting lab report of input material used in food products.
  • The evidence of possession of the place (for example- a rent agreement), electricity bill & comprehensive information about the techniques of the food safety management that is undertaken.
  • No Objection Certificate from local Municipal bodies or other government bodies, etc.

FSSAI Rules on Food Tiffin Service Providers

  • Every food tiffin service provider should register themselves by giving the prescribed fee and submit an application of FSSAI registration form A.
  • The food tiffin service providers should mention their basic hygiene and safety facilities as they have followed in their premises together with a declaration that is self-attested as according to the prescribed format.
  • It is the discretion of the Registering Authority to either accept or reject the application and shall deliver his decision with recorded reason in writing.
  • Registering Authority is authorised to send a notice of inspection and conduct the inspection at least once in a year in the particular premise of the food tiffin service provider.
  • If it is accepted then the registering authority shall give the registration certificate to be published in the premises or the work floor where the actual business is done.

Procedural Steps to Establish a Food Tiffin Service

The Procedural Steps to Establish a Food Tiffin Service are given below:-

Decide on the Category of Service

Deciding the particular area of food tiffin service makes it easy for the tiffin provider to focus on it and excel. It can be anything like food tiffin service for students or to working employees, particular firm, company dinners, or catering for weddings.

Registering Your Business and Get Business Insurance

After deciding the service field it is important for the tiffin service provider to get the required licenses for the same. Insurance for the business is one of the necessary conditions to proceed with the food business, the food tiffin service provider must insure their equipments, and employees against any unforeseen situation.

Decide a Menu and Finalise Price

It is important to decide a menu so that people will have the option to choose amongst the variety of dishes. It is also advised to try not to repeat menu at least for a week and keep healthy and nutritious food in the menu.

The food tiffin service provider must finalise the price of the tiffin per person. They should consider the market price and keep marginal profit for themselves and then decide the price keeping in mind to have maximum reach of customers.

Ensure Safety and Hygiene

It is the most essential and basic requirement before running food tiffin service that the dealers must ensure safety and hygiene conditions of the food and the place where the food is being cooked.

Acquire the Above Given Licenses

Before starting up with the business, the dealers must ensure to have all the licenses so as to have a legal and valid food tiffin service setup.


It is a fact that customers value healthy, freshly prepared, hygienic and tasty meals. Also staying away from home, food tiffin service is something which people look forward as “Ghar ka khana” because of so much reliance on it. Thus, it is important that the food tiffin service should obtain the FSSAI license and abide their business with the regulations of FSAAI.

We at Corpbiz have trained experts to guide you with the process of filing of application for obtaining the license for the food tiffin service in India. Our experts will help and assist you through the whole process of filing an application for the license and will ensure timely and successful completion of your work.

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