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Food Businesses must add FSSAI number on bills from Oct 1, 2021: FSSAI

calendar23 Jul, 2021
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Food Businesses must add FSSAI number on bills from Oct 1, 2021

All eating houses and restaurants must mandatorily include the FSSAI license number on cash receipts from Oct 1, 2021. FSSAI took this decision in view of inconveniences encountered by the customer while lodging complaints against the offending FBOs. It is needless to mention that the FBOs which intend to breach such a requirement may face severe legal repercussions. Further, this decision will likely help both FBOs and customers address the dispute regarding services with more clarity and promptness. In this article, we will look into the reasons why FSSAI is mandating food businesses such as restaurants or other eating houses to add FSSAI numbers on bills generated against the services availed by the customers[1]. In this blog, we will Food Businesses must add FSSAI number on bills from Oct 1, 2021.

An Overview on FSSAI License Number

An FSSAI license number refers to a 14 digit number that is conferred to a legalized Food Business Operator (FBOs). It constitutes five sections, each one of them rendering different info about the FBOs. Businesses working in the food sector are mandated to affix this number on the food packages along with the FSSAI logo.

  • Section 1- The first digit implies the legal status- whether the FBO is registered or not.
  • Section 2- The 2nd and 3rd digit denotes the state code, which implies the state where is FBO is registered.
  • Section 3- the 4th and 5th digit indicates the year in which the FBO is registered.
  • Section 4- The 6th, 7th, and 8th digit denotes the quantity of enrolling master.
  • Section 5- 9th to 14th shows the Makers license number.

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A view on the FSSAI notification mandating the addition of FSSAI number on bills

On June 8, 2021, FSSAI rolled out the notification that directed all FBOs to enclose FSSAI registration numbers effective from Oct 1 on cash receipts, bills, cash memos, and invoices. The notification further mandates the declaration of FSSAI license number in a case where the entity issues two transaction documents such as challan and invoice. However, the system-generated government documents and GST e-way bills are kept outside the ambit of this notification.

Potential Implications of this Notification

  • India has a vast food business landscape, and the 14-digit FSSAI registration number of an FBO is not easily accessible to the end-user or the service recipient. If FSSAI license no. is not accessible to the end-user, then in case of any dispute, he/she is unable to lodge a complaint about the same with ease.
  • Factually, the authority also finds it cumbersome to pinpoint the exact origin of the complaint & address it swiftly. Moreover, no database can be set up in the absence of a unique locator code, which is the FSSAI registration number in the case of food safety. Hence, in view of these factors, FSSAI has made these necessary changes which could prove to be of great help for end-users. At present, the FSSAI registration number is mandatorily added on packaged food labels, but the issue lies in the case of the establishment like retail stores, restaurants, caters, sweet shops, etc.
  • Now it is compulsory for all FBOs to enclose the 14-digit FSSAI Licence number on the cash memo, bill, purchase invoice, cash receipts, etc. As mentioned earlier, FSSAI has not considered GST E-way bills and other system-generated government-based documents in this context.
  • Furthermore, FSSAI has ensured that constant endeavour would be made to shred off irrelevant compliances. This would FBOs to keep compliance costs as low as possible.
  • The policy envisages capitalizing on the prevailing commercial transaction practice and the statuary norms present in the taxation law. Therefore, it seeks to keep compliance costs under control and improved data disclosure & dissemination.

How would this decision work out for end-users?

FSSAI decision to incorporate FSSAI number on bills would help customers to;

decision work out for end-users
  • File a grievance online against the alleged FBOs using the FSSAI registration in case of a dispute.
  • Customers can also get in touch with a particular FBO, which is publically accessible at FSSAI portals.
  • The end-user can head to the FSSAI portal and use the 14 digit FSSAI number to access detail regarding any FBOs.
  • Adding the FSSAI number on receipts, cash memos, and bills will help in improving the overall awareness.


FSSAI envisages strengthening the grievance redressal mechanism by mandating eating houses to add FSSAI number on bills, cash memos, and other relevant receipts. FSSAI’s decision to add FSSAI number on bills comes with two-fold benefits. One, it will help end-users to promptly file the grievance against the offending FBO, and second, it would let the service providers undermine the hardship of identifying the source of the problem and expeditiously reconcile the matter.

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