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Fire NOC in Bihar: How to get it?

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Fire NOC in Bihar: How to get it?

As per the norms enclosed under Bihar Fire Services Act, it is a legal compulsion to secure a fire NOC in Bihar to obtain a building plan approval. Bihar Fire Services Department accords the Fire NOC in Bihar after vetting the premises for required safety measures. In this article, we take a close look at the procedure for obtaining a Fire NOC in Bihar, the documents required, and penal provisions.

Relevance of Bihar Fire Services Act

As per the Bihar Fire Services Act, any proposed commercial building which is likely to attain a height of 15 m or more must have fire NOC in place accorded by the concerned Chief Fire Officer[1]. The form must have required approval in place alongside a building plan before making its way to the governing authority, i.e. Municipal Corporation, under state law. The bottom line is that the fire NOC in Bihar is a mandatory legal permit for commercial establishments (15m or high) out there.

Types of Establishments falling under Fire NOC in Bihar

Following is the list of establishments that should mandatorily have a Fire License in place.

  • Education buildings.
  • Hotels
  • Residential apartment buildings
  • Hospitals and sanatoria
  • Telephone exchange
  • Custodial institutions
  • Assembly buildings
  • Multiplex buildings
  • Mercantile buildings
  • Industrial buildings Low hazard
  • Business buildings
  • Industrial buildings High risk
  • Industrial buildings have Moderate risk
  • Storage buildings High risk

Documents Required to apply for a Fire NOC in Bihar

One must arrange the following to apply for a Fire NOC in Bihar:

Three copies concerning building plans comprising the following:

  • Key Plan
  • Site Plan
  • Location Plan
  • Elevation Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Fire Plan
  • Certified Copy concerning the authorized plan based on which advisory was accorded before the construction of the premise.
  • Report from the manufacturer reflecting the equipment installed in the premises for fire fighting.
  • Certificate for the apt installation of the fire fighting and safety equipment at the premise by the installer

Online Process for Securing Fire NOC in Bihar

The steps below will let you apply for fire NOC via the online method. Make sure not to skip any step to avert any chances of repetition or error confrontation.

Head to the Official Portal

Step 1: Head to the official website of the Bihar Fire Services Department via the Single Window Clearance System.

Step 2: Tap on the Login tab located in the home window.

Step 3: The login window prompts the existing user. Use account credentials to log into the portal. Hit another link if you are new to the portal.

Step 4: Create your account on the portal by rendering basic details such as name, name, email id and contact number. Once done, hit the “Register” button.

Step 5: Be ready to receive the portal-generated OTP on your device. Use this OTP to get authorized.

Step 6: Once the home page appears, tap on the Login button.

Step 7: Enter the login credentials and CAPTCHA code. Once done, hit the Login tab.

Step 8: Post login, the homepage will prompt on the screen. Here you need to initiate the SIPB Approval stage 1

Step 9: Applicant must fill out the CAF (Common Application Form) with the details like stakeholder detail, profile, unit profile, employment detail etc.

Step 10: Fill out the mandatory information in a subsequent manner by clicking the menu button located on the left side and then clicking the Continue tab.

Step 11: Tap on the option “Unit Profile” and then choose the option “New” from the unit status. Fill in the information such as the unit’s name, main activity, nature of the operation, unit sector, total days of operation, ownership type, work hours, the name of the industrial estate, holding number, etc. and then tap on the Continue tab.

Step 12: Explore the Employment tab to enter details such as the number of skilled workers, supervisor, unskilled workers, etc. and then tap on the continue tab.

Step 13: Provide information concerning the product and raw material used in the production process in the form of their monetary value, wherever applicable. Once done, click on the Add tab.

Step 14: Click Continue and then fill in the investment details (in terms of monetary value), such as site development and plant and machine. Once done, hit the continue button. 

Step 15: Fill in the detail concerning finance and timeline and then tap on the continue button.

Step 16: After filing the required information, the applicant can upload the mandatory documents and click on the continue tab.

Step 17: After providing the required details and uploading the document, review and furnish the CAF after Aadhar vetting.

Step 18: After Aadhaar vetting, tap on the Make Payment option, which will lead to the final submission.

Step 20: On the Payment Page, fill in the requisite information and make your way to the payment gateway.

Step 21: After successful payment, make sure to download the acknowledgement receipt

What happens post-application submission?

  • The application and attached document shall undergo extensive vetting conducted by the state officer for any error or non-compliance.
  • Once validated, the application will forward to the concerned fire officer for the next phase of inspection. Any non-conformity in the application or document will be shared with the applicant for correction.
  • The fire office shall perform an on-site vetting to identify any non-conformity and, according, draft a report and share the same along with other findings with the nodal fire officer for final approval.
  • The Nodal officer shall stamp his approval and accord the Advisory for Fire Safety.

Is it mandatory to renew a Fire NOC in Bihar?

The fire NOC in Bihar stays validated for one year only from the date of issuance. Therefore, its timely renewal before the deadline is vital. The grant of renewed or fresh license is in the hand of licensing authority working under the aegis of the State Government.

What would be the penalty for non-compliance?

In case of contravention of the law, the defaulter will be subjected to the following penalties.

  • Jail for six months;
  • Monetary fines, which are more than Rs 50,000/-
  • Or both


Fire NOC in Bihar serves as a mandatory legal certificate for establishments having 15 m or more in height. As mentioned above, failing to abide by Fire NOC norms could incur hefty penalties for the defaulter, which may involve jail terms as well.

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