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The Complete Fire NOC Checklist for Delhi

calendar26 May, 2022
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Fire NOC Checklist

Fire hazards and Fire based accidents are very unpredictable, especially in established metropolitan cities such as Delhi. Fire hazards or fire-based accidents can not be anticipated prior to the occurrence, especially in a highly populated city such as Delhi. For maintenance of residential and commercial buildings, “Building By-Laws” were enacted via official notification by the Government of Delhi published on 23rd June 1983, which has been amended in accordance with time and requirements needed.

The law related to fire services falls under Schedule 12, Article 243W of the Constitution of India. The Clauses stated in the Article are directed to handle responsibilities for fire prevention measures for Municipalities.

The State Governments of India primarily handle the protection of civilians by prevention of fire hazards or fire-based accidents responsibility. The State Governments enact their needed Rules in accordance with their State requirements as State Regulations or Municipal By-Laws. Earlier, for Delhi, the Delhi Fire Prevention and Fire Safety Act, 1986[1] was enacted and regulated. Later, this act was replaced by Delhi Fire Services Act, 2007 and the Delhi Fire Service Rules, 2010.

NOC or the No Objection Certificate that will be issued by the Department of Delhi Fire Services upon the fulfilment of the Fire NOC Checklist set by the department. After the analysis and evaluation of the fire-affected region and the checking up of if the Checklist is maintained, the Fire Department NOC is granted.

Brief about the National Building Code

The National Building Code was enacted for ensuring that required measures are always maintained to protect against fire hazards and fire-based accidents. The National Building Code establishes regulations for compliance in accordance with the standards necessary for ensuring safety essentials for building occupants and other citizens against fire hazards and fire-based accidents.

The Fire NOC Checklist for Delhi

For issuing a Fire NOC by the Department of Delhi Fire Services, the following Checklist needs to be fulfilled –

  • Two Copies of the Detailed Building Layout
  • Completely and correctly filled out the Questionnaire
  • The Checklist that has been certified by the Building Architect
  • Copy of the Detailed Layout of the Site Plan
  • Copy of the Detailed Layout of the Service Plan
  • Copy of the Existing Building Agreement
  • Copy of the Bank Guarantee
  • Copy of the Undertaking
  • Copy of all the amount Revoked due to Challan

Issuance of Fire NOC

The Applicant of the NOC filed needs to submit the application to the Owner of the Building, according to the guidelines issued by the Department of Delhi Fire Services. The Construction Workers and the Owner of the building has to abide by all the rules strictly. In case of any delay in regulations being maintained, it should immediately be reported to the Chief Fire Officer or the Director of the Fire Department. The Official Personnel will then conduct a thorough investigation and other any other issues stated.

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