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Fire NOC Renewal: Procedure and Paperwork

calendar24 May, 2022
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Fire NOC Renewal

The fire department of the respective state grants the fire NOC after examining an applicant’s premises for fire safety compliance. Fire NOC applies to any premises or multi-storey establishment having an overall height of more than 15m. Before granting the NOC, the department concerned performs a thorough vetting process.

Such a process would ensure that the premise meets the underlying fire-safety provisions. Provisional NOC is issued to the applicant during the pre-construction stage. The final NOC is issued by the fire department after the construction is finalized. The Fire NOC holder needs to keep the tab on the expiry of the same and renews it periodically to avert penalties. Fire NOC renewal is asimportant as seeking a new certificate.

Who Needs a Fire NOC from Fire Department?

  • Residential Apartments
  • Commercial Establishments
  • Mercantile Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Cinema Halls
  • Special Economic Zones (SEZ))
  • University and Collages
  • Schools

Procedure to Apply for Fire NOC renewal

Following the step-by-step process to file an application for Fire NOC renewal with the respective Fire Department[1]

Step 1: File Online Application 

First, the applicant needs to file an e-form relating to Fire NOC renewal. This e-form is available on the Fire department portal, which can be accessed after completing the login formalities. Make sure the fill out the form to the best of your knowledge. Any errors could lead to the cancellation of the renewal application. 

Step 2: Submission of required documents

The next step is document submission. Here, the applicant needs to upload the documents as requested in the supported file format, Examination by authority

Step 3: Vetting by Inspection Department

After application and document submission, the fire department conducts the vetting process. The authority may reject the application upon finding any error in the submitted documentation. 

Step 4: Approval of application

The status of the submitted application shall be reflected on the portal’s dashboard. Any query raised by the inspecting department will be duly shared. The applicant is liable to respond to such query in the prescribed time frame. Upon successful vetting of the applicant’s response, the authority shall issue the renewed fire certificate.

Documents to be uploaded by the applicant for renewing Fire NOC

  • Application form duly filled in all regards
  • Self-declaration printed on plain paper
  • Photo ID proof such as Passport, Election Card, Aadhar Card,
  • Copy of register (Annexure – F) of fire extinguisher installed at the facility
  • Photos of all fire prevention systems and Set Back/ Marginal open spaces as a proof
  • Annually certificate to be provided by the owner (Annexure – I) for the maintenance of the fire fighting and life safety norms as per format.
  • Annually certificate (Annexure – I & Annexure) issued by the fire contractor/agency relating to the maintenance of fire fighting system as per format.
  • Copy of final NOC/renewal of Fire NOC granted by the respective Fire department
  • Building stability certificate
  • Checklist approved by the Architect
  • Photos of the establishment
  • Lift inspection certificate
  • Fire resistance door installation approval
  • Challan of DG sets
  • Commencement certificate secured from the Building Permission section ‘
  • Work finalization declaration from the builder/developer

Penalty for not obtaining NOC from Fire Department

The penalty for not securing Fire NOC could range from a monetary fine to imprisonment. In general, the fire department imposes the following penalties on the defaulting entities in case of non-obtainment of fire NOC.

In case of delay in renewal of NOC, the below mentioned charges should be levied-

  • Rs5 per day penalty in case of delay for more than 7-15 days
  • Rs 15 per day in case of delay above 15 days.

Norms around the Fire Safety Compliance

The state authority has enacted certain provisions around fire safety compliance. These norms have been formulated in association with the Bureau of Indian Standards. BIS issues norms around fire safety compliance for eligible establishments from time to time.

These norms serve as an audit checklist for the respective fire department. Any non-conformity with these norms would prevent the applicant from securing the Fire NOC. Keep in mind that the fire safety compliance may differ state-wise. The same concept applies to the Fire NOC renewal.

Provisions to be fulfilled by the Fire NOC holders

  • Installation of certified fire safety equipment
  • Implementation of Emergency Exit plan
  • Procurement of fire fighting system


Fire NOC Renewal is as vital as filing a new application with the respective fire department. Its time-bound renewal helps the licensee to maintain uninterrupted adherence to standards enacted by the fire department. Penalties shall be imposed on those who seek to breach this requirement. 

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