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How to Establish Processed Meat Export Business in India?

calendar25 Jan, 2021
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Processed Meat Export Business in India

Any meat business sees export as a lucrative opportunity. Small scale or new businesses in India feel exporting meat as a hard task to complete. The initial paperwork requires your most attention, reaching buyers and not shipping at all Sometimes people are insistent on how to start a new venture. Below we have gathered all the information step by step for your better understanding of processed meat exports. This will help you prepare your actions and plan effectively.

Processed Meat Market in India

The rapid increase in demand for processed meat in India is due to the increasing awareness from the protein-rich diet; the varieties of processed meat available in the market will also help boost the meat processing business.

Different types of meat processing plants are available in India which fall under different categories, like

  • Chicken Processing Plant
  • Pork processing plant
  • Cattle Processing Plant (At present various laws are applicable on matters related to cow slaughter. Out of the 29 Indian states, while cow slaughter is prohibited in 20 states, beef is legally and independently available in states like Bengal, Kerala, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, and Tripura)
  • Goats & Lamb Processing Plant

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Meat Processing Business Plan

The most important factor is to draw a meat processing business plan, you need to do market research when starting any product-based business, plus you need to know about the market demand and different types of processed meat.

You need to identify availability of raw materials in that particular area. Once you have collected all the information and prepared the Meat Processing Business Plan, it will help you to take a viable business decision.

Meat Processing License & Registrations

The meat processing business comes under the food processing industry, so it calls for various food processing licenses. The required registration and licenses for the meat processing business may vary from state to state.

List of License & Registration Required For Meat Processing Unit

List of License & Registration Required For Meat Processing Unit

Listed below are the license and registration needed for meat processing unit.

Registration of Company

  • To start a processed meat export business in India, first of all, you have to register a company.
  • Listed below are five main class of companies in which the entrepreneur can incorporate in India

Sole Proprietorship

The sole proprietor company is the uncomplicated structure of company incorporation in India. One person administers sole ownership, i.e., a sole proprietor.

One-Person Company

A company made by one person can be considered as One Person Company (OPC). The Indian government introduced it in the year 2013. Until 2013, an individual cannot register a company; he needed to have a minimum of 2 directors to incorporate a company.

Partnership firm

The entrepreneur needs a partnership deed to register a partnership firm, an agreement signed between the partners. This agreement will include all the duties & obligations of the partners.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

LLP endures the benefits of other business structures, corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorship. LLP is designated as feasible enterprises, and LLP segregates the owner’s personal and business liabilities.

Private Limited Company

 A private limited company is a body that has a minimum of two and a maximum of 200 members.  It cannot lift the public’s reserve; it means that the company cannot issue its shares in public. There is no paid-up capital is needed to set up a private limited company.

GST Registration

A return is a document containing a statement of income that the taxpayer has to file with the tax administration authorities. It is used by tax authorities to calculate tax liability. Under GST, a registered dealer has to file a GST return which includes:

  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Output GST (On sales)
  • Input Tax Credit (GST paid on purchases)

Food Establishment License (Trade License)

The Food Establishment License is a document that allows the applicant to commence the sale of a meat business in a specific area. It is issued by the licensing department of the Municipal Corporation.

MSME Incorporation

MSME registration will make you eligible for government[1] schemes and facilities, so if you want to get government subsidy or schemes about your business then you have to apply for MSME / SSI incorporation.

Trademark Registration

  • Register your brand name with a trademark that will protect your brand internationally.
  • Trademark registration will make easy for customers to identify your brand.
  • Registered trademark is a right created which can be sold, assigned, franchised or commercially contracted.

Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI License)

Processed meat industries are categories under the food processing industry; therefore, you have to get FSSAI license.

Importer-Exporter Code

If you are planning to export processed meat product to other countries then you have to obtain IEC License which is important for export of product in any business.

Halal Certification

  • It is a document issued by the Muslim authority of the exporting country certifying that a certain agri-food or pharmaceutical product meets the requirements demanded by Islamic law for its consumption by the Muslim population.
  • To obtain “Halal Certification” becomes mandatory when you decide to export meat in Islamic countries.

Area Required for Meat Processing Plant

  • The minimum area required to start a meat processing plant is 1500 square feet.
  • When selecting the location of the area for the meat processing plant, you need to ensure that those are the locations that should be accessible by the market as well as the raw material supplier.
  • Also ensure that the area should have facilities like water supply, drainage facilities and electricity facilities.

Raw Material Used in Meat Processing Industry

The main raw material used in the meat processing industry is of course livestock, where you have to select raw materials according to the process and purchase livestock on regular basis.

List of Raw Material Used in the Meat Processing

  • Edible oil
  • Livestock
  • Sauces
  • Spices

List of Packaging Raw Material Used In Meat Business

  • Polyethene
  • A Single/ Multilayer Film
  • Skin Packaging
  • Aluminium Cans For Canned Processed Meats

List of Machinery Required For Meat Plant

  • Meat Grinder
  • Automatic Rapid Patty Maker
  • Dehydrator & Hydrator
  • Sterilizers
  • Meat Mixer
  • Sausage Linker
  • Vacuum Sealer
  • Sausage Stuffer
  • Slaughtering Arrangements & Chillers
  • Captive Bolt Stunner & Splitting Saw
  • Electronic Rail Scale
  • Slaughtering Arrangements & Chillers
  • Plastic Barrels
  • Pressure Pumps
  • Hydraulic Lift And Trolley Rack
  • List of Processing Equipment Used In Meat Processing Unit
  • Weight Scales
  • Bacon Slicer
  • Vacuum Tumbler
  • A Band Saw Knife Sharpener
  • Meat Injectors & Mixer

List of Packaging Equipment Used in Meat Business plant

  • Refrigerators/ Ice Machine
  • Box Scale
  • Freezer Carts
  • Pressure Washer And Pumps
  • Vacuum Packaging Machine

Concluding Remark

The requirement for processed meat is increasing day by day. The market potential for meat export is also high for meat processing plants. Therefore, it is recommended that you look into how to initiate the meat export business in India.

This business will give you more profit if you go through with the process as mentioned above. Kindly associate with the Corpbiz expert to know more about how to establish processed meat export business in India.

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