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Know all Documents required for BIS Registration: Complete Outlook

calendar22 Aug, 2020
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BIS is a legal body, established to deploy the extensive guidelines for manufacturers to ensure the quality, reliability, and safety of the products. As of now, thousands of manufactures from different sectors have obtained this license for certifying their product for quality. BIS is increasingly becoming popular among the industries that care about the quality of their product. To avail BIS registration, the applicant needs to provide an array of documentation along with the prescribed application form to the authority. This blog will pay attention to the documents required for BIS Registration.

Documents Required For BIS Registration

  • Online file submission proof
  • Government-oriented license and registration.
  • Address proof
  • Application stating declaration from CEO of the firm.
  • Proof of brand name: Certificate declaring that brand name belongs to the owner, or a Letter of consent from the brand owner of the product, or an application for trademark (if applied for).
  • Applicant from the overseas location must furnish an affidavit and identity proof via an authorized Indian representative.
  • Test report of the product evaluated by the BIS-certified lab.

In addition to complying with BIS norm, an importer must furnish a bill of entry annexed by the given documents:

  • Invoice related to sales.
  • Packing list*
  • Bill of lading*
  • Certificate declaring the country of origin
  • Insurance cover note

These are the Documents required for BIS Registration. In case if you like to add something in this regard, please add your comment down below. After generating the license, the authority i.e. BIS will issue a registration number that can be affixed on the existing product for which the license is granted.

What is the packing list?

The packing list consolidates the detail of the shipping items. It is attached to the outside of the container carrying exported goods. It is generally issued to inform the customer and shipping authorities about the products so that the shipment can be handled accordingly.

What is a bill of lading?

The ocean bill of lading identifies the persons involved in the shipment and encloses the details such as the description of goods and routing instructions.

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Procedure for obtaining BIS certification

  • Send some product samples to the BIS recognized lab for testing. To serve this purpose, you will have to provide a list of critical components accompanied by a test report to the lab, if applicable. The lab usually takes around two weeks to generate a test report against the applicant’s sample.
  • Upon receiving the test report, make sure that it enclosed the basic details like the applicant’s name, firm’s name, the complete address, and the signature of the lab in-charge.
Note: The test report serves the validity period of 90 days.
  • Next, visit the BIS portal and download the application form VI and VII.
  • While applying, make sure to upload all the mandatory documents accompanied by a test report. The applicant must furnish the hard copy of the documents to the BIS regional office.
  • The overseas manufacturers could hire an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) in India’s absence of a branch office[1]. This authorized person will take care of the registration process on behalf of the manufacturers. Keep in mind that the hiring of the AIR must be done as per BIS guidelines.
  • Manufactures/applicants: -In the event, if the products are manufactured at different locations, then Manufacturers need to obtain a separate registration number. Similarly, if the manufacturer produces a single product under multiple brands, then separate registration will be required for each of the brands.
  • Once the authority received the application, it would conduct an in-depth verification of the same and scrutinize the attached documents. After verifying the application, the authority will grant the certification to the applicant.
  • It is essential to keep in mind that the newly furnished license serves the validity period of 2 years. Once this validity period is over, the applicant can renew the license via form XII as long as the product and standard remain unchanged.
Note: It should be worth noting that not every company comes under the canopy of BIS companies. However, these companies have an option to avail it voluntarily. The concerned applicant needs to hover to the BIS website, fill up the application, and upload the requested documents. As we mentioned earlier, the authority would take a couple of days to verify the submitted form.


Being a statutory body BIS is outfitted with comprehensive guidelines for quality that every manufacturer must comply with to ensure pinpoint quality. The new firms might face some nuisance while adopting BIS guidelines in the initial phase. It’s because they have to make some prominent amendments in the existing quality framework as per the BIS compliances. Having said that, if you encounter any problem in availing the BIS license, share the matter with SMEs or professionals to overcome such a hassle.

Corpbiz’s professionals can let you overcome registration hassles and make the documentation part easy for you. We are aware of the fact that the registration process doesn’t always go as seamless as expected. There might be some legal hassle that often sneaks in just when everything seems to be alright in the process. Needless to mention that confronting the legal obligations could be intimidating for the applicant. To stay ahead of the curve, make sure to complete the process under the experts’ supervision. Our customer-oriented services already set dozens of benchmarks in the compliance and registration area, touted for being one of the leading service providers in the country.

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