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BEE Registration Process in India: Explained

calendar04 Apr, 2022
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BEE Registration Process In India: Explained

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency, aka BEE, was founded by GOI under the Energy Conservation Act, 2001[1]. It is formed under the Ministry of Power, GOI. The ultimate goal of this body is to ensure power-saving and cost reduction in India. The GOI has made it compulsory for some notified items to have star labels and ratings that reflect the products’ energy-saving capabilities. It helps end-users to opt right products. This write-up shall talk about the BEE registration process in India in detail.

What is the BEE Registration?

Every manufacturer should apply for BEE Registration and get product testing done as required by the BEE. After addressing such formalities, they would be able to get their products certified with BEE Star Rating. Keep in mind that the BEE Star Rating indicates the product’s power-saving capabilities. The higher the rating, the higher the power saving.

Types of BEE Registration available in India

There are basically two types of BEE registration available in India:

Mandatory Registration

Below-mentioned is the list of items that fall under Mandatory registration:

  1. LED Lamps;
  2. Electric Geysers;
  3. Direct Cool Refrigerator;
  4. Colour TV;
  5. Variable Capacity Inverter Air Conditioners;
  6. Room Air Conditioners;
  7. Tubular Florescent Lamp;
  8. Distribution Transformer;
  9. Frost Free Registration;

Voluntary Registration

Given is the list of items that fall under Voluntary Registration:

  1. Air Compressor;
  2. DG Sets;
  3. Ceiling Fans;
  4. Microwave Ovens;
  5. Washing Machine;
  6. Induction Motors;
  7. Solid State Inverter;
  8. UHD Televisions;
  9. Agricultural Diesel Engine Driven Monoset Pumps
  10. Seep Freezers;
  11. Ballast;
  12. Chillers;
  13. Domestic LPG Stoves;
  14. Solar Water Heaters;
  15. Office Equipment such as a printer, fax, scanner etc.;
  16. Computer;
  17. Agricultural Pump Sets.

Underlying pre-registration conditions around BEE Registration

Given are some pre-registration conditions for addressing registration formalities on the BEE portal:

IOEM (Indian Original Equipment Manufacturer)

OEM must assign an official as an Authorized Signatory via an Authorization Letter to discharge BEE registration formalities.

FOEM (Foreign Original Equipment Manufacturer)

An overseas OEM must appoint an Indian business firm as its Authorized Indian Representative or AIR and Signatory. The manufacturer can designate an official of their company operating in India as AIR.

Standard paperwork required for BEE Registration

Given is the standard paperwork mandatory for BEE registration in India:

  1. Incorporation certificate
  2. MSME certificate (for small-scale industries)
  3. Certificate of ISO 9001:2015;
  4. Particular relating to the authorized or certified retailers;
  5. Test reports pertaining to items concerned as per BEE norms;
  6. Authorized Signatory KYC documents;
  7. Trademark Certificate;
  8. Sample Label.

A Detailed overview on BEE Registration Process in India

BEE Registration procedure is categorised into three different steps, which comprise web-based filing and physical copy submission. The BEE registration process is quite extensive as it involves several critical phases, including Company Registration, product testing & model approval. Following is the step-by-step relating to BEE Registration Process in India

Step 1: Company Registration

This is the first and foremost step is to get the entity incorporated with the BEE on their web-based portal. This step entails web-based form filing and upload of standard paperwork. Apart from online filing, the applicant needs to furnish a physical copy of such paperwork to the office of Bureau Energy. The application fees of Rs. 1 00,000/-is are applicable for this purpose. The said amount is only applicable to bigger companies. The fees for small companies have been reduced by 75000.

Step 2: Testing

After application approval, the applicant shall get the portal’s login credentials over their registered email address.

Using the same, the applicant can file the Model Registration Application, but before that, the applicant needs to get their offerings tested from the accredited lab or ILAC MRA lab.

The test report should align with BEE’s guidelines and must entail all the testing parameters. For product testing, the applicant is mandated to share the testing dossiers and item samples as per the testing facility’s directions.

A lab report should be updated, i.e. not older than 90days from the date of application filing.

Step 3: Model Registration

After addressing the above step, the applicant can proceed with model registration via an online portal. For this, one needs to upload mandatory documentation, including test reports and sample labels, in a standard format. Once done, the applicant must pay the required fee of Rs. 2000/- to the Bureau

After this, the applicant needs to furnish the hardcopies originals along with the application and payment receipt to the department concerned. The department shall scrutinise the submitted subject matters and grant the license upon being satisfied with the same.

Placing BEE Logo on Product

Affixing the BEE logo on the item comprises three different steps:

  1. A specimen of the BEE label ought to be furnished, as applicable:
  2. Availing approval for a specimen from BEE;
  3. The BEE logo should be affixed to the relevant product.

Conditions pertaining to BEE Registration validity and renewal

The BEE registration remains valid for three years from the issuance date. It can be renewed before the expiration date against the standard fee.


The BEE registration covers a wide range of electrical and electronic products, including heaters, DG sets, TVs, and washing machines. OEMs that are engaged in the production of products above need to apply for this registration without exception. The BEE registration process in India is quite complicated and attracts tons of delicate paperwork, including testing report. So it is advisable to discharge such undertaking with the help of experts.

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