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BEE Registration for Direct Cool Refrigerator – How to Apply?

calendar03 Dec, 2022
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BEE Registration for Direct Cool Refrigerator – How to Apply?

Direct cool is one of the major types of techniques used in domestic refrigerators, the other being the frost-free type. Direct cool refrigerators produce the cooling effect by a natural convection procedure from cooled surfaces in the insulated compartment that is being cooled. The water vapour that contacts the cooled surface freezes. Hence, unlike frost-free units, direct cool units require manual defrosting of the interior. Direct Cool is less expensive in operation and in production as it consumes less energy when compared to Frost-Free Refrigerators. In India, BEE Registration for Direct Cool Refrigerators is a star rating system developed by the BEE or Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Government of India, for energy-efficient refrigerators. BEE Registration for Direct Cool Refrigerators comes under IS 1476 Part-1, Schedule – 5. BEE also provides an incentive to manufacturers to produce more energy-efficient refrigerators. Therefore, it is important for both consumers and manufacturers of Direct Cool Refrigerators to go for BEE Registration for Direct Cool Refrigerators.

What is the Primary Purpose of BEE Registration in India?

BEE Registration in India is the Labelling Certification (from 1 star to 5 stars) regarding power consumption for household electrical equipment and appliances. A higher star-rating product means a higher energy-saving product or appliance. The primary purpose of BEE Registration in India is to provide information to customers regarding the power consumption pattern of the product relatively. BEE Registration in India is compulsory for some products & also can be taken as voluntary for other products.

There are various product categories which come under the Mandatory Scheme, like Colour Televisions, Distribution Transformers, all types of Air Conditioners, electric geysers, Direct Cool Refrigerators, Tubular Florescent Lamps, and Frost-Free Refrigerators. The products on which BEE Star Labelling is a Voluntary Scheme are Microwave Ovens, Laptops, Ceiling Fans, Washing Machines, and many others.

All the manufacturers of these products under the Mandatory Scheme need to apply for BEE Registration in India. If the manufacturing unit or premise is in India, then the factory will apply directly & if the manufacturing unit or premise is outside India i.e., for  Foreign Manufacturer and it hasn’t office in India then the first importer or any business organisation notified as AIR or Authorised Indian Representative will need to apply for BEE Registration on behalf of Foreign Manufacturer. No distributor, retailer, dealer, or wholesaler can apply for BEE Registration in India.

Documents Required for BEE Registration for Direct Cool Refrigerators

Following are some vital documents required for BEE Registration for Direct Cool Refrigerators:

  • Vital Documents to be Provided by the Applicant (for Companies):
    • Copy of original Company Registration Certificate;
    • BIS License;
    • Trademark Registration Certificate;
    • Letter of Authorised Signatory;
    • ISO 9001 Certificate;
    • SSI Certificate[1], in case the applicant firm falls under Small Scale Industries);
    • A Cover letter as per Annexure 1;
    • Authorisation Letter from the Trademark owner if the manufacturing unit is not the owner of the Trademark or Brand
    • BEE and User of Label on Non-Judicial Stamp Paper Agreement.
  • Documents Provided by the Applicant seeking BEE Registration for Direct Cool Refrigerators (Model Registration):
    • Covering Letter;
    • Copy of online Model Registration payment receipt;
    • Copy of online application from other forms;
    • Original Test Report;
    • Specimen of BEE label.

Procedure for BEE Registration for Direct Cool Refrigerators

The complete procedure for BEE Registration in India is divided in 3 major steps and the entire lifecycle of obtaining a BEE Registration Certificate with BEE involves Company Registration followed by Product Testing & Model Approval. Following is the procedure for BEE Registration for Direct Cool Refrigerators:

Step 1: Company Registration: This is the 1st step in the BEE Registration process. The Manufacturer, Trader, or Importer of the BEE-qualified products must undergo this step. During filing an application online, the Applicant must upload important documents like an ISO 9001 Certificate, Trademark, Certificate of Incorporation, etc. After this, the Applicant must go to the BEE Office.

Step 2: Testing of the Applied Product(s): After Company Registration, the next step is product testing. The testing of the applied product will be performed by the NABL Accredited Lab or ILAC MRA Lab. The certified laboratory will generate the test report as per the BEE-prescribed format. It is important that the test officials will choose the product sample from the facility for testing. The BIS Officials may prompt the Applicant to facilitate the following documents before starting the product testing process.

  • Samples along with user manual;
  • Registered address proof of the production facility, like a copy of the Factory License stating the applied product & Manufacturer’s scope.
  • Copy of BIS License & list of all models.

Once the Applicant gets the lab test reports, then they can proceed to Model Registration.

Step 3: Model Registration: Once the product testing is completed, the Applicant can apply for Model Registration at the official website of BEE. The Model Registration requires mandatory documents in a prescribed format along with the test report (not older than 3 months). Once all the details & documents are uploaded online, along with a sample label. Then the Applicant needs to pay the required fees.

Once the application is submitted, then all the original hardcopies along with the online application & payment receipt, are to be submitted to the department. The department examines all the submitted documents and applications to provide the final License to the Applicant.

Validity of BEE Registration for Direct Cool Refrigerators

The validity of BEE Registration depends upon the labelling period which is released by the BEE. For example, if the current labelling period of a product is 1st Jan 2021 to 31st Dec 2023, hence before 31st Dec 2023, the Applicant has 2 options, either to degrade its star rating or to renew the same star rating as per the new released table by making necessary alterations in their product & enhance its efficiency.

Particulars to be displayed on Label

The following are particulars to be displayed on Label:

  1. On every direct cool refrigerator, the following details shall be displayed on its Label, namely:
    • The logo of the BEE;
    • Appliance type;
    • Star level;
    • Label period;
    • Name of the Importer or Manufacturers & Brand;
    • Rated Storage Volume;
    • Rated Gross Volume;
    • Electricity Consumption in units per year;
    • Year of Manufacturing or Import and Model Number.
    • Unique series code.
  2. The design, size, colour & content of the Label shall be as specified under (Particulars & Manner of their Display on Labels of Household Direct Cool Refrigerators) Regulations, 2015.

Time Limit for Display of Labels

  1. A label containing all the details specified in Regulation 3 shall be displayed on every direct cool refrigerator within a period of 6 months from the date of coming into force of these Regulations;
  2. On & from the commencement of revised energy consumption standards notified by the Central Government under Clause (a) of Section 14 of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001, every permittee or Trader or Seller shall ensure that:
    • The Direct Cool Refrigerator put of sale shall display a revised star level & revised label period synchronising with the revised energy consumption standards & the manufacturing year of the Direct Cool Refrigerator shall also be in synchronisation with such revised energy consumption standards & shall not produce the direct cool refrigerator with the previous energy consumption standards.
    • All preparatory steps comprising awareness of the dealers, retailers, and requisite publicity for their education for the customers shall be well-planned & taken 6 months in advance of the date of such commencement under these regulations.

Manner of Display of Label

  • On every Direct Cool Refrigerator shall be displayed Label at the PoS (Point of Sale) & such Label shall be affixed on the Direct Cool Refrigerator in the following manner:
    • Self-adhesive Label affixed on the front side of the upper right portion of the Direct Cool Refrigerator;
    • Self-adhesive Label affixed on the front side of the carton box;
  • For Direct Cool Refrigerator not on display, the Label may be affixed to the exterior of the packing & the Label may be attached to the unit when put on sale.


The BEE Registration procedure involves several complicated steps that attract difficult vetting procedures. But, as long as you follow the provisions of BEE, you won’t encounter any hassle. BEE Registration for Direct Cool Refrigerators is a compulsory legal permit or Certification and therefore, OEMs cannot afford to overlook it. It is because doing so can incur strict penalties for them.

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