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BEE Registration for Washing Machine – How to Apply?

calendar07 Dec, 2022
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BEE Registration for Washing Machine - How to Apply?

Washing Machine is used to wash different types of clothes without applying any physical effort. It is also known as a washer, clothes washer, or laundry machine). The term is generally applied to machines that use water as opposed to dry cleaning or ultrasonic cleaners. The performance of the washing machine is based on Energy Consumption, Water Consumption, Wash, Rinse, and Water Extraction parameters. BEE or the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, has introduced a new star rating system for Washing Machines which will aid users to know the efficiency of their Machine before making a purchase. In India, BEE Registration for Washing Machine comes under IS 302-2-7, IEC 60456 & Schedule 12 covers all types of Washing Machines meant for households & similar users. BEE Registration is Voluntary, but most manufacturers are expected to get their products registered. This will help to increase competition & also provide buyers with more details to make an informed choice. In this write-up, we are going to discuss how to apply for BEE Registration for Washing Machine.

Why Does A Washing Machine Require A BEE-Rating Certificate?

BEE raise awareness of Energy Efficiency & conservation & share information about it. A BEE-Rating Certificate is needed to demonstrate the performance level of a product (Washing Machine)[1] and electricity usage. Indicators of product performance & efficiency in terms of electricity consumption are included in the Certificate. The purpose of BEE is to institutionalise energy efficiency services, enable delivery methods across the nation and lead energy efficiency in all industries. Its main objective is to lessen energy intensity in the economy.

Benefits of BEE Registration for Washing Machine

The following are the benefits of BEE Registration for Washing Machine:

  1. Getting BEE Registration for Washing Machine would secure the reputation of the manufacturer or industry for adhering to the applicable requirements.
  2. This ensures that a certain level of efficiency is maintained by industries or manufacturers. This would ensure that the Energy Act, 2001 principles for energy efficiency are followed.
  3. This Registration or Certification would make sure that the standards are maintained as per the law’s requirements.

Who Can Apply For BEE Registration For Washing Machine In India?

Following are the individuals that can apply for BEE Registration for Washing Machine in India:

  1. Manufacturers
  2. Importers
  3. Traders

BEE Standard and Labelling Program in India

In India, the Bureau of Indian Standards has run a labelling & standard program since 2006 under the provision of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001. The main goal of this program is to inform customers regarding the energy saving & cost-saving potential of the relevant marketed product. The program requires energy performance labels to be shown on high-energy end-use appliances & equipment and the establishment of minimum energy performance standards. The Standard and Labelling Program comprises establishing MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards) for equipment & appliances and rating energy performance on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 stars being the most energy-efficient.

Documents Required For BEE Registration for Washing Machine in India

Following are the documents required for BEE Registration for Washing Machine in India:

  • Documents Required for Product Testing:
    • Legal address proof of the Manufacturing Unit;
    • User manual with a testing sample of the product;
    • Copy of the BIS License, including expiration date & a list of all models;
    • Factory License copy in English, describing the product as the scope of manufacturing & indicating the manufacturing unit’s address;
  • Documents Required for Company or Brand Registration:
    • Cover Letter in the prescribed format;
    • Agreement between BEE and User of Label on Non-Judicial Stamp Paper;
    • ISO 9001 Certification (Quality Management System Certificate);
    • Authorised Signatory Letter;
    • BIS License;
    • Hardcopy of Online Company Registration Form (properly stamped and signed with Company Seal with all filled-in details).
  • Documents Required for Model Registration:
    • Covering Letter;
    • Hardcopy of the online application form (properly stamped and signed with Company Seal);
    • The sample Label of each model must be stapled along with the online application form of that particular model;
    • Model Registration Fee for each model;
    • Test Report (properly signed & stamped with Company seal).

Procedure for BEE Registration for Washing Machine in India

Following is the procedure for BEE Registration for Washing Machine in India:

Step 1: Testing of the Proposed Product: BEE Registration begins with the testing of a sample to determine the rate of energy consumption. During Model Registration, the test report of the product will be required. Applicants need to send the technical documentation & sample to a NABL-certified lab for testing and get the results.

There are 2 different types of testing:

  • Safety Testing.
  • Performance Testing.

Step 2: Registration of a Company or Brand:

  1. First, the applicant needs to gather all the documents mentioned above. Compile all the required documents and register the brand on the website of BEE, as well as pay the security deposit online.
  2. Once the documents are collected, then the application must be submitted to the BEE Department both online & offline. Submit a copy of the application to BEE along with all attachments, duly-signed by the Authorised Signatory. If BEE requests clarification or additional details, provide the same.
  3. After that, an examination of the application will be done by the BEE Officials to make sure that the submitted documents are in the specified order or not. BEE Officials will verify the documents whether all vital documents are submitted properly filed or not.
  4. Once the Officials are satisfied with the application & document, they provide login credentials and on approval of Brand or Company Registration, BEE will activate the link for Model Registration.

Step 3: Model Registration:

  1. First, collect all the vital documents and upload them on the BEE portal.
  2. After that, testing of the product is carried out for Model Registration and the test reports are required to submit for Model Registration.
  3. Then, the applicant must apply for BEE Registration as per the model and make an online payment to BEE for the Model Registration fee. Submit a hard copy of the application form, along with all enclosures duly signed by the Authorised Signatory and a BEE Label Specimen, if applicable if BEE requests clarification or additional documents or information, provide the same.
  4. Then, the BIS Officials will examine the documents, application & test report. If the application and documents are not properly filled, not in order, then it will be rejected.
  5. If they are satisfied with the application, documentation & test report, then they approve the application and give the authority to attach the label.


The BEE Registration for Washing Machine in India is a mandatory legal permit. Manufacturing of the product(s) falling under a Voluntary Registration cannot come into effect in the absence of BEE Registration. Performing such activities without Registration can land the owner in the penalty zone. It is a challenge for Original Equipment Manufacturers to maintain the highest star rating long as they have to incorporate changes into their products to survive the competition.

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