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How to Apply for BEE Registration for Microwave Oven?

calendar31 Oct, 2022
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BEE Registration for Microwave Oven

In India, making Indian food in Microwave Oven is not possible. Because Indian recipes require lots of masalas to be fried. The Microwave Oven is very efficient in heating food without the food getting burnt. Therefore, in India, the primary use of this machine is for reheating food. Other than this, the use of Microwave Ovens is limited. In May 2006, the Ministry of Power introduced a star labelling program to make electrical products or appliances more energy efficient. Under this program, a total of 30 products are covered, from which 20 products are covered under a Voluntary Scheme and 10 products are covered under a Mandatory Scheme. Microwave Oven comes under the Voluntary Scheme of Standards & Labelling Scheme of BEE. So, it is compulsory for the manufacturer to obtain BEE Registration for Microwave Ovens before selling them in the Indian Market. Scroll down to check more information regarding BEE Registration for Microwave Oven.

Star Labelling Scheme of the BEE

Under this Scheme of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, only the manufacturer, importer, or trader can apply for BEE Registration. The each applicant’s scope is mentioned below:

  1. Manufacturer: The product manufacturer can register himself with the Star Labelling Scheme. However, a manufacturer can only register one product with a single brand under one login.
  2. Importer: Any Indian entity that wants to import any product which comes under the BEE Obligatory Certification Scheme has to undergo the BEE Registration Process in accordance with the Star Labelling Scheme of BEE. But, one importer can register one product with a single brand only.
  3. Trader: Any domestic (Indian) trader trading domestically with the products or goods that come under the BEE Certification Scheme has to undergo the BEE Registration procedure as per the BEE Star Labelling Scheme.

Meaning of Star Rating

Any buyer who wants to buy a BEE-registered product can recognise the energy efficiency of the product just by looking at the number of stars on the product. More stars mean the more energy efficient the product is and the more electricity it will save. A 5-star product has high efficiency (which means it will consume less electricity) and 1-star product has the lowest efficiency (consumes more electricity).

List of Products Covered under Voluntary and Mandatory Scheme

Following is the list of products covered under the Voluntary and Mandatory Scheme:

  • List of Products Under Voluntary Scheme:
  1. Air Compressor;
  2. Diesel Generator;
  3. Ceiling Fans;
  4. Washing Machine;
  5. Microwave Ovens;
  6. Induction Motors;
  7. Seep Freezers;
  8. Chillers;
  9. Ballast;
  10. Domestic LPG Stoves;
  11. Office Equipment such as scanners, printer, etc.;
  12. UHD Televisions;
  13. Solid State Inverter;
  14. Diesel Engine Driven Mono set pumps for Agricultural Purposes;
  15. Solar Water Heaters; Computer;
  16. Agricultural Pump Sets;
  17. High Energy Li-Battery;
  18. Tyres/Tires.
  • List of Products Under Mandatory Scheme:
  1. LED Lamps;
  2. Direct Cool Refrigerator;
  3. Variable Capacity Inverter Air Conditioners;
  4. Tubular Florescent Lamp;
  5. Frost Free Registration;
  6. Electric Geysers;
  7. Colour TV;
  8. Room Air Conditioners;
  9. Distribution Transformer;
  10. Direct Cool Refrigerator;

Procedure for BEE Registration for Microwave Oven

The process of BEE Registration consists of 3 main phases Company Registration, Testing of Product, and Model Registration. The following section discusses these phases in brief:

  • Company Registration: The first step of BEE Registration for Microwave Oven is to get the Company registered with the BEE online. Any manufacturer, trader, or importer who wants to apply for BEE Registration under the Scheme must undergo this step. The Registration Process involves the submission of mandatory documents & applicant’s details. Documents like ISO 9001 Certificate, Trademark Registration Certificate, COI, Authorisation Letter etc., are required during the filing of online application. The applicant must submit the documents’ original copies to the BEE Office.
  • Testing of the Product: Once the above step is completed, login credentials shall be shared with the applicant over the registered email ID. The applicant must use the login details to log into the online portal and fill out the application for Model Registration. But before filling out the application for Model Registration, the applicant must send their product samples to the NABL-recognised lab for product testing.

So, before accepting the test result, verify that the product test report is printed in the BEE-recommended format enclosing all the essential parameters. Once the lab report is generated, proceed with Model Registration without delay because the test report has a maximum validity of 90 days or 3 months.

  • Model Registration: This is the final step of the BEE Registration process. In this step, the applicant must go to the BEE portal & fill out the online application. During filing the application online, an applicant should upload all the crucial documents, including the test report, in the required format. After this, the BEE portal[1] will redirect the applicant to the payment gateway for the fee submission, which is Rs. 2000/- as per BEE norms.

Validity of BEE Registration for Microwave Oven

The validity of BEE Registration depends upon the labelling period, which is released by the Bureau. For instance, the current labelling period for Variable AC is 1st Jan 2021 to 31st Dec 2023, hence before 31st Dec 2023, the applicant has 2 options, either to degrade its star rating or to renew the same star rating as per the newly released table by making vital changes in their product & boost its efficiency.

Some Important Points Regarding BEE Registration for Microwave Oven

Following are some important points regarding BEE Registration for Microwave Oven:

  1. Every certified product must show a star rating via the labelling as proposed by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency;
  2. BEE issues BEE Certification under 2 different schemes, namely Mandatory Registration & Voluntary Registration. In this blog, we are talking about Microwave Oven, and it comes under Voluntary Registration;
  3. BEE Registration validity differs by product wise & remains in effect for a set duration as underpinned by the concerned authority. As the expiration time comes, the manufacturer has 2 options, either to intact their current rating by following the new rules or degrade the star rating of the proposed products;
  4. The rejection of an application is not rare in the BEE Registration process. The authority will share the main reason behind the cancellation with the applicant over their registered email id. A standard duration will be granted to the applicant to correct their errors in the application.
  5. Every owner of the BEE Registration (manufacturer, retailer, or brand owner) must tag their products with star labelling as laid out by BEE’s norms. Failure to do so can incur heavy penalties for defaulters.


BEE Registration for Microwave Oven is an essential legal permit because it shows the product’s energy consumption, which ensures less energy consumption. Maintaining compliance with BEE norms is a professional approach that needs continual tracking & a deep understanding of the ever-changing standards.

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