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BEE Registration for Frost-free Refrigerator: Know the Legalities

calendar15 Oct, 2022
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Frost Free Refrigerator

BEE Registration leverages the Standards and Labelling Program, which is a key focus area of BEE. The fundamental goal of this scheme is to enable consumers to make an informed choice concerning the energy-saving and cost-saving potential of the specific product. The scheme has penned a long list of energy performance standards against the qualified products. Further, it mandates manufacturers to affix energy performance labels on high energy-consuming products and appliances. BEE Registration implies that the product duly complies with underlying energy-consumption norms underpinned by the BEE. BEE Registration for Frost-free refrigerator serves as a mandatory legal permit. Scroll down to check more details regarding BEE Registration for Frost-free Refrigerator.

What are frost-free refrigerators?

Frost-free refrigerators essentially boast a frost-free system that facilitates cooling via forced air circulation. Unlike a direct cool refrigerator, Frost-free refrigerators undermine the problem of ice build-up,  thanks to the automatic defrosting system. Every manufacturer seeking BEE registration for Frost-free refrigerator must comply with the norms of Indian Standard 15750:2006 to make them safe and energy-efficient.

Applicability of Star Labelling program

In the status quo, the S&L program encompasses star ratings for 29 products/appliances, including Frost-free refrigerators. As per the Start Labelling scheme, only manufacturers, traders, or importers can file applications for the license. Once the manufacturer secures the BEE registration, they can affix the energy label on their product stating the following information:

  • The logo of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency;
  • Manufacturer’s name or brand name;
  • Storage volume
  • Gross volume
  • Model and year of import or manufacturing
  • Authority Number
  • Electricity consumption in units
  • Star level of the frost-free refrigerator

BEE registration is not available to those manufacturers;

  • Who fails to comply with the guidelines of the Indian standards about the construction, design, and functionality of the products
  • Whose products pose risks to the end-users in any way
  • Whose products fail to meet the minimum energy-consumption rating

What does the energy label of BEE signify?

The license holder of BEE Registration must affix an energy label on their product for the reference of the end-users. The energy label comprises a star rating (from 1 to 5) that signifies how efficient the product is. Higher the rating, the higher the power efficiency.

Mandatory Documents to be Furnished by the Applicant (For Companies)

  1. Online Company Registration Form printout.
  2. BEE & user of Label on Non-Judicial stamp paper agreement.
  3. ISO 9001 Certificate.
  4. SSI Certificate (if the applicant firm falls under Small Scale Industries).
  5. BIS License.
  6. Letter of Authorized Signatory.
  7. Trademark Certificate.
  8. A Cover letter as per Annexure 1.

Documents to be facilitated by Applicant seeking BEE Registration for Frost-free Refrigerator (Model Registration)

  1. Registration fees relating to the model for each separate model.
  2. Web-based application hardcopy enclosing the signature and company seal.
  3. Test report shared by NABL-certified[1] lab enclosing the applicant signature and company seal.
  4. Sample label
  5. Mandatory form hardcopy attached with Annexure application for compulsory products.

Steps Involved in BEE Registration for Frost-free Refrigerator

Availing of BEE registration can be a taxing undertaking because it involves several complicated steps such as online application online, generating lab test reports, submission of mandatory documents, etc. It is important to ponder that the BEE registration process involves three vital steps: online application filling and hardcopy submission.

BEE does not grant a model certificate in the first place. First of all, the applicant has to avail of company registration and then proceed with product testing & model approval. This is a standard licensing procedure for all products falling under a mandatory registration scheme. Let’s get on with the BEE registration for Frost-free refrigerator.

Step 1: Securing Company Registration

Registering the company is the first step in the BEE registration process. The importer, trader, or manufacturer of the BEE-qualified products must undergo this step. During online filing, the applicant must upload vital documentation such as ISO 9001, Certificate of Incorporation (COI), Trademark, etc. Post this, the applicant must visit the office of Bureau Energy to submit the hardcopy of the aforesaid dossiers along with the application. The standard fees for company registration with BEE include Rs. 1 lac (for the large-scale industry) or Rs. 25,000/- (for small businesses).

Step 2: Testing of the Applied Product(s)

The next step is product testing. The testing of the applied product will be performed by the NABL Accredited Lab/ILAC MRA lab. The certified lab will generate the test report according to BEE defined format. It’s worth noting that the test officials will choose the product sample from the facility for testing purposes. The officials may prompt the applicant to facilitate the following documents before initiating the testing.

  1. Samples with the user manual
  2. Registered address proof of the production facility, such as a copy of a factory license reflecting the applied product(s) and scope of the manufacturer.
  3. BIS license copy and list of all models

Once the applicant secures the lab test report, he/she can proceed to model registration, which is the next step in the process.

Step 3: Model Registration

Applicants seeking BEE Registration for Frost-free Refrigerator must visit the BEE portal to apply for model registration. The applicant must share the documents with authority in the following sequence.

  1. Covering Letter (Format closed) as per Annexure-3 for the new application.
  2. Demand Draft enclosing the amount of Rs 1000/per model.
  3. Print-out of the web-based application enclosing the applicant’s signature and company seal.
  4. Hardcopy of the mandatory form and annexure attached thereto.
  5. Test Report enclosing the signature and company seal

Upon submitting these documents online, proceed to the payment gateway for the fee submission. The standard fees for model registration have been capped at Rs 2000/. Post this, and share the hardcopy originals, online application, and fee receipts with authority. The license would be granted to the application after the successful vetting of these documents.


The BEE registration process involves several complicated steps that attract rigorous vetting procedures. But, as long as you adhere to the underlying provisions of BEE, you won’t encounter any hassle. BEE registration for Frost-free refrigerators is a compulsory legal permit and therefore, OEMs cannot afford to overlook it. It’s because doing so can incur severe penalties for them.

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