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She holds degree in B.COM, LLB (Delhi University), LLM (NLU, Delhi) and is also NET Qualified. She has previously worked as an Assistant Professor of Law in renowned university. She has a keen interest in writing on legal topics using academic and professional acumen.

A Complete Analysis of ICMR for Medical Device

ICMR, i.e. The Indian Council of Medical Research, is the apex body with its head office in Delhi. It is primarily responsible for coordinating, formulating and promoting research & development based on Biomedical. ICMR is amongst the oldest Medical Research institute at the global level. The ICMR always aims to work toward the increasing demands […]

How to Get a Trademark for Medical Devices?

Trademark is one of the important and primary ways for a medical device company to convey their brand to patients, medical professionals and healthcare systems. The Trademark act provides a proper procedure for searching for trademarks. This system is provided to avoid future discrepancies, litigation, or conflicts in the Trademark (whether registered or not) before […]

An Overview of Patent for Medical Devices in India

In India, the medical device sector is growing rapidly; it has also been recognized as the sunrise sector by the Government. In recent times, this sector has shown tremendous growth and has the potential to grow further in the upcoming years. This sector has shown double-digit growth and is expected to be an industry US$50 […]

Documents required for Trade License in West Bengal

A permit issued to an individual or a company by a government to run a business or trade in a particular region is called Trade License. The license is required to start any business across the nation, and the respective state government obtains it. It is a document that permits the applicant to start a […]

Meaning of Building and Other Construction Workers

The Building and other Construction Workers (BOCW) Act is a welfare statute which aims to provide a safe and healthy working environment to the workers engaged in construction activities. The act was introduced to provide a solution to issues related to Building and other construction workers. The aim of the act is to look after […]

Overview of BIS License Renewal Procedure

BIS stands for Bureau of Indian Standard and issues a certificate assuring safety, quality and reliability of products to the customers and also plays a major role for import items. BIS certificate is voluntary, but the government has made it mandatory for several items. There has been an Operating management system certification scheme of BIS […]

Difference between PPL and IPRS License

With two leading organizations which is IPRS (The Indian Performing Right Societies) and PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited), it has become easy to get a music license in India. These two leading organizations play a vital role in providing music licenses. These two are copyright societies registered under section 33 of the Copyright Act, 1957. Transfer […]

Cosmetic Product Manufacturer License in India

The cosmetic market is growing in India, and so is the demand for cosmetics. Ever-increasing economic and social conditions have improved people’s living standards, and as a result, there is a boosted personal care. India is a young country in terms of age; nearly 80 % of the population in India is below the age […]

CDSCO Guidelines for Medical Device Import

The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) is a National Regulatory Authority operating under the Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. Medical devices are freely imported into India. To ensure the quality of the product being imported into the country Government of India has developed regulations and […]