Documents required for Trade License in West Bengal

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Trade license in West Bengal

A permit issued to an individual or a company by a government to run a business or trade in a particular region is called Trade License. The license is required to start any business across the nation, and the respective state government obtains it. It is a document that permits the applicant to start a trade or business and ensures trade is carried out by following all norms and safety standards. Its primary aim is to protect customers from any health or safety hazard. The issuance of license varies from state to state, and it depends on the rules and regulations of the local government agencies. This blog will see all the Documents for Trade licenses in West Bengal.

As per section 199 of Kolkata Municipal Corporation Act, 1980[1] Trade License or certificate of enlistment is required by every person who is engaged in any profession or business or trade in West Bengal as per Schedule IV; either that person will be doing business himself or appoints an agent or representative for doing trade. The trade license is also subjected to renewal annually from the Municipal Commissioner by submitting an application as prescribed by the Municipal Commissioner. Documents for Trade License in West Bengal should also be as per the prescribed format.

The licensing department of the West Bengal Municipal Corporation Act grants the Trade License or Certificate of Enlistment. Applicant can collect the license from the department after payment of fees at the rate prescribed by the municipal corporation. As per rules laid down by the Municipal of West Bengal, it is mandatory to get a Trade license.

Need for Trade License

The trade license is a valid document that permits an operating business in a particular region as per law. The trade license is a proof that particular business is carried out in accordance with the rules, standards and safety parameters set by the concerned department. The rules and guidelines vary from state to state; the state licensing authority holds the power to monitor trade within the state. Through the renewal application form, the license holder is required to get their license renewed at least 30 days before the license’s expiration.

Documents for Trade License in West Bengal

The documents for Trade licenses vary from state to state according to the types of trade and place where it has to be executed. The following is the list of Documents for trade licenses in West Bengal.

  Identity proof Any identity proof like Aadhar card /passport / EPIC /Driving License issued by any Government as identity proof as well as residential proof  of applicant
  Ownership /Occupancy proof Municipal Property Tax Receipt from the owner of the premises. Valid photocopy of current rent receipt or Challan from rent control board from the tenant of the premises.Copy of lease agreement from the lessee of the premises If the property is rent-free, then the consent letter specifying the area received from the consenter in original along with the certificate of entitlement of the consenter and the current Municipal Property Tax Receipt of the Consenter. In the case of a partnership firm, then copy of partnership deed. Certified copy of conveyance deed /IGR receipt duly certified by the concerned advocate confirming registration of the purchase If the premises is any government or municipal body or Government campus, then the agreement copy of the actual Tenant /lessee with the Government or Municipal Body. If the premises are in Co-operative Housing Society, the consent letter from the secretary of the co-operative housing society No objection certificate from the competent  if the premises are in the Govt Housing Estate

Note :

  1. Where the traders are required to obtain statutory certificates, Licenses, Permissions, or Permits, in that case, the trader is not required to submit that such license, certificate, or permit prior to or at the time of issuance or renewal of the license.
  2. Apart from taking a trade license to start a trade, the person starting a trade must get a license under various laws such as Fire license/Fire No Objection Certificate/Pollution Control Board Certificate/Clinical or Health Certificates/Excise (liquor) Deptt./RBI/SEBI/Customs/Police/Import Export etc.

The documents specified below are required to be submitted if the trade license is to be obtained by a Private Limited Company.

  • Memorandum/Articles of Association
  • Declaration made in Form No. 32
  • Occupancy proof
  • Application in Form No. 18

An individual seeking Trade License is also required to submit an affidavit or a declaration stating that the concerned person  business owner or the person on behalf of the company) will be held responsible in case of any discrepancy or illegal activity. The enlistment certificate stands cancelled on discovering any malpractice in the submitted documents. The documents for trade Licenses in West Bengal are to be strictly as per the prescribed format of the concerned body.

Application Procedure

Once the Document for a trade License in west Bengal is ready, the following are the steps to obtain a Trade License.

Step 1: Approach the Municipal Corporation

To start with, Applicant has to approach the concerned municipal corporation department.

Step 2: Obtain Application

The applicant has to obtain application from the respective officer.

Step 3: Enter Details

Mention all the mandatory details in the application form.

Step 4: Attach the Documents

Based on the nature of the trade, the applicant needs to attach the documents to the application form.

Step 5: Submit the application

On completing all the procedures, apply to the concerned officials.


Obtaining a Document for a trade license in west Bengal is mandatory to carry out any trade or business across the state. The Document for a trade license in West Bengal is prepared beforehand to avoid any delay in the application process. The documents for trade licenses in west Bengal include other types of licenses apart from enlistment certificates. It is advisable to get all documents for a trade license in West Bengal prepared by experienced and expert professionals.

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