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Overview of BIS License Renewal Procedure

calendar28 May, 2022
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BIS License Renewal

BIS stands for Bureau of Indian Standard and issues a certificate assuring safety, quality and reliability of products to the customers and also plays a major role for import items. BIS certificate is voluntary, but the government has made it mandatory for several items. There has been an Operating management system certification scheme of BIS since 1991. Initially, the scheme of BIS was only for Quality management systems certification[1] (IS/ISO/1991), but it expanded its activities to various other management systems over the years. Any organisation doing manufacturing, assembly or service, having a legal entity in India or abroad, is eligible to apply for BIS license with the documents authenticating the name and address of the organisation. Whether it is ISI, FMCS and CRS, all the certification of BIS requires Renewal. BIS license renewal procedure needs to be done in the appropriate time frame. BIS authorities generally impose a penalty for three months before the expiration, and after the expiration date passes, the certificate will be considered null and void. Therefore the applicant is not authorised to use the BIS mark after that.

The BIS License renewal procedure is as essential as getting a license for the first time. In this blog, we will discuss the BIS license renewal procedure and the benefits of getting a license renewed.

Products That Come Under BIS Certification

There are varied categories of products for which compulsory BIS certification is required (Scheme-I). There are as many as 380 products that require mandatory BIS certification. Products such as Sulphate Resisting Portland cement, Low heat Portland cement, Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy Bare Foil for Food Packaging, Flat Transparent Sheet Glass etc. these products require compulsory certification

If any manufacturer wishes, they can also apply for voluntary BIS certification for products as it assures high quality and standards of the products to the customers. There are 738 products for which a manufacturer can obtain voluntary BIS certification under a simplified procedure.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) notified compulsory BIS registration for 77 electronics and information technology goods under the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS)

Benefits of BIS License Renewal

Before understanding BIS License Renewal procedure let’s first see the Benefits of BIS license Renewal, which are as follows

  1. Legal advantages – BIS license plays a significant role in providing uninterrupted manufacturing of products for domestic and overseas markets. BIS license serves an essential obligatory requirement to sell, distribute or manufacture goods in India, and that’s a primary reason it helps an authentic certification for customers.

BIS certification, apart from making manufacturing seamless, also allows the manufacturer to file government tender as BIS License assures the quality of the product in accordance with safety parameters and other standards.

  • Competitive advantage – BIS license increases the reliability and credibility of products, as discussed above. Also, BIS assures the quality of the product as per safety and other Indian standard parameters. It increases the trustworthiness of customers, and in short, if the product is BIS marked it is safe for the indented customers.
  • Tested and certified product – BIS marked products undergo testing and certification process as it is essential for authorities to get assurance of safety parameters.
  • Easy market Access – As customers are now inclined more towards certified products because safety concern is rising day by day. If the product is BIS marked, it can quickly enter the market, resulting in high profits for the manufacturer or distributor.BIS marked products help in growth and development of the business.

 BIS Certification scheme

BIS Product Certification Scheme is amongst the largest in the world. If the licensee has BIS Certification, it allows them to use the famous ISI mark on their product, ensuring quality products. Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme is provided under the BIS Certification scheme by which foreign manufacturers can be granted a licence to use the BIS Standard Mark.

Three major types of certification issued by BIS are as follows

  • ISI Certification – valid for 1 Year
  • FMCS certification – Valid for two years
  • CRS certification – valid for 1 or 2 years (as decided by authorities )

Now the question is when one should apply for Renewal of license. The application for Renewal of license is to be applied three months before the license’s expiration. The Renewal of the license is done for a period not less than one year, and upto five years; it depends upon whether the annul licensee fee and advance marking fees have been paid for. The BIS license renewal procedure requires timely submission of renewal fees.

Suppose the licensee holder makes a BIS license renewal application after the expiration of validity in that case, they must submit an application accompanied by late fees of rupees five thousand.

BIS License Renewal Procedure

The registration number is granted initially for one or two years depending upon the BIS certification scheme

Manufacturers can apply for Renewal as per the following procedure:

  • Click on ‘Request renewal’ on the website
  • Production report details are required to be filled.
  • Fill the self-declaration conforming to ISI / Standard mark Upload file (in PDF format) giving names and addresses of major distributors.
  • Form IX  duly filled is to be uploaded.
  • There will be details of fees, and the applicant must make payment.
  •  An Authorized Indian Representative (AIR), as per the guidelines issued by BIS in the prescribed nomination form is to appointed if the foreign-registered users do not have a liaison office or branch in India.
  • AIR of registered users located outside India has to submit an affidavit cum undertaking as per Format A/ Format B as mentioned in the guidelines.
  • All registered users in India have to submit an affidavit cum undertaking as per Format C as mentioned in the guidelines.
  • Submit a hard copy of the application and relevant documents within 15 days of online submission.


To conclude, it can be easily said that the BIS License renewal procedure is essential to use the BIS mark constantly. Apart from this, getting BIS marked renewed within the prescribed period plays a significant role, most notably in avoiding any penalty imposed upon on failure of non Renewal. All the certification scheme under the BIS mark need to renewed, whether it be ISI, FMCS, or CRS.

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BIS Certification

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