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Anushka Saxena is a final year law student from Indore Institute of Law. She is an hardworking, dedicated and fun-loving person. Her area of interest lies in corporate laws and IPR.

What Is The Importance Of Design Registration?

If you have a business or wish to start a new one, then one of your product’s differentiators and unique things will be its design. The design of products, logos, etc., must be totally different and unique to make people quickly identify your brand. Therefore, design can be one of the identifying tools that need […]

What Is Indian Patent Advanced Search System?

Before submitting a patent application, everyone conducts a patent search. A patent search is a process of looking through the patent database to see if any patents are comparable to the applicant’s idea or innovation. This procedure is carried out to ensure that the applicant’s invention is distinct and has a greater likelihood of being […]

Why Getting A US Trademark Registration Is Important?

Whenever you see any big brand, the first thing you notice is its trademark which is logo, phrase, name, etc. This is because the trademark is their identity, and they have registered it so that people can easily recognize the brand and no other person can copy it. Moreover, businesses can ensure legal security for […]

How to Respond to Trademark Infringement?

Every big or small company has to create its own identity that differentiates the brand from the crowded market. Moreover, it is also important for companies to register that identity to safeguard the brand. The identity can be a name, logo, design, or symbol. Registration of such an identity is known as trademark registration. Furthermore, […]

What Are The Common Misconceptions About Patent Registration?

The field of intellectual property can be quite confusing to regular people. While the creator files for a patent, there are numerous forms, processes, and information that need to be carefully understood. There is more to the story. Throughout the entire patent lifetime, there are also numerous legal disputes and limitations. Information can occasionally be […]

Navigating the Patent Registration Process: Tips for Success

A patent is a legal document given to a person who has invented or created something. The government of India grants this document. Once an inventor is granted the patent of his creation, he has the right to sell his innovation. Moreover, if something is already patented, you can still take the patent for any […]

Costs of Failing to Renew Trademark: Legal Consequences and Brand Damage

Protection under trademark registration is granted for ten years. You are required to renew your trademark once every ten years to continue using the trademark. If you forget to renew your trademark, you will have to face many complications, and the biggest of all is that someone else will start using your trademark. In that […]

Trademark Licensing For Startups: How to Leverage Your Brand for Growth?

A trademark is a brand or a sign that can be visually depicted and can distinguish the products, services, or commodities of one company from those of other companies. A trademark includes things like how products are packed, their patterns, designs, colours, and their forms. The nature of a startup company is represented by its […]

Challenges Faced By Fintech after the Data Protection Bill 2022

The new data protection bill is aimed at bringing more privacy to customers. It will also provide more ease for doing business, and the central government can frame rules on the specified act. Moreover, the new data protection bill will impact the fintech companies whose work is to process financial and personal data. The fintech […]

Benefits of Hiring a Trademark Attorney for Registration and Enforcement

Trademark registration can be the most crucial step for your brand, and the trademark registration process is quite complex as it requires certain steps to be completed. Therefore, hiring a trademark attorney for registration and enforcement can be a good option. A trademark attorney will not only guide you but also eliminate the legal technicalities […]

Filing Trademark Under Wrong Class: What Are Its Repercussions?

Trademarks provide protection to the brand so that no other company can use the same logo or brand name. While filing a trademark, the most common mistake that a person commits is filing the trademark under wrong class. In case you file a trademark under wrong class, it can result in delaying the trademark process […]

Protect Your Brand with Trademark Registration

A trademark is an intellectual property right. Trademark registration is done for the logo that you use for your company. Once you register a trademark for your company, no one else can use your brand name, and it becomes easy for normal people to recognize your brand. Trademarks can be broadly classified into two categories. […]