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About Anushka Saxena

Anushka Saxena is a final year law student from Indore Institute of Law. She is an hardworking, dedicated and fun-loving person. Her area of interest lies in corporate laws and IPR.

Why is Company Registration Mandatory?

Company registrations have grown comparatively very fast in recent times, and individuals are getting them registered to reap the benefits involved by registering their company under the Companies Act, 2013. If the company is not registered, it will not be able to reap the rewards of the policies that the government sets from time to […]

What Is The Need For an LLP Agreement?

Limited Liability Partnership Agreement is the basic requirement that should be met before complying with any partnership business. It contains the basic structure of how the LLP will function and what the liability of each partner will be, this is the need for an LLP Agreement. The best thing about the LLP is that the […]

Tips For Filing an International Trademark Registration in India

A trademark is a mark, symbol, word, letter, number, etc, that is used to describe a brand in the market. The trademark is the face of the business, and through this, the business is recognized in the market, which leads to the sale of products or services, whichever the entity is offering. A Trademark registered […]

Key Difference between ISI Mark and Agmark Certification

The ISI Mark and Agmark are the marks that make the products authentic and genuine. The seller can gain the trust of the consumers, and the consumer gets a trustworthy product for their use. They establish that the product has met the quality mark and is safe to use. ISI Mark gives certification to consumer […]

All you need to know about Health Insurance Broker License

Health insurance is a need of every person nowadays, and these health insurance brokers are required to devise a strategy as per their needs. They are licensed and well-trained professionals who are capable of giving the best possible advice for the cause. These days, most registered companies provide health insurance benefits to their employees because […]

Thinking of a Startup? Know the Legalities for Startup Registration

Before looking at the Legalities for Startup Registration, it is important to understand what constitutes a startup in the Indian setting, which is essential before beginning the business registration procedure. A startup is described by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) as an organization that is less than ten years old […]

SPICE+ Form: Fast-track Company Registration

The SPICE+ Form for fast-track company registration has been introduced by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs so that the company registration process gets sped up. Earlier, the registration process involved many steps, like getting the name approved, applying for DIN (Director Identification Number), and applying for incorporation, but since the introduction of the SPICE+ Form, […]

How To Take Legal Actions for Cheque Bounce?

A cheque has been defined under section 6 of the Negotiable Instrument Act of 1881 as a bill of exchange or instrument that serves as a means of payment that encourages cashless transactions and makes carrying a cheque easier than carrying cash. People prefer to use cheques when making large or expensive transactions in order […]

Signs your Company needs the Services of a Fractional CFO

A fractional CFO is a Chief Financial Officer who is hired for a limited period. Whenever a company needs a finance officer, it can hire a fractional CFO to render its services for a limited time. The company can benefit from fractional CFO services as well as save money from a permanent CFO that can […]

10 Reasons to Register an NGO

An NGO is a non-profit organization working in the country for the betterment of the general public, animals, the environment, and other social matters. An individual, company, or group of people can proceed with NGO registration in India. One of the reasons to register an NGO is to attract donations for the cause since, without […]

Understanding RBI Regulation for NBFC License

An NBFC is a company whose prime business is engaging in lending loans, credits, stock acquisition, equities, debt, etc. Section 45 1(c) of the RBI Act states that an NBFC is a non-banking company that is involved in the financial business. Complying with the RBI Regulation for NBFC License is very important since non-compliance can […]

A Guide on EPR Registration for E-waste Producers

EPR for e-waste producers refers to extended producer responsibility for the country’s producers, manufacturers, and exporters of electronic products. EPR authorization is necessary to perform the trade, manufacturing, and sale of these goods in the country without any penalties and legal complications. Even the dealers of refurbished and second-hand electronic items need to furnish the […]

What is the Role of Copyright Registration for Music Industry?

The Copyright Act came in the year 1957 and allows artistic and new creations to get registered so that they can be legally protected and any other person doesn’t claim that work. The act gave the new creators enthusiasm by giving them recognition to work on more creations. The music industry also needed copyright protection […]

How to Register a Startup Company in India?

As per the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), a startup is defined as an organisation that is less than ten years old and has a net turnover of less than Rs. 100 crores, and is engaged in the development of new products or technologies, innovation in new products and services or […]