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Anushka Saxena is a final year law student from Indore Institute of Law. She is an hardworking, dedicated and fun-loving person. Her area of interest lies in corporate laws and IPR.

An Overview of Foreign Trademark Registration Search Database

A trademark is a name, phrase, symbol, word, number, or other design that identifies a firm, person, or line of business’s products or services. The trademark serves as the identity of a firm and aids consumers in telling the difference between branded goods and services. Thus, trademark registration is required to prevent unauthorised use of […]

Investigation into Affairs of the Company by SFIO – Section 212 of the Companies Act

The Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) is a body established by the Central Government under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. This was created for a specific reason: to investigate the company’s serious matters, especially white-collar crimes and frauds. Moreover, this organization consists of experts in taxation, company law, information technology, accountancy, investigation, law, forensic auditing […]

Why it’s A Good Idea to Get Trademark Registration in the US?

Due to growing businesses, the competition in the market is increasing at a high pace. Therefore, everyone is gradually understanding the need to register their trademark in order to protect the business and stand in a competitive market. Many applications are filed yearly for trademark registration, making it difficult for companies to protect their business […]

How Many Times Can You Renew a Trademark?

A trademark can be registered under the Trademarks Act of 1999. It can be anything, a word, design, slogan, symbol, etc., that is used to differentiate a company’s goods from another. Moreover, a trademark safeguards your company’s identity, and you are allowed to use it for ten years once your trademark is registered. Also, if […]

What is the Importance of Trademark Search?

As the number of trademark applications is increasing day by day. This means that people are slowly becoming aware of the importance of trademarks for their businesses. Still, it is not compulsory that all trademark applications are approved. In contrast, many of the applications are rejected either due to similarity with any registered trademark or […]

What Is The New Foreign Trade Policy 2023?

Shri Piyush Goyal launched the Foreign Trade Policy 2023 on March 31, 2022. He is the union minister of Commerce and Industry, Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution and Textiles. He further stated that this policy is made keeping in mind the need of the current economy. Moreover, this policy has been in discussion for […]

What Is The Difference Between Registration For Design And Patent?

Patents are the sole ownership rights to a Patent holder’s original, revolutionary invention. It’s usual practice to submit a Patent application for a new creation. New tools, materials, techniques, or ways of doing something are all examples of inventions. You will have sole ownership of your creation if you have a Patent. Once you get […]

Process of Trademark Opposition in India –Complete Guide

A trademark aids in identifying various products and services by giving the company an identity that makes it stand out in the marketplace. Without security, it would lose its unique identity and be unable to build a name for itself in the market. A third party can use trademark resistance to prevent a person or […]

How to file an application for online Trademark Registration in India?

Different intellectual properties, such as trademark, copyright, and patent, are available in India. Each of them has its own importance in order to protect your intellectual property. A trademark is one such crucial intellectual property that protects your company’s identity. Moreover, a trademark can be a design, symbol, word, phrase, etc., that is unique and […]

Patent Process: All You Need To Know

An intellectual property right known as a patent gives a creator security for a creation of his. A patent is a privilege given to someone who creates a novel, usable product, an enhancement of an already existing product, or a novel method of manufacturing a product. A patent has a territorial scope, which means that […]

Is a Provisional Patent Application Really Necessary?

The processes relating to provisional patent filings in India are governed by the Indian Patents Act of 1970. When a new and original creation with economic usefulness is granted a patent, the inventor gains exclusive proprietary rights. The only person who could profit from a specific innovation would be the inventor if it had a […]

What Is The Importance Of Design Registration?

If you have a business or wish to start a new one, then one of your product’s differentiators and unique things will be its design. The design of products, logos, etc., must be totally different and unique to make people quickly identify your brand. Therefore, design can be one of the identifying tools that need […]

What Is Indian Patent Advanced Search System?

Before submitting a patent application, everyone conducts a patent search. A patent search is a process of looking through the patent database to see if any patents are comparable to the applicant’s idea or innovation. This procedure is carried out to ensure that the applicant’s invention is distinct and has a greater likelihood of being […]

Why Getting A US Trademark Registration Is Important?

Whenever you see any big brand, the first thing you notice is its trademark which is logo, phrase, name, etc. This is because the trademark is their identity, and they have registered it so that people can easily recognize the brand and no other person can copy it. Moreover, businesses can ensure legal security for […]