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Mera Bill Mera Adhikar GST Reward Scheme

calendar13 Sep, 2023
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Mera Bill Mera Adhikar GST Reward Scheme

The GST fortunate draw scheme known as Mera Bill Mera Adhikar, which aims to encourage individuals to request GST invoices, was introduced on September 1. Up to Rs 1 Crore in cash prizes are available under the initiative. Six states and UTs, including Assam, Gujarat, Haryana, Puducherry, Dadra Nagar Haveli, and Daman & Diu, are participating in this scheme.

According to a PTI report, the Centre and the states have set aside an Rs 30 Crore corpus for the award scheme this year. Every month, there will be a total of 810 fortunate drawings conducted under this plan. There will be 800 fortunate draws for GST bills with total prizes of Rs 10,000 in each of these monthly draws and an extra 10 draws with total rewards of Rs 10 lakh each. Additionally, there may be two bumper draws each quarter with a reward of Rs 1 Crore. 

Mera Bill Mera Adhikar Scheme

The Mera Bill Mera Adhikar Scheme, created by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC)[1], tries to persuade customers to request invoices that comply with GST. The scheme aims to increase openness in business-to-consumer interactions while also fostering financial accountability. Through quarterly and monthly lotteries, the Mera Bill Mera Adhikar Scheme awards cash prizes to participants. It’s not only about doing what you have to do; it’s also about getting what you deserve.

The ‘Mera Bill Mera Adhikar’ initiative verifies the creation of electronic invoices for B2C clients in order to enable the buyer to qualify for the fortunate draw. The goal of the plan is to encourage people to ask for legitimate invoices from sellers when making business-to-consumer (B2C) purchases of products or services that fall under the ambit of the GST.

The program’s goal is to encourage Indian consumers and enterprises to conduct themselves in a tax-compliant manner at the B2C stage of transactions.

Requirements and Eligibility for participating in the Mera Bill Mera Adhikar Scheme

The indirect taxes agency CBIC tweeted that this plan will apply to all Goods and Services Tax (GST)-registered supplier invoices sent to customers. There will be lucky draws monthly and quarterly. Moreover, the cash prizes will range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 Crore.

An invoice must show a minimum purchase value of Rs 200 in order to be eligible for the lucky draw. Starting in September, each user will be able to post a limit of 25 invoices per month.

The ‘Mera Bill Mera Adhikar’ mobile application is available on both the IOS and Android platforms to help with this procedure. Important information, including the seller’s GSTIN, the invoice number, the amount paid, and the tax amount, should be included in the submitted invoice.

The first batch of people who will be eligible to participate in this scheme will be consumers from the six States and Union Territories: Assam, Gujarat, Haryana, Puducherry, Daman & Diu, and Dadra & Nagar Haveli.

Steps to participate in the Mera Bill Mera Adhikar Scheme

Here are the steps that an individual has to follow in order to enter the luck draw:

  • Step 1: Download the “Mera Bill Mera Adhikar” App and sign up with your registered mobile number.
  • Step 2: The next step is to seek GST Invoices from the vendors, which will serve as your lottery ticket, much like when you buy lottery tickets to enter a draw. 
  • Step 3: The taxpayers must now upload these invoices (lottery tickets) and enter the necessary information in the app, including the GSTIN of the supplier, the date of the invoice, and the tax amount. 
  • Step 4: To boost their chances of winning, lottery players often purchase several tickets, and here, taxpayers may do the same by uploading up to 25 invoices each month.
  • Step 5: For the chance to win, taxpayers must upload their invoices for the previous month till the 5th date of the next month.
  • Step 6: The taxpayer will be obliged to keep his invoice as proof, the same as you would keep a lottery ticket until the results are announced.

What is the main aim of Mera Bill Mera Adhikar GST Reward Scheme?

The primary goal of Mera Bill Mera Adhikar GST Reward Scheme is to persuade taxpayers to exercise their legal entitlement to request GST Invoices from their suppliers. Taxpayers might contribute to more openness in the frequently contested “B2C Transactions” by requiring GST Invoices. As more and more taxpayers now request GST Invoices because they are being rewarded for doing so, the suppliers are compelled to accurately account for the taxes and pay the same to the revenue authorities.

The government is attempting to raise taxpayers’ knowledge of their right and responsibility to request a GST invoice from the seller through this scheme. It will benefit the taxpayers while promoting transparency in business-to-consumer dealings. When making a transaction or purchasing tickets to a movie, for example, one must always request a GST invoice. His chances of winning the incentive rise in direct proportion to the number of GST Invoices he uploads. Therefore, whether you are from one of the six states or the Union Territory, don’t forget to ask for a GST invoice and submit it on the app the next time you make a purchase.

Mera Bill Mera Adhikar Scheme: Details Required and Prize Money 

Download the Mera Bill Mera Adhikar app from iOS or Android to get started. You may also register by going to on the official web page. After registering, you will be asked to provide important invoice data, including the GSTIN of the seller, the invoice number, the total amount you paid, and tax information.

Three kinds of cash prizes are available to consumers: Rs. 10,000, Rs. 10 lakhs, and up to Rs. 1 crore. These awards will be distributed in a transparent manner through regular monthly and quarterly drawings, turning ordinary purchases into potential windfalls.

Role of Technology in Facilitating the Scheme

Technology is essential for the smooth functioning of such initiatives in the digital era. The ‘Mera Bill Mera Adhikar’ mobile app was created by the government and is accessible on both the iOS and Android operating systems. Customers may easily input their invoices using this app to enter the lucky draw. Essential facts, including the seller’s GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number), the invoice number, the amount paid, and tax information, should be included in the submitted invoices in order to assure their legitimacy.

The Role of GST in India’s Economy 

GST is known as Goods and Service Tax, which can be considered a vast unregulated tax structure enforced to benefit and accelerate the growth of the country. Already, 175 countries have implemented the GST as their tax system in their nation.

GST has affected the country’s economy in many ways. It has played a major role in the country’s economic development. Moreover, the introduction of GST has helped in reducing the duty on goods/products and services which were imposed earlier. After the enforcement of GST, the inflow of FDI has increased in the Indian economy. GST has also helped in the incensement of revenue generated by the Government. Doing business easily becomes possible after GST enforcement. Also, GST enforcement created more job opportunities. Apart from this, GST helped create transparency in the whole tax system so that consumers could get to know how much tax they are paying and on what basis the tax has been charged. GST has impacted the Indian economy in a positive manner.


The ‘Mera Bill Mera Adhikar’ scheme’s main goal is to change customer behaviour for the better. The plan encourages accountability, prevents tax evasion, and boosts the formal economy by encouraging people to look for real invoices actively. Additionally, the project supports the government’s initiatives to improve GST revenue collection and streamline operations.

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